Upgrade your windows with strong, versatile aluminium windows to create a stylish look that is built to last. Whether you’re simply replacing existing window frames or looking to complement your new bi-folding door installation, we can create made-to-measure and bespoke windows to order.


Thinking about transforming your home with our modern and stylish sliding and bi-folding doors? Complete the look with aluminium window frames to match. We have products for traditional and contemporary homes, plus additional options for commercial projects. And, as you’d expect, they’re all built to the same high quality and specifications we’re known for. We have a great range on offer, from fixed, tilt and turn to bay windows. We also design and manufacture bespoke shaped windows, apexes and gables – just speak to us if you need anything unusual and we’ll be able to find a solution.


We offer a premium range of stunning aluminium windows that are perfect for residential projects such as new-build homes, new extensions or replacing existing windows. Our full portfolio of aluminium windows is detailed via the product pages below and are all on display throughout our showrooms so you’ll immediately see the benefits these stunning windows could bring to your home.

Take a look at our aluminium window collection via the thumbnails below to learn more about the features of our bespoke aluminium windows including slim sightlines, terrific thermal performance & enhanced security.

You can also explore some of our online case studies to see wonderful examples of how our aluminium windows have been used to create some stunning homes:

Casement Windows

Casement literally means windows that open outward. Casement windows are commonly used throughout the UK & prove to be the most popular solution to our customers.

Our casement windows are completely bespoke, boast superb thermal performance, security accreditation & slim sightlines. Our windows are sleek & modern, perfect for new build homes, extensions, and replacement installations as a significant upgrade on a properties existing windows.

Our most popular range is our Scenic casement windows, which we offer as standard due it’s high specifications, great looks & reasonable price point.

Learn more about our most popular window here.

Tilt & Turn Windows

Tilt & turn windows are more commonly used in Europe than here in the UK but as the demand has grown for larger, full height windows and the requirement for more glass throughout a property, tilt & turn windows are becoming increasingly popular here too.

We offer tilt & turn windows through our Horizon range, which open inwards into the property. When opened the windows tilt inwards, which allows ventilation & airflow into the room and can be opened fully by rotating the handle which allows the full window to then swing open into the room like the way a door opens. Because these windows are hinged differently to our casement windows, we can offer much larger opening sashes, which makes tilt & turn windows extremely popular for large format windows, full height windows and locations in the house where they can act as an access door also such as in a bedroom or on the side of a new kitchen extension.

The beauty of our Horizon tilt & turn windows is that they can offer the benefits of a window, a door, a French door and often a great solution as a fire escape window.

You can learn more about our Horizon tilt & turn windows by clicking here.

Panoramic Picture Windows

Fixed picture windows are an inexpensive way to flood your home with natural light.

Using our Horizon window range, we can create huge windows comprised of only slim thermally efficient aluminium frames & a massive area of glass. Fixed picture windows are a simple way to increase your views out to the garden and make certain rooms feels larger than they are. The perfect solution for creating huge walls of glass, square windows, rectangles, slim but tall windows, sidelights next to our premium front doors or even shaped windows.

A visit to our showrooms or a good look through our online case studies will highlight the benefits that incorporating fixed picture windows into your project with bring.

You can learn more about our Horizon window range by clicking here or explore some of our bespoke glass solutions by clicking here.

Click on the thumbnails below to learn about each of our specific window products or contact our sales team if you would like to discuss our range in person.

Slender sight-lines, secure & thermally efficient

Scenic Casement Windows

Aluminium casement windows are ideal if you’re looking for a strong, durable window solution that is pleasing on the eye, constructed from light material and boasts a slim frame design.


Bay Windows

Whether it be replacing existing bay windows or used within newly built bay extensions our entire window range can be utilised to create structural bay windows to suit your project.

Comfortable corner group sofa in bright living room with aluminium windows.


Horizon Tilt & Turn Windows

Tilt and turn windows boast the benefits of both picture windows and an opening window as individual sashes can be manufactured much larger than our casement windows.

Structural glazing and curtain wall windows on a large contemporary home.


Aluminium Curtain Walling

Not commonly associated with residential applications, Express offer bespoke low-rise curtain wall systems providing expertly tailored solutions to each project and site location.

Explore the possibilties

Shaped Windows

Shaped windows, apex windows, gable windows, regardless of the terminology triangular windows will add a real design statement to your home that will look stunning from both inside & out.

Aluminium Windows FAQ's

What are the main differences between your aluminium window range?

Our range of casement windows means opening out windows, these windows are perfect for residential projects whether it be a new-build, extension or the rip-out and replacement of existing windows.
Tilt & turn windows tilt and open inwards, these are popular throughout Europe and are becoming increasingly popular in the UK because you can create very large windows with them. Tilt and turn windows are also popular within bedrooms and next to full-height bi-folding and sliding doors as they can allow ventilation into the room without opening the door.

Can you rip-out my existing windows and replace with new aluminium windows?

Yes, replacing existing windows will immediately give your home an upgrade. We’ll rip out and take away your existing windows after we’ve replaced them with our own. Our expert surveyors will go through our finishing detail with you including the make good works required once we’ve installed your new aluminium windows.

Why should I choose aluminium windows?

Aluminium boasts many benefits compared to UPVC & timber. Aluminium doesn’t expand and contract in hot and cold weather & the powder coating finish is basically maintenance free. Aluminium is available in over 200 RAL colours and finishes and because it doesn’t expand in the heat there are no issues choosing windows in a dark colour, because even though dark colours draw in the heat it won’t make the windows expand.
Aluminium is also much stronger than other materials meaning less framework is required to house the glass within the window, this means that as well as being more secure, aluminium windows boast slimmer sightlines than other materials, plus the strength of the profiles means it can contain bigger opening sashes. The result means better looking windows with more glass and less frame.

Are aluminium windows more expensive than UPVC?

Yes, aluminium is a more expensive product to manufacture windows from than plastic. You can expect aluminium windows to cost around twice as much as UPVC alternatives.

Will my aluminium windows condensate?

No, aluminium windows will not condensate any more than other materials. Window’s made from aluminium, timber or UPVC, all have the possibility of condensation forming on the inside because every home will have some degree of humidity but there are simple measures to prevent this. Our Aluminium windows contain a thermal break in every bit of profile, which acts a continuous barrier between the inside and outside of the windows. This thermal break prevents heat loss through the window and cold striking through from the outside, thus preventing cold spots and condensation forming on the inside of the frame.

Are aluminium windows cold?

No! Technological advancements in thermal break technology means that aluminium windows are now extremely thermally efficient. Coupled with high insulation foam inserts and gaskets, plus high- performance low E double and triple glazing our aluminium windows boast extremely low U values and are guaranteed to keep your home warm regardless of location.

Can aluminium windows match my bi-folding and sliding doors?

Yes, all of our products are designed to complement each other. Our Sales Executives can offer sound advice on which products are most suited to your property and offer design advice when it comes to mixing and matching our products.

Bespoke always

We are a UK window manufacturer that doesn’t ‘do ‘off the shelf’. Tell us exactly what you want, and we’ll find a way to make it happen. We’ll start with your specification – style, colour, glazing and fittings, then our experienced design team will work with you to create the perfect solution – offering expert advice and insight along the way. For a quote for your windows simply e-mail over any drawings or plans that you have. If you’re looking to replace your existing windows then send us some internal and external sizes and some approximate sizes and we’ll start from there. You can get in touch for a quote via this link, on the phone or by visiting one of our showrooms.

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