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Our range of bespoke sliding patio doors can create a real wow factor in any home. Becoming increasingly popular slim-framed patio doors act as a well of glass that will flood the house with natural light, whilst creating framed views out to the garden.

Large expanses of glass in a sliding patio door can transform an ordinary kitchen or living room into a spectacular and inviting light-filled space that changes with the seasons. An uninspiring dining room can enjoy panoramic views of your garden and beyond – making it the perfect setting to entertain guests or enjoy a private moment in your own dream space. Transform your space with bespoke made to measure aluminium sliding glass patio doors today.


The popularity of our products is down to the continual research, development, and innovation we put into our sliding doors. From the thermal enhancements in our glass and slender profiles, to the enhanced security features; we are always working towards growing our portfolio of sliding doors and improving our products to better suit your needs.

What’s the Difference Between Twin and Triple Track?


  • Used on two and four panel sliding doors
  • They offer a 50% clear opening
  • Offer the ability for us to manufacture a door in excess of 5000mm x 2400mm, split into just two sections
  • Doors can be manufactured more than 2800mm tall
  • Two panel sliding door is ideal for openings up to 5m wide
  • Offers two huge panels of glass separated by a slimline profile as narrow as 25mm; maximising on your homes natural light


  • Offers numerous flexible configurations
  • Three panels can create a two-thirds opening or a middle sliding panel, with two fixed
  • Can be ideal for extremely large doors; six panels with three stacking on either side offer both symmetry and a huge opening


We offer two types of slimline sliding doors; the XP Glide and our latest & slimmest solution, the XP Slide Panoramic+, with variations available of each of these products depending on what you’re looking for.

Our super-sized sliding doors offer a bigger glass area with minimal aluminium profiles in between panes; allowing you to make the most of your view and providing optimum natural light in your home. So if you’re looking for sliding doors with the slimmest frames possible, then these products are the ones for you!

Our range of XP Glide, lift and slide sliding doors, tend to have a thicker frame, but provide you with effortless opening and closing thanks to their lift and slide ball-bearing system; lifting and sliding the glass from the runners, making it much easier to slide. This type of sliding door can also be locked in an open position; a feature which has proven very popular amongst families with young children.

Aluminium sliding doors opening from lounge to garden patio

State-of-the-art sliding doors

XP Glide

Flexible configurations, larger glass areas, rapid delivery and installation times – say hello to the XP Glide sliding door from Express.

Premium Glass Sliding Door

XP Slide Panoramic+

The XP Slide Panoramic+ sliding patio door offers a contemporary design statement for the most discerning homeowner. Absolutely minimal frame and maximum glass mean we can offer a beautiful glass sliding door that we believe is finest panoramic sliding door available in the UK.


XP Infinite

The XP Infinite is our brand-new lift & slide system that represents the new generation of our high-end sliding, patio door systems.

Sliding patio doors opening from living area to garden.


XP Glide S

The XP Glide S aluminium sliding door system is an exceptional product which because of its high specification is ideal for residential and commercial architectural developments of the grandest scale.


XP Glide R

The XP Glide R is a premium quality lift and slide system with excellent thermal efficiency that can achieve overall U values as low as 1.4W/M2K.


XP Slide Panoramic

Minimal frame and maximum glass combines to make a breathtaking impact.

Sliding Doors FAQ's

Which is your slimmest sliding door?

Our slimmest sliding door is the XP Slide Panoramic +. The system is structurally bonded, which means we bond the minimal frame to the glass in our manufacturing facility rather than glazing it on site. The system boasts a sightline of just 25mm and the rest of the frame is completely concealed by the doors outer frame so if required the door can be installed with literally just a 25mm vertical sightline and no other visible frame. The system boasts a subtle pull handle, which is industrial in its’ appearance with a discreet key cylinder to meet UK insurance regulations as well as a five-point lock.
The XP Glide is also a slim framed sliding door with a sightline of just 35mm and is a most cost -effective option.

Which is best bi-folding or sliding doors?

You can’t say that one product is better than the other but sliding doors can’t be misused the same as folding doors can and because their framework is less complicated, they offer better overall U values and much slimmer sightlines.

Are sliding doors more popular than bi-folding doors?

Arguably yes, as the demand for natural light and panoramic glazing within homes grows, we are finding that sliding doors are increasing in popularity. We display our full product range within our showrooms and when door widths exceed four metres, we are seeing a trend of consumers preferring sliding patio doors for their project.

Can I have a level threshold inside and out?

Yes! Because our patio doors are bespoke we'll measure them so the inside of the track sits flush with your internal floor level. The bottom track of our sliding doors contain drainage holes that drains away water from the front of the track. If you're raising your external patio area so you have a flush finish from inside to out, typically you'll need to place a drainage channel such as an ACO drain in front of our sliding doors so the water runs from our track to the drain and away from your house. Once the drain is in place the external patio can be laid at the same level, giving you a continious floor level and a seamless transition from inside to out.
This type of finishing detail is displayed within all our showrooms and our expert staff will be able to provide help and assistance to you and your builder to ensure you achieve the finish you require.

Are sliding doors cheaper than bi-folding doors?

The XP Glide is about 15% cheaper than our bi-folding doors. The XP Slide Panoramic + and our lift & slide patio doors are a little bit more expensive. The price difference between a sliding door and a bi-folding door will always be a few hundred pounds but because you’re going to use and enjoy the benefits of these products for years it is always best to go for the products what will work best in your home rather than trying to make a small saving.

What are the main differences between your range of sliding doors?

The main differences are that we have two sliding doors, and two lift & slide doors. Lift and slide doors contain a mechanism within the gearing that lifts the door up slightly making it easy to slide as well as the option of locking it in any open position. Sliding doors don’t have this mechanism so the weight is always directly on the steel rollers. Sliding doors have much slimmer frames and sightlines, lift and slide doors are better for really large doors because the frames are a lot chunkier, they are popular amongst the elderly and families with busy households and children as the doors are easy to operate and can be locked open, which is ideal if the kids are running in and out.
If slender frames and sightlines are important to you then the XP Slide Panoramic + & the XP Glide are the doors most suited to you. If you’re concerned about children’s fingers, ease of use or have a massive door or an installation in a really exposed location then our lift and slide are an option worth exploring.

Can I have integral blinds in your sliding doors?

Yes, within the XP Glide & our lift & slide doors. We can offer integral blinds in the XP Glide up to 2.2m2 panels. Electric blinds are available within our twin track lift and slide doors up to 5m2 per panel.

What’s the biggest sliding door you can do?

The size limitation is based on a height to width ratio so we recommend keeping each glass panel under 5m2 so 6mm toughened glass can be used. When 5m2 is exceeded we must use 8mm toughened glass, which makes price jump up considerably as well as the weight of the glass within the door itself. We offer door products that can create huge sliding door panels so we can offer sliding doors as wide as six metres in two panels and up to eight metres in three panels but we’ll limit the maximum height and will have to consider how we’ll get the glass to site and how to install it safely.

Are sliding doors heavy?

Slim framed sliding doors will always feel heavier than our lift & slide equivalents because the weight is directly placed onto the sliding door runners. The quality of the running gear within our sliding doors means they always slide with minimal effort, but once glass weights start approaching 200kg or you slide two panels at once you can feel the weight.

Are sliding doors more reliable than bi-folding doors?

Sliding doors cannot really be operated incorrectly so that is seen as a benefit over bi-folding doors, but if operated and maintained correctly you should have any issues with either product.

How much does a sliding door cost?

The cost of a sliding door depends on the door system you choose. A traditional sliding door is the most cost-effective option, with a starting price of under £4,000 for the installation of a new and bespoke door. However, due to things such as, additional gearing and functionality in our lift and slide patio doors, along with their thicker profiles, can make them a more expensive sliding door solution.

The cost of a sliding patio door depends on the door system you choose. A traditional sliding patio door is the most cost-effective option with a starting price of under £4,000 for the installation of a new and bespoke door. The XP Glide is the perfect patio door, it can be built-up on site, boasts a slim-line sightline of just 35mm and it has no strict size limitations.

The additional gearing & functionality within lift and slide patio doors, plus their generally thicker profiles makes them a more expensive sliding door solution. Lift and slide doors are often seen as a heavy-duty solution either for large openings or for installation into properties in an exposed location.

Patio doors with super-thin profiles again have an impact on cost, this is because the glass is structurally bonded to the frame during it’s manufacture. Slim-line sliding doors require delicate expertise and care from survey, manufacture through to transport to site and installation. As the frame is so minimal the manufacture and installation of the door must be milometer perfect so the price will reflect this.

What glass options are available for sliding doors?

The glass options within a sliding door are the same as what is available within windows and other door products except that the glass itself with often must be thicker. Once a glazed area exceeds 2.4m2 the thickness of the glass itself must increase from 4mm thick to 6mm thick. Current demand for large expanses of glass and slender profiles means most sliding doors are fitted with 6mm toughened glass.

This same principle applies once a glazed area exceeds 5m2, the glass thickness must increase to 8mm. The thermal performance, and solar control performance of the glass is achieved by coatings on the inner and outer panels of the glass so these can be achieved regardless of whether the glass within the sliding door is 4mm, 6mm or 8mm thick.

Triple glazing is available as is laminated security glass. Laminated glass is recommended as a security provision and is also a viable option for UV protection and sound reduction but both triple glazing and laminate glass can become very heavy, especially with larger doors where the thickness of the glass needs to increase.

Why Sliding Doors Are Becoming So Popular

Over the years, sliding doors in residential homes have become increasingly more popular. We believe the reason behind this is due to the sheer amount of natural light that can be provided from sliding doors. This has more than likely stemmed from homes in London, where space and light more restricted, so having sliding doors would provide more light whilst giving a more spacious look to a room. 

The main reason sliding doors are becoming more popular than bi-folding doors is that sliding doors have bigger panes of glass and less obstructions from the frames, providing optimum natural light. 

The benefit of choosing us is the multitude of options we are able to provide. We have showrooms throughout the UK, so you can come and take a look at our range of products, to see their appeal and quality first-hand, as well as being able to speak to one of our advisors to see which sliding door product may be best suited to your requirements, before making your decision.

Always Bespoke

We understand that everyone and every home is different and, when it comes to sliding doors, there isn’t a one-size-fits all, so what may be the perfect product for one of our customers may not be the best fit for you. That’s why, when you choose us, we will work together with you to create the perfect sliding door solutions to suit your needs. 

From getting a free no obligation quote and expert advice, to installation and aftercare, we’re here to make sure that you get exactly what you require, every step of the way. 

To start the process of transforming your home with bespoke sliding doors, made just for you, you can either get in touch and speak to our design team to discuss your project today, or you can come down and take a look around one of our showrooms in London, Surrey, Brighton, Essex, Leeds, Manchester, and Glasgow.

Open Plan Kitchen In A Property With Express' Sliding Doors

Does good design add value to a home?

Modern, good quality design is so important when setting out on a home renovation project. Maximising space & light, connecting your indoor and outdoor space, maximising your views, keeping your home secure, warm in the winter and cool in the summer are all key factors in good design, and often the reason why we set about improving our homes in the first place. Good design will help you maximise the value of your home and make the most of the financial investment you put into completing your project.

We can offer our expert help and advice to ensure your project meets its maximum potential, and we offer a superb range of products that are perfect for homeowners, designers and architects to design into renovations, extensions and quality new build homes.

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