Luxury detached house featuring a modern front door with side panels



Want to make a lasting first impression? Greet family, friends, and guests with one of our expertly crafted aluminium external doors – the perfect addition to your dream home. Backed by our design-led approach, you can be sure that all our modern front doors meet your every expectation in quality, appearance, and security.

Contemporary bungalow featuring a grey front door with side panels


We offer two extensive ranges of luxury, bespoke aluminium external doors, both of which offer Secured by Design accreditation and a multitude of tailored features, letting you seamlessly blend your new external aluminium doors with your current home décor.

Our premium door range, in particular, consists of a contemporary slab, door panel that sits flush, both inside and out, and is available in a large range of distinctive designs, including stainless steel and woodgrain finishes, as well as our full range of RAL, Elite, and Essence finishes.

Our XP77 doors, on the other hand, are more cost-effective, presented in a range of styles and RAL colours with a 44mm deep panel that is glazed into the door.


Premium Entrance Doors

We blend design & quality to bring you the finest premium doors available. Our solid panels sit flush against your door's external & internal sash surface, providing strength, clean lines & distinctive modern aesthetics.


XP77 Entrance Doors

Boasting many of the same features as our best aluminium doors, the XP77 is our most cost-effective entry option. Built with a glazed in panel to create designer inspired styles, they look great whilst still offering superb security features & thermal performance.


Manufactured from premium-quality aluminium, and thermally insulated for best-in-class energy efficiency, our aluminium front doors keep your home secure and comfortable.

Strong in appearance & bold in design, our entryways allow you to create a statement right at the entrance of your home, hinting at the true style awaiting inside with a bespoke solution tailored for you.

Available in a range of distinctive styles designed specifically around what you want, we’re certain you’ll find the perfect aluminium front door to set the perfect tone as you enter your dream home.

various styles icon

Available in various distinctive styles

design icon

Beautiful, architectural designs

seamless flush threshold icon

Built with a seamless flush threshold

reinforced dumbell icon

Strong and secure



  • 77 mm frame depth
  • 77 mm panel depth
  • 72 mm insulating PU foam
  • Seven point locking
  • Maximum size of 1200 mm x 2550 mm
  • Standard colour 9016 White, 9005 Black, 7016 Anthracite Grey, & 9007 Silver Grey
  • Full range of RAL colours, and Elite & Essence finishes
  • Anti-snap/bump security cylinders as standard
  • Fully concealed hinges
  • Keyed alike with the rest of your Express doors as standard – meaning one key to open all of your Express doors
  • Full range of side-lights and top-lights available
  • Overall U values as low as 1.2 W/m2K
  • Easy maintenance
  • Additional designs available upon request
  • Can be coupled with the full range of Express folding door and window products
  • Can be inserted into Express curtain walling atriums

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We’ve widened our range of contemporary front doors to give you even more flexibility as you look to create that ideal entrance for your dream home. Our entryways are both bold and distinctive, with warmer natural options that still retain the contemporary aesthetic afforded across our entire selection.

Natural oak finishes
A natural oak finish in either malt or concrete adds warmth and depth to your entryway, and each of our external aluminium doors’ outer frames and adjacent windows can be powder coated with any RAL colour. This gives our flush door panels a solid wood appearance that creates a contemporary aesthetic visible on both sides.
Natural oak finishes + -
Textured black indents & feature handles
Our textured black indents and feature handles are also now available as an option for stainless steel. Black is a top trend for interior fixtures and fittings, making for a wider choice across our premium range.
Textured black indents & feature handles + -
Fully concealed hinges
We've recently modified our external aluminium doors to offer fully concealed hinges as standard. This new feature adds to the contemporary look of the doors, with a clean slab door finish both inside and out.
Fully concealed hinges + -
See our full range across our showrooms
We go to great lengths to ensure that each of our showrooms display the full potential of our product range, which is why all of showrooms display our entire entrance door range throughout.
See our full range across our showrooms + -


All of our doors are made to SBD standards for maximum safety and security. No matter the door you choose, you’ll have a secure locking system.


Security Lock Barrel Cylinders as standard

As part of our commitment to industry-leading quality, we offer high security, anti-snap, anti-drill, anti-pick, and anti-bump lock cylinders throughout our entire range of doors. These premium lock barrels are 3-star diamond-rated BSI cylinders, which exceeds the 2-star standard required for Secured by Design accreditation.

We even supply these cylinders in doors with half a barrel, so internally, the lock cylinder boasts all the same security benefits, meaning that if an intruder does get into your property, they won’t be able to break out through your doors.

Unlike other Secured by Design standard lock barrels, the keys for the barrels we supply can be cut by any locksmith without the need for a specific lock card to have further keys cut.

The lock barrels themselves are supplied by one of the world’s leading manufacturers of lock cylinders, which we think is the perfect complement to our industry-leading range of products.

Dog laying in a modern hallway, which is featuring a premium aluminum front door paired with 2 panel windows


The manufacturing process includes injecting the door with a liquid component, which sets rock-hard, making it light, but as solid as concrete. It’s the perfect choice if you’re looking for something secure and reliable.

secured being design logo

Our contemporary front doors also offer two core security features:

  • Anti-snap/bump security cylinders in all door products
  • A secure, five-point locking mechanism


Naturally, your home’s entryway will get a lot of use – that’s why we’ve designed our modern front doors with the safety of you and your family in mind. Because all of our doors are bespoke, we’ll always install your bottom threshold as flush as possible, making sure there are no trip hazards when coming in or out of your home.

key graphic



  • 68 mm frame depth
  • 40 mm panel depth
  • EPS 100 Polystyrene core
  • 28mm solid MDF reinforcement within each panel
  • A seven-point locking system
  • Maximum size 1100 mm x 2300 mm
  • Standard colours 9016 White, 9005 Black, & 7016 Anthracite Grey
  • Our full range of RAL colours is available on request
  • The option of three distinctive exterior steel bar handles are available across all panel designs
  • Anti-snap/bump security cylinders are offered as standard
  • Keyed alike with the rest of your Express doors as standard – meaning one key to open all your Express doors
  • Full range of sidelights and top lights available
  • Overall U values as low as 1.2 W/m2K
  • Easy maintenance
  • A five-year guarantee on all door panels
  • Can be coupled with the full range of Express folding door and window products
  • Can be inserted into Express curtain walling atriums

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Customer browsing aluminium front door designs in a showroom

Two great ranges of aluminium front doors

All our modern front doors are manufactured to the same exacting standards, and both ranges boast Secured by Design accreditation & the same ten-year guarantee. Our Premium range is perfect for the most discerning homeowner, offering a wide range of styles, elite & essence finishes, plus wooden veneers & a choice of stainless steel or black inlays and feature handles.

Our XP77 option, on the other hand, is a more cost-effective solution. They’re a top-quality product that will look great on any property, and we even have three styles available within five working days when ordered on a supply-only basis through our sister company, Express Bi-folds Direct.


Premium Front Doors

Our Premium Entrance Door range is perfect for luxury homes. We offer a large range of unique styles, plus various options including woodgrain & metallic finishes.


XP77 Entrance Doors

Our XP77 entrance doors are available in a range of distinctive styles, colours and your choice of subtle or feature handles.


We’ve partnered with lock specialist, Ultion, to offer smart locking & operation across our full range of doors. The Ultion Nuki Plus lock and app allows you to lock & unlock your door from your phone or home automation system, along with an optional keypad & fingerprint entry.

• Control of your door lock from your phone
• Auto-unlock on your door upon approach
• Electronic guest keys
• A built-in bridge for remote access
• Controlled through various apps, including Alexa, Ring Doorbell, Air B&B, and Google Home
• Can be retrofitted and working within minutes

Lock control, right from your phone
Smart technology is well established for modern doors, and the Nuki app is perfect for operating your door locks from your phone, or even just to double check to make sure you haven't forgot to lock your home.
Lock control, right from your phone + -
A simple dial twist for manual operation
Smart locking doesn't alter the manual operation of your lock. Your door can still be unlocked with a key from the outside, and internally, the dial can simply be twisted to open.
A simple dial twist for manual operation + -
Simple to charge
Each lock's rechargeable battery is easy to remove from the power unit for quick charging.
Simple to charge + -
Includes rechargeable USB battery
Every smart lock is operated by a USB battery that is recharged easily.
Includes rechargeable USB battery + -
Optional fingerprint & keypad access
Wireless fingerprint and keypad access is simple to install and works within a ten metre radius of each lock, meaning it doesn’t need to be installed within the direct vicinity of your door. The keypad can store up to 100 different fingerprints, so various family and friends can have access should you wish, and fingerprints can be easily programmed via the Nuki APP alongside the 6-digit keypad code.
Optional fingerprint & keypad access + -
Luxury new build home featuring shaped aluminium windows and entrance door

Create a truly special entrance

Combine our beautiful, contemporary front doors with our curtain-wall screens or bespoke glass solutions to create a dominant glazed feature as the focal point of your home.

Grand entrance atriums are becoming increasingly popular in modern residential properties. You can learn more about the possibilities in your home and view some of our previous work by visiting our entrance atriums page.

Aluminium front door faq's

Can you have a letterbox installed?

Yes, we can offer a stainless steel letterbox in our Dicoma, Sila, and Liseo selection.

What colour are the door hinges?

The door hinges are available in black, white, and brushed chrome.

Can you have a standard door handle instead of a feature handle?

Yes, our standard lever handles are available instead of our stainless steel feature handles. Lever handles are available in black, white, and brushed chrome, which means that the door can be operated with the handle rather than the turn of the key.

Can the various feature handles be used on different door designs?

Yes, the various feature handles displayed can be used on most of the door designs.

Can you offer glazed sidelights and toplights?

Yes, we manufacture bespoke windows that can be coupled and installed into your new door. We also manufacture aluminium curtain-walling that can house your new entryway – the perfect solution for grand entrance atriums on luxury residential projects.

Are the door panels flush with the door?

Yes, as standard throughout our premium range, we offer a double-skin panel, which is bonded to both faces of the door sash to create a flush, modern appearance inside and out.

Our XP77 range, however, is not flush, as the panel is glazed into the door.

Are your modern front doors displayed in your showrooms?

Yes, our full range is displayed in our Leeds, Glasgow, South East, Romford, & Redhill showrooms.

What is the biggest size entryway you can offer?

The biggest front entrance door we can offer in our premium range is 1200 mm by 2550 mm in height.

The maximum size for our XP77 range is slightly smaller at 1100 mm x 2300 mm in height.




Standard range

Want a fast turnaround and a premium look? We keep large stocks of our three most RAL popular colours.

9016 Traffic White

9005 Jet Black

7016 Anthracite Grey

Essence range

Developed by our design experts, our unique range of seven metallic colours has proved to be our most popular special finishes. They’re so exclusive they’re not even available within our standard RAL range.

Thunder Grey

Magma Grey

Stove Black

Smoke Grey




Elite range

Our final selection of special colours offers enhanced durability and a premium textured metallic finish for added sophistication.

Emerald green

Agate green

Stone Grey

Trojan Bronze

Space Grey

Ivory Cream

Umber Brown

Pearl White

Midnight Blue

Vintage Cream







colour choices for the front door


Our three ranges offer some stunning popular colour finishes, but we also offer the option of over 200 RAL colours, so you can pick the exact colour you want for your home. We even have specialist finishes, including wood grain and metallic effects.

And because they’re powder-coated, durability is no issue. The colour of our doors is baked-on, providing a lasting finish that won’t peel off or lose its colour thanks to our 10-year guarantee.

There are also up to 200 RAL colours to choose from including slight discounts for RAL 9007, RAL 7021, & RAL 7032, thanks to their popularity.

9007 Silver Grey

7021 Black Grey

7032 Pebble Grey


Click on the thumbnails below to explore some of our completed work, including projects benefiting from our bespoke front door styles. You can also see our range of entryways first hand in any of our showrooms.

See more

5 day entrance doors

Looking for your new entryways in a hurry?

Our XP77 range is available in four varied styles and two colour options with delivery anywhere in the mainland UK within five working days.

Visit our Express Bi-Folds Direct website to explore our range and order online:

Certass CQ Assured Scheme

Express are members of the Certass Certified Quality Assured scheme, which is a quality assurance scheme for reputable and trustworthy companies, designed to give consumers additional confidence when working with Companies for renovation, maintenance, and improvement projects.

The Certass CQ scheme isn’t a building regulations document but offers peace of mind for the customer that their works have been installed correctly and to the relevant industry standards.

As part of the scheme, our installations are independently audited by Certass every month, and a certificate of conformity is sent to our customers upon the completion of our work. Included in the CQ scheme is a 10-year insurance-backed guarantee and a 120-day deposit protection policy for your peace of mind.

certass logo

The Certass Competent Person Scheme covers the following:

  • The certification includes works where the removal and reinstallation of windows and doors are completed and installed by Express
  • The scheme covers replacement installations but does not include extensions and new build projects
  • The scheme covers our replacement works across England and Wales

If you would like your installation to be included in the CQ scheme and receive a personalised certificate of workmanship quality, please get in touch with your sales rep.


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