The slimmest bi-folding door on the market


Industry leading sightlines

The brand new XP88 bi-folding doors boasts the slimmest sightlines on the market at just 88mm. The XP88 is the perfect product to draw natural light into your home and is ideal for replacing existing PVC doors and windows & even outdated thicker framed aluminium bi-folding doors.

The XP88 boasts six-point locking on the master door, quadruple locking on the intermediate panels, an in-fill gasket under the master door & built-in adjustment for years of guaranteed reliability.

Beautifully Engineered

As demand grows for less frame and more glass the XP88 is the perfect folding door product to achieve just that. The XP88 is beautiful folding door product that is ideally suited to residential applications thanks to its slim sightlines. The XP88 boasts a slender & modern aesthetic plus all the features you would expect from a premium bifold door system but at cost effective price point.

The system boasts built-in adjustment and operates effortlessly on four stainless steel heavy-duty rollers, which run on a dual stainless-steel track. If you’re looking for bifold doors for your new build, new extension or are looking to replace your existing doors the XP88 offers industry leading sightlines and market leading quality at a very competitive price.

The slimmest sightline on the market

Ideal bifold system for replacement installations

More cost effective than our XP View system

Alt test

Comprehensive ten year guarantee on all moving parts

Stunning Aesthetics
The system boasts a typical sightline of just 88mm coupled with a frame depth of just 65mm. The Maximum panel width is 1100mm and the maximum panel height is 2400mm. The narrow depth of the system means that it is ideally suited for rip out & replacement installations.
Stunning Aesthetics + -
Strong & Secure
We have developed a premium specification lock for the master door of the XP88 bi-folding door system. The strong & secure purpose made lock comprises six-point locking made up of latches and dead bolts. The door also includes quadruple locking catches on the intermediate panels, steel shoot-bolt locks that secure the top and bottom of the frames and pins that secure into one another when the door is closed.
Strong & Secure + -
Get the Steel Look
The slender frames of the XP88 bi-folding door make it the perfect system to replicating the popular steel look. We can achieve this by incorporating dark Georgian bars inside the glass, or the slightly more complex option of sticking aluminium bars onto both panes of the glass itself.
Get the Steel Look + -
Premium Specifications
The system boasts overall U values of 1.3 W/m2k with additional high insulation options available to lower U value further. Additional specifications include heavy duty stainless steel rollers and built in adjustment in the side jambs of the doors.
Premium Specifications + -
XP88 bi-folding door


  • Six-point locking on master door and four point locking on intermediate panels
  • Typical sightline of just 88mm – the slimmest on the market
  • Surpasses all requirements of document L & Part Q
  • Ideal for residential applications
  • Discreet magnetic panel catch
  • Typical U value 1.3 W/m2k with 1.0 W/m2k glazing. Additional high insulation options available to lower U value further
  • Watertightness Class 8A
  • Wind load resistance Class C2/B2
  • Air permeability Class 3
  • Exclusive new product launched for 2022

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The ideal bi-fold door for your home

The XP88 is a more cost effective option than our XP View bi-folding door and it’s minimal sightlines make it the perfect bi-folding door system into spaces that will really benefit from maximum natural light. With sightlines of just 88mm even the smallest apertures can look expansive & stylish with a three panel bi-fold door still looking great in narrow openings from two metres wide. The system is perfect for new builds, extensions, replacement installations & garden room installations, particuarly when heights are restricted due to permitted development. The slender frames also naturally lend the XP88 bi-folding door to the popular industrial style appearance where horizontal bars divide the glass to create the popular steel look appearance.

We strongly recommend viewing this product first hand to see & feel quality whilst appreciating the stunning aesthetics of this newly launched product. The XP88 is now available to view in all our showrooms & at our upcoming exhibitions.

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