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Space to breathe

Our slim-line aluminium bi-folding doors are bespoke and manufactured to your exact requirements. We offer an industry-leading range of three different bi-folding door products, all of which will keep your home warm and secure, whilst allowing you to bask in newly increased levels of natural light.

Bifold doors are perfect for replacement and refurbishment installations, new extensions & new build homes. Our products are perfect for modern-day open living and can transform any space whilst allowing you to enjoy your stunning views.

Explore our luxury aluminium bi-folding doors range below.

Transform your space

A large bi-folding door fills a room with light, making it feel bigger, brighter and more beautiful. With our market-leading slim aluminium frames, you can create a wide, seamless transition between indoors and out. Whether you’re shopping for your new build patio or you’re working on a modern kitchen renovation, our bespoke aluminium bi-folding doors are made to measure in a range of styles, finishes and colours that will add light and energy to any space. Get in touch today to discuss your project.


We have been manufacturing and installing bi-folding doors since our inception in 2007. Since then we have constantly evolved our range & 2022 has seen us launch our new generation of industry leading bi-folding doors. We have three great bi-fold door products available, the newly modified XP View which is the highest specification product within our portfolio.

The XP Vision which is a top specification product but with a lower price point then the XP View. The XP10  is our most cost -effective system and is available to purchase on a supply only basis and we have a pre-made stock available within just five working days through our online ordering website

The engineering behind the XP View and XP Vision means that even with slimmer sightlines they can be manufactured with much larger folding panels, creating larger glass areas and fewer door panels. The XP10 offers a more cost-effective option whilst retaining many of the features found in the XP View and XP Vision.

All our styles make a great bi-fold door to bring the outside in & all are available in the fashionable Crittall style to bring an art deco look to your property. Take a look at our bi-folding door collection:

XP View Bifolding Doors opening into a garden

The highest specification bi-fold available

XP View

Sightlines as slim as 90mm & huge panel widths up to 1500mm wide means the thinner frames and more glass achieved with the XP View will transform any home. The systems effortless operation and almost silent gliding system are just some of the stunning features that the door will bring to your property.


XP Vision

This quality product launched in 2019 with several key features. The XP Vision Bi-folding door boasts a slender 105mm sightline, incredible thermal performance and huge panel widths up to 1500mm wide.

Bi-folding doors in a kitchen.



All the quality of the XP View but with slightly thicker frames and suited to more traditional homes, the XP10 offers superb value for money for bi-folding doors up to 6.5 metres wide.

Opt for a classic look across our bi-foldings doors range

Crittall Style

Add a contemporary twist to your bi-folding doors by choosing them in the fashionable 'Crittall style'. This simple & relatively inexpensive addition is available across our range of bi-folding doors.

What are the benefits of bi-fold doors?

Bi-folding doors bring many significant benefits to any property. The main benefit is the clear connection that they create with your outdoor space. Floor to ceiling glass doors look great when closed, will make your interior space feel larger & frame your views out to the garden with natural light will pouring through your bifold doors throughout the year.

All our bespoke bi-folding doors are are strong, secure & will keep your home warm in the Winter months. Bi-folding doors often boast an everyday access door to use like a normal door but the main reason they will improve your lifestyle & increase the value of your home is the way that they can transform your space by completely opening your home to the garden.

Larger glass panels, thinner frames & flexible opening configurations are key features, driven by market trends as light filled, open plan living has become an aspiration for homeowners throughout the UK.

Architect & TV presenter George Clarke gives his expert opinion on the benefits of bi-folding & sliding doors, and you can explore our portfolio of completed work, which highlights how our bi-folding doors have helped our customers create to their own dream home.

Bi-folding doors FAQ's

What are the main differences between your range of bi-folding doors?

We offer three different types of bifold doors each with their own features & benefits. All our bi-folding doors are manufactured in-house, with the same guarantees and all boast stainless steel rollers, are available in our full palette of colours & finishes & have been installed by us all over the UK.

The XP Vision & XP View are the two most premium bi-folding doors within our range. We have been manufacturing & installing the XP View for years and regardless of size it feels both strong & secure, whilst gliding effortlessly. The system boasts a heavy-duty panel catch, built-in adjusters, a sleek modern appearance, a sightline of just 120mm and can offer large panels up to 1200mm wide.

The XP Vision was launched in 2019 and from a specification point of view is undoubtably our best, and the best bi-folding door product available. The innovative folding door system ticks every box with slender sightlines of 105mm, the ability to create huge folding panels at 1500mm wide and overall U values as low 1.0 W/m2k, it has various premium features that other folding door products don’t. The system also contains quadruple locking catches between panels, an in-fill gasket underneath the master door & additional catches foot and bottom to secure the door in place when it is open.

The XP10 has a sightline of 132mm and individual panels can go as wide as 1100mm. The XP10 is a good-looking and reliable product and is the most cost effective within our range.

Are bi-folding doors better than sliding doors?

Both are popular products amongst architects, designers and homeowners. Bi-folding doors are available with a normal door within them (a traffic door for everyday use) and can completely open up, immediately connecting the interior and exterior space. Sliding doors don’t swing out into the garden or into the house and generally boast slimmer sightlines. A sliding door allows for bigger panels meaning more glass and less frame but cannot create a 90% clear opening like bi-folding doors can. It’s a very common discussion so we always recommend visiting one of our showrooms to see the products first-hand because there is no right answer, it depends on personal taste, the property their going into and the requirements of the homeowner.

Which is the best bi-folding door?

The XP Vision has the slimmest sightlines, lowest U values, the most locks concealed within the door & can go taller and wider than other bifold door products.
The XP View glides better when it is operated, so both are premium product’s, but the XP Vision is best in terms of the highest specification and unique selling points.

Are bi-folding doors secure?

Yes, all our bi-folds boast high security, multi-point locking on the master door and steel locking rods within the intermediate panels. All the gearing is concealed within the doors themselves and we use high security 3-star diamond rated BSI security cylinders as standard. If security is a concern then we recommend glazing the door with laminated glass as this the police preferred specification for preventing crime.

How often will I open my bi-folding door?

There can be a misconception that bifolds are only opened on the few days of the year when the temperature rises well over twenty degrees. The fact is when the weather is pleasant and not windy bi-folding doors can be fully opened. Leisurely breakfasts, a quick coffee in the morning or a relaxing evening with a glass of wine are all ideal opportunities to take advantage of having bi-folding doors. They don’t only need to be opened during BBQ’s or scorching hot days, get in the habit of opening and enjoying them & you’ll feel the benefits of an al-fresco lifestyle from February to October.

Are sliding doors easier to use than bi-folding doors?

Bi-folds are easy to use but do require an initial demonstration. The lead door always needs to be secured back against a panel catch when the bifold door is fully opened or being closed. Issues with bi-folding doors can be caused by misuse and incorrect operation, which is why we always do a demonstration on handover and provide clear operation and maintenance instructions.

Why should I choose an Express bi-folding door?

Every Express Bi-Folding Door is manufactured in our world class factory with the most skilled workforce and latest CNC machinery in the industry, with strict quality compliance procedures in place. We have been manufacturing and installing aluminium bi-folding doors since 2007 and have tens of thousands of happy customers throughout the UK.
Because we install all our own products, we have built up a wealth of experience and expertise and as well as offering the best products available our installation comes with a comprehensive ten-year guarantee on everything. Unlike other companies who manufacture products that are installed by a dealer network, or installers who buy products in, we take care of everything from sale to survey, manufacture to installation and aftercare. We boast a workforce of nearly 300 employees with a huge fleet and ten full-time service engineers covering the whole of the UK, so we have the resource and infrastructure to back up our comprehensive guarantees.
Express Bi-Folding Doors offer the best products available, the most reliable service and the most comprehensive guarantees all from one industry-leading company.

Get the Industrial Look

The fashionable Crittall style or steel affect doors can be achieved by incorporating black or dark grey Georgian bars inside the glass unit. This relatively simple addition instantly gives the doors the on-trend industrial look to enhance your interior space.

The bi-folding doors are best ordered in RAL 9005 Jet Black to achieve this look & we can offer the crittall style appearance throughout our entire bi-folding door range including our XP View, XP Vision & XP10.

Simply contact our team or visit one of our showrooms & we’ll talk through the options available & the pros & cons of each option.

Discover these products

Crittall StyleXP ViewXP VisionXP10

setting the standard since 2007

We’ve been manufacturing and installing aluminium bi-folding doors since 2007. We now offer an extensive range of products including three ranges of folding doors each with their own features, benefits and price points.

We always recommend visiting one of our showrooms or seeing our products first hand at an exhibition to examine the quality that you’re intending to install into your home. Regardless of the door system you choose all our products come with the same front to end service, with no middle men and the piece of mind of a job well done and a comprehensive guarantee after the project is complete.

Our showrooms are the perfect place to learn more about our range of bespoke bifold doors

We'll attend site to carry out a full survey to create bi-folding doors completely bespoke for your home.

All our products are made in our world class manufacturing facility in Leeds

Once installed all our customers benefit from our dedicated aftersales service and a comprehensive ten year gaurantee.

Bespoke Full Service Solution

Tell us exactly what you want and we’ll make it happen. We’ll start with your specification – style, colour, glazing and fittings, then our experienced design team will work with you to create the perfect solution – offering expert advice and insight along the way from survey, to installation & aftercare.

You can explore more information about our range of folding doors via the tabs below, plus information about integral blinds, which are the perfect complement to our bifold doors as they never need cleaning and simply fold away with the doors when they’re opened. Alternatively, call into a showroom or get in touch today to talk to our experts about your bi-folding door project.

If you’re looking for off the shelf, set-sized bi-folding doors to purchase online then visit our online shop Express Bi-folds Direct by clicking on the logo below.

Discover these products

XP10XP ViewXP VisionUniblinds

Looking for bi-folding doors in a hurry?

Our sister Company Express Bi-Folds Direct is carrying a large stock of pre-made three panel XP10 Bi-folding doors in white, black & anthracite grey, plus one size option for four & six panel bi-folding doors.

The sizes available start from 2200mm x 2090mm up to 4800mm x 2090mm and the doors are fully assembled, wrapped and ready for express delivery.

Simply place your order online in any of our pre-made sizes without integral blinds and you’ll have your freshly ordered XP10 bi-folding door delivered to you within days.

Click the logo below for more information.


It’s a difficult decision and one we discuss with our customers everyday.

We have actually written a small article about all the considerations to be taken between the two. If you’re still unsure we’ll happily provide a quote for several options to help you decide which products will work best for you.

Explore our Virtual Showrooms

We understand that finding the right company and the best bi-folding doors is a difficult decision, which is why we always recommend people visiting our showrooms to view our products and to meet our team. We also understand that time is precious so now you can explore our showrooms and some of our completed projects from the comfort of your own home.

We offer the unique experience of being able to explore our Leeds, Glasgow and London showrooms through 360 photography, we also offer the rare opportunity to explore some of our completed projects using the same digital technology.

Click here to view our virtual showrooms.

Alternatively, take a look through some of our completed projects below that all feature our industry-leading, British made bi-folding doors.

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