George Clarke on the benefits of bifold & sliding doors


A very common question we get asked here at Express is should I have bi-folding or sliding doors? The answer to that question is not a straight forward one with considerations needed for where the doors will be installed, how that space will be used and the benefits that a bi-folding door or sliding door could bring to your home or project. To help provide more insight we asked architect & industry expert for his opinion on the benefits of bi-fold & sliding doors.

Two men in a modern kitchen looking to a 4 panel bifold doors in a showroom

‘There’s nothing better in the Summer’

George believes that the obvious benefits of bi-folding doors are that they open the space completely and outlines a key benefit that bi-folding doors bring ‘to be able to fold away all the frames & get a clear expanse of space out to the garden, it’s amazing for entertaining, there’s nothing better in the Summer than creating a seamless transition between inside & outside’.

George then describes how he enjoys the patio doors in his garden studio and how their functionality was more suitable for the space in his London home. ‘Sliding doors are a bit more minimal, they have a bit less frames and you have one large glass sliding door’

George concludes ‘there’s pro’s and cons to both products and there’s no hard rule about what’s right or wrong, it’s important to sit down and think about the space and how it will be used before making that important decision on whether to choose bi-folding doors or patio doors’.


We’ll help find the right product for you

We understand that finding the right products for your home is a huge decision so our expert team are happy to assist with any questions or provide any information that you require. Our website is a great starting point as you can see wonderful examples of how our bespoke bifold and sliding doors have transformed our customers homes by exploring our online case studies.

You can also learn more about our extensive range including our brand new bi-folding door systems the XP View & the XP88. Our patio doors range from minimal frames like our XP Glide with a sightline of just 20mm, through to heavy duty lift and slide doors. We always recommend seeing our industry leading products first hand & you can see our full range in our superb showrooms or a selection of our most popular products at our upcoming exhibitions.


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