Flood your home with light

With good light being so important in a modern home, it’s no surprise that the demand for flat-roof lanterns is steadily increasing. And with our flat roof lights, that’s exactly what you get.

Flat roof lights are a great way to welcome fresh light into your home with a modern, subtle aesthetic, and are perfect for illuminating tight rooms or areas with minimal window space.


A flat roof modern skylight can seamlessly transform the lighting of any room it’s installed in. Made from two layers of high performance glass, there are no connecting bars. Combine this with our hidden internal fixings masked by your wall, and you get a skylight that blends flawlessly with your roof.

Both classic and modern in style, our flat roof lights offer exceptional thermal performance, and their slight timber pitch allows water to flow easily off your skylight while keeping the heat in.

Specifically designed to accommodate a low-profile skylight, our XP Skyview skylight can be manufactured in a wide range of sizes, and specifications – whatever you need to fit your skylight plans.


Our flat roof skylight windows are deceptively simple, yet built with the same structural strength in mind as our lantern roof lights, exceeding the recommended requirements to keep your home protected – no matter the weather. Our flat roof lights can even be triple-glazed for maximum thermal efficiency.

And like all our roof products, our flat roof lanterns are designed and manufactured in our own facility before being installed on-site by our team of technical experts. They’ll work hand-in-hand with you throughout the installation process to bring your dream project to life.

Exceptional thermal performance

Zero interrupting sightlines.

Pitched perfectly to avoid water collection.

Available in various sizes


  • Structurally bonded system meaning less frame and more glass.
  • 6mm heat soaked toughened glass used as standard on the inner pane for safety.
  • U value as low as 1.0 W/m2k
  • Minimalist design is ideal for pouring natural light into room, including confined spaces.
  • No external fixings for a more secure product.
  • Blackout film used to hide plasterboard finish
  • 52mm overhang for an improved weather seal
  • Electric & manual opening vents available

Opening Rooflights Available

Our new opening rooflight is available in either electric or manually operated versions, boasting market leading U-values along with industry-leading water tightness using our triple seal system. Our opening rooflight is still virtually frameless internally for a sleek and modern look, whilst externally the minimal framework creates a slimline
appearance, which is the perfect complement to our range of door and window products. Our opening rooflight is offered with heat soaked toughened glass as standard and a glass U-value of just 1.0.

Fixed, manual or electric opening
Fixed skylights are a stunning architectural product but the ability to open them for ventilation is popular in rooms such as kitchens and glass rooms. The performance of the skylight is not compromised by it's ability to open and we can offer this functionality either with a manual winder and pole, or hard wired electric operation.
Fixed, manual or electric opening + -
Almost frameless opening rooflights
Our opening rooflights are not frameless like their fixed counterparts but the slender profile is just 111mm all the way around, which still creates a sleek aesthetic.
Almost frameless opening rooflights + -
Fixed frameless rooflights
When installed our skylights show no visible from the inside making them appear frameless, a stunning glass rooflight that will enhance any space.
Fixed frameless rooflights + -
Bespoke Solutions Available
In certain locations we can offer bespoke solutions for oversized glass roofs. We will only offer these solutions under strict site conditions because although we manufacture the roof frame in-house, the structural bonding of the glass must be carried out on site. This key process is affected by environmental factors because the structural bond required for oversized roofs does not correctly adhere to the glass and frame in wet conditions or in cold weather below 7°C. Please contact our team to discuss our specific requirements if you are looking for a bespoke solution for your property.
Bespoke Solutions Available + -

Available in RAL 7016 as standard

The XP Sky View is produced in RAL 7016 anthracite grey as standard as the neutral colour is a perfect complement to the membranes used to keep flat roof’s watertight. RAL colour 9005 Jet Black is available as an option for the external finish to compliment your existing doors and windows and can be priced on application.

7016 Anthracite Grey

9005 Jet Black


We take security seriously at Express, which is why all our flat roof lanterns and pyramid roof lanterns are made of specialist toughened low E glass. We’re so confident in their protection that we offer the same 10-year guarantee as our colour selection.

The XP Skyview Skylight is factory glazed so arrives on site fully built-up and ready to install. We also include a scaffold tower in every installation. For large sized skylights we’ll send a team of up to four installers for ease of handling & health and safety.


  • Exceptional Performance.
  • Overall U value (double glazing and frame) as low as 1.0w/m2k.
  • 6mm heat soaked toughened glass used on the inner pane for safety and security.
  • 52mm overhang for a better weather seal.
  • Minimal external and no internal sightlines.
  • Available in grey or black.
  • Electric & manual opening vents available.
  • Internal direct fixing straps.
  • No external fixings.
  • Blackout film to hide plasterboard finish.
  • Single profile frame with no need for caps or trims.
  • Our XP SkyView product is available in a range of sizes to match your specific needs.
  • The maximum length of the XP SkyView is three metres and the maximum width is 1400mm wide.

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What's the largest flat skylight you can offer?

The largest XP SkyView we can manufacture and install is 3000mm x 1000mm. The widest is 1400mm x 2000mm, we have a size chart on our product specification sheet than can be downloaded from this page.
We can also structurally join our roof lights to create even larger bespoke skylights.

What does the skylight sit on?

The flat skylight needs to sit on a timber upstand with a five degree pitch. Our sales team can send you information on the upstand required but it is straight forward for the builder to prepare this ready for the skylight but it needs to be a minimum of 150mm high to satisfy building regulations and 90mm thick for the roof to sit on.

Can the skylights only be fitted onto a flat roof?

Because the roof needs to sit on a purpose built upstand the XP Sky View can be installed onto pitched roofs up to 25 degrees.

Can you use triple glazing within the skylight?

Yes, as standard we use high performance double glazing but triple glazing is available on request.

Certass CQ Assured Scheme

We are members of the Certass Certified Quality Assured scheme which is a quality assurance scheme for reputable and trustworthy Companies, designed to give consumers additional confidence when working with Companies for their renovation, maintenance and improvement projects.

The Certass CQ scheme isn’t a building regulations document but offers peace of mind for the customer that their works have been installed correctly and to the relevant industry standards. As part of the scheme our installations are independently audited by Certass every month and a certificate of conformity is sent to our customers upon the completion of our works. Included in the CQ scheme is a 10-year insurance backed guarantee and a 120 day deposit protection policy.

If you would like your installation to be included in the CQ scheme and receive a personalised certificate of workmanship quality please ask your sales rep.


Our replacement installations in England a Wales are backed by the Certass Competent Person Scheme and after the completion of our woks our customers receive a personalised Certass branded building regulations certificate reaffirming that the works have been completed to the relevant industry standards. Also included is a 10-year insurance backed guarantee to sit alongside our own comprehensive guarantee:

• The certification includes works where the removal and reinstallation of windows and doors are completed and installed by Express.

• The scheme covers replacement installations but does not include extensions and newbuild projects.

• The scheme covers our replacement works across England and Wales.

Choose the right style for your home

Our flat roof skylights give you the power to install the ideal window set-up for your dream home. Thanks to the XP Skyview’s distinctly minimal design, you’ll have no trouble matching it with the other windows in your chosen rooms, helping to brighten your day all year round.

Below you can browse some of our completed projects. We’ve made sure to include those that have benefitted from our flat roof lights & other glass roofing systems:

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