If you’re thinking about redesigning or extending your home in the near future, then you’re probably considering several key decisions. What kind of aluminium windows should you install? Do you need a premium front door? And if you have a garden, should you choose a set of sliding or bi-fold doors?

When it comes to choosing between sliding doors or bi-fold alternatives, in particular, it might seem like personal preference would dictate which style you go for. But there’s more to this decision than simply looks and appearance.

So, to help you decide whether bi-fold or sliding doors are better suited for your home, we’ve broken down the main differences between the two styles.


As you’ve probably already guessed, the main difference between bi-folding and sliding doors lies in how they open, and the arrangement of their glass panes.

Bi-folding doors, for example, close in on themselves like an accordion when opened, helping to transform your living space into a Mediterranean-style al-fresco terrace and extending your interior space out into the garden. Once open, your door panels fold and stack to the side, either inside or outside your home, keeping them neatly out of the way (we’ve gone into more detail over on our bi-folds buying guide).

Sliding doors, on the other hand, open in a singularly smooth gliding motion, lining up one panel after the other on their runners until they’re all stacked up behind the final frame, leaving your room completely open to the sights, sounds, and aromas of your garden.

Both doors are simple and easy to open, though it’s generally agreed upon that sliding doors offer that little bit of extra ease thanks to their sliding motion and not needing to unlock the doors from their frames to open them.


Perhaps the most crucial thing to consider when choosing which type of door to include in your home is the view of your garden or outside space. People often agree that a set of doors that slide open provide a wider and more panoramic view thanks to their minimal frame design and large glass panes.

With that being said, it can also be argued that bi-folding doors provide a full and clear transition from inside to outside as there is no fixed pane once they’re open. You can essentially open your window entirely and enjoy a frame-free view if you so desire.



Although door style isn’t everything, when it comes to which type of door fits the aesthetic of your home, you want to get it right. But if space is at a premium, then a sliding door might be the better choice, as bi-fold doors take up more space when folded open.

When it comes to our specific sliding door options, you can install a door made up of 2, 3, 4, or even 6 glass panels, making it very easy to find a layout that fits even the smaller spaces of your home.

Of course, these kinds of door work just as well in large openings thanks to their slim frames and huge glass panes, and are definitely better suited to larger gaps than bi-fold options.

On the other hand, bi-folds can look rather impressive in a smaller space. However, they’re certainly more fitting for those rooms with enough space to accommodate their opening mechanism, making them more ideal for medium or larger homes.

Yet one area that bi-fold doors do hold a major advantage in over their sliding cousins is in their lack of a threshold. Doors that slide require a threshold to accommodate their moving frame, while doors that fold can have a flush threshold that is fitted near-seamlessly to your floor.


Both sliding and bi-folding doors are designed to enable plenty of natural light to flood into your home, and in most cases, there is very little difference between the capabilities of the two.

In general, how much light is able to reach the inside of a room will be down to the size of the glass panes, meaning that sliding patio doors have a slight advantage over folding doors in this regard

Despite this, though, it can also be argued that, in some scenarios, a set of bi-folding doors can provide more space for light by completely opening your home to your garden and unbroken sunlight.


Regardless of which type of door you choose to install in your home, both our sliding and bi-folding options are incredibly thermally efficient. This is thanks to the aluminium break technology installed in their frames that maximises heat retention.

However, as the frames of a door are generally considered the weak point when it comes to heat retention, sliding doors tend to have the edge over folding options as they have less frame space. Though, in almost all cases, this difference is negligible.

However, if you’re thinking about doors in terms of ventilation, then doors that can slide certainly have an advantage over foldable doors as you can slide them open as far as you want. Folding doors must be opened fully or not at all; unless you design one panel to slide separately.


In terms of cost, both these door options are rather similar. In almost all scenarios, the overall cost of your new set of doors will be determined by your installation requirements rather than the door types themselves, though you can get in touch with our team of experts for full clarification on their pricing differences.



So, after all that, which is better: bi-fold or sliding doors?

Well, as you may have noticed, the two offer largely the same benefits, with excellent views, light, and thermal retention. They’re also both incredibly secure, being equipped with high-security locks for maximum protection, and come in a wide range of colour options.

But although both are quiet, simple to maintain, and easy to use, sliding doors do provide just that extra bit of flexibility in your home should you need it, making them the more favourable option for many by the narrowest of margins.

Of course, with all that said and done, you might decide that the disadvantages of one door type compared to the other don’t really matter. In which case, you can reach out to us today to inquire about our bespoke creation and fitting process or download our free brochure to see our full bi-fold and sliding door range.

Alternatively, you might have realised you’re not quite set on sliding doors or bifold doors after all, in which case you might want to explore our bi-fold vs French door and sliding door vs French door comparison guides!

We’ll work with you every step of the way to help you find the best solution for you and your home, from initial consultation to installation by our dedicated specialists. We even provide a comprehensive 10-year guarantee on all our door frames, and our after-care support is second to none.

Why not view our stylish range of doors by visiting one of our showrooms? And don’t forget to browse our blog for more informative articles like this one.

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