Bi-folding Doors Versus Sliding Doors


Which is Best?

When it comes to choosing between bi-folding and sliding doors there are several things to think about, the main considerations are the design of your home, the available space, how you plan to use the space & its connection to the garden and your own personal needs and preferences. The best option is what is right for you, but with so many choices this can sometimes be overwhelming, so we are on hand to help you make a choice you will love for years to come.

Sliding Doors

With glass sliding doors you open your home to the sights, sounds and aromas of the garden with one gliding motion. Sliding doors let in more light due to larger panel sizes making them perfect for that panoramic view and flooding your interior with natural light.

This style can be better for larger openings as the frames are slimmer and huge panes of glass can give a more unbroken view. If space is at a premium, then external sliding doors are perfect as they do not swing or stack into your garden or house and are easier to open and close.

Aluminum sliding doors are great for controlling ventilation if required as we can add trickle vents above to allow air to easily cycle through the room. Depending on how wide an opening you want it should be remembered that there will always be part of the sliding door installation that stays in place, so, if the opening space is limited then bi-folding doors provide a more full and clear opening.


Bi-folding Doors

Bi-folding doors close in on themselves like an accordion transforming your living space into a Mediterranean-style al fresco terrace.

This style of door extends your interior space out into the garden. Folding doors open & stack to the side opening your home to the outside creating the perfect space for both entertaining and relaxing. The design includes a high-security access door for everyday constant use for exit, entry, and ventilation.

Our slim-line frames don’t just mean less obstruction of your view, but also, they are incredibly maintenance-free and can be kept clean & sparkling with ease. It could be argued that bi-folding doors provide a full and clear transition from inside to outside as there is no fixed pane, unlike sliding doors.

If you love the idea of maintenance free integral blinds, then our bi-folding doors are ideal because blinds within bifold door aid with privacy & solar control and are effortlessly folded to one side when the door is fully opened.

The easy renovation will not only transform the appearance and feel of your home, but it will also increase its appeal should you look to sell in the future as well as potentially increasing its value.


Both sliding and bi-folding aluminum doors are quiet and easy to use, offer the flexibility to seamlessly connect your interior & exterior space and need little maintenance beyond window cleaning. We offer a bespoke service offering expertly designed products that are manufactured and installed by our highly skilled team to each customers specific requirements.

We’re with you every step of the way to help find the best solution for you and your home from initial consultation to installation by our dedicated specialists.

We provide a comprehanvie 10-year guarantee, and our after-care support is second to none.

You can view our stylish range of doors in any of our showrooms, which you can find the details of by clicking here. In the mean time you can explore our online virtual showrooms or contact us for further information and advice here.

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