How much do bi-fold doors cost?


Boasting phenomenal views and forming an unobstructed doorway between your home and garden, there are plenty of benefits that come with installing your very own set of bi-fold doors in your home.

Of course, with such a stylish investment often comes the potential for a substantial price tag – after all, bi-fold door installation often comes with more work than simply slotting your new panels into place.

However, that doesn’t mean their cost is liable to break your home renovation budget. In fact, we’d argue that most bi-fold door installations are eminently more affordable than you might expect.

But how much do bi-fold doors actually cost, and what factors go into determining how expensive your particular installation may be? Read on to learn all about the cost of bi-fold doors in our price guide or get a quote for your home now.

How much are bi-fold doors?

At face value, it can be hard to give a single overall figure for how much a set of bi-fold doors might cost to purchase and install. The prices offered by each company and installer tend to differ significantly, with high-quality, bespoke frames and glass often fetching higher rates.

For example, here at Express, we typically find that our customers pay an average of anywhere between £2,500 to £5,676, depending on the size of their installation and the number of panels in their new fitting – though it’s worth pointing out that these are starting prices. The larger and more complex your new doors, the higher the price.


Number of panels

Starting from

2 panel


3 panel


4 panel


5 panel


6 panel



Indeed, in many cases, you might find that our bi-fold door range is slightly more expensive than other door manufacturers, but there’s a very good reason for this – all of our doors are custom-made to perfectly meet the unique needs and requirements of each individual project.

For example, our unique process doesn’t just cover the manufacturing and installation of your new doors. Instead, our team of experts will start your bi-fold purchasing journey by surveying your home in order to establish the most effective way to install your doors properly.

On top of this, once your doors have been ordered, built, and installed, our aftercare team will be on hand to assist you with any issues or concerns you might have, all of which will be covered under the comprehensive 10-year guarantee that comes free with all our products.

What factors affect the cost of bi-fold doors?

As we highlighted right at the start of our guide, there are several factors that help contribute to the overall cost of your new bi-fold doors. These typically include the following:

  • Panel size
  • The number of panels
  • Frame material
  • Glazing and glass-type
  • Additional installation requirements

Naturally, some of these factors have the potential to increase the price of your new doors more than others, so you’ll want to bear this in mind when deciding what size and style of bi-fold doors you want installed in your home.

Panel size

To begin with, let’s touch on panel size in relation to bi-fold doors costs – and as we’re sure you’ve already guessed, yes, the larger your door panels, the more your bi-fold doors will typically cost.

Unsurprisingly, this is because larger panels cost more to manufacture and install than standard-sized panes, so additional costs should be expected to make up for the increased labour hours required.

The number of panels

Perhaps the biggest factor in determining the overall cost of your new bi-fold doors; how many panels you choose to have in your entryway is often the deciding factor for the overall price point of any bi-fold door set.

As you’d expect, 2-panel bi-fold doors are the cheapest in our range, with 6-panel bi-fold doors being the most expensive, while 3-panel, 4-panel, and 5-panel bi-fold doors sit somewhere in between.

Of course, fewer panels doesn’t necessarily mean smaller bi-fold doors, and it is possible for you to install a set of bi-fold doors with fewer panels but larger panes to help maximise your entryway and window space.

Frame material

Alongside the number and size of your panels, frame materials are also going to play a key role in determining the total price of your new bi-fold door installation. uPVC is generally considered the cheapest frame material, while aluminium and timber are comparative in price. However, cheaper frame materials are not always better.

To provide yet another example, here at Express, we exclusively manufacture all of our windows and doors using aluminium frames. This is because aluminium is both incredibly durable and low maintenance, giving you a frame material that requires minimal effort to keep clean – and it looks great.

Glazing and glass-type

A core part of your bi-fold doors installation, many customers often forget that they can choose between more than one type of glazing and glass setup. Naturally, double-glazing will typically come as standard on all bi-fold doors for improved insulation, but when you buy an Express door, you can choose from three glazing types.

To start with, our Advanced Glazing option comes as standard on all our windowed products and is covered in a unique coating that keeps heat reflected inside for stable temperatures.

Or, alternatively, you can choose our solar control glass for additional heat and light balance. Finally, our shield glass offers improved noise reduction properties and UV light protection, as well as being smash-resistant.

Additional installation requirements

Finally, any additional installation requirements past simply fitting and sealing your doors in place will usually increase the overall cost of your new bi-fold door installation due to the additional labour costs and man hours required.

In most cases, this will not be the case for standard bi-fold door installations. However, if you’re planning on installing a bi-folding door on an upper level or ripping out existing doors, then this will naturally require more work to be installed properly and safely.

Are bi-fold doors right for me?

Hopefully, you should now have a much better idea of how much bi-fold doors cost to buy and install, and whether or not such a fantastic addition to your home is within your imagined budget.

Of course, pricing isn’t the only determining factor in working out whether or not bi-fold doors are right for you, and it may be that you prefer another form of external doors, such as sliding doors or French doors.

Indeed, sliding doors are just as popular as bi-fold doors, while French doors are perfect for those seeking a traditional aesthetic.

Why not download our free brochure today or book an appointment at your nearest showroom to see all of our products in person? Alternatively, explore our guide comparing bi-fold vs sliding doors.


Bi-fold doors cost FAQs

What is the average cost of bi-fold doors?

When looking at the cost of bi-fold doors at a surface level, the average cost typically hovers between £2,500 and £6,000. But that assumes you’re only after a basic bi-fold installation.

Can bi-fold doors increase property value?

Absolutely! Bi-fold doors can add value to your home. They’re incredibly popular at the moment and their potential to expand garden access and views from a home make bi-folds a sought-after feature for many modern properties.

How much does it cost to install bi-fold doors?

Specific installation costs will naturally vary depending on where you purchase your bi-fold doors from and who they employ to install them. Here at Express, however, we include installation costs as part of the total price, so you know there won’t be any additional financial surprises.

What does the cost of bi-fold doors installation include?

At Express specifically, the cost of bi-fold door installation includes the accurate survey for your new bifold door, manufacturing the product to your specific requirements, delivering, and installing your bi-fold door, plus a full and comprehensive guarantee post installation with costs being calculated based on your chosen product and the man hours required to complete an installation, the survey and aftercare is all part of the service.

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