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Glass Balustrade Balcony

Seamlessly Designed

Full-height glazing within upper floors and bedrooms is becoming an increasingly popular feature with modern home renovations, which is why we offer the innovative design of a fully integrated glass balustrade for your balcony that seamlessly integrates with our other bespoke door and window products.

Whether you want tilt or turn windows, or simply French doors installed in your upper floor rooms, we’ll work with you to complete your design with a matching home colour and a virtually frameless Juliet balcony.

A Unique Concept

Our unique built-in balcony balustrade system is the perfect solution for upper-level gyms, game rooms, glass atriums, and modern bedrooms. Panoramic, full-height windows can flood a room with light without the need to install an extensive external or Juliet balcony. This alleviates the need to use a third-party company to specify and install a safety glass balustrade for you.

Full-height glazing above your ground floor

The principles behind our glazing products are based around maximising the volume of natural light entering your home and connecting the inside of your property.

Our integrated Juliet balcony doors effortlessly bring these benefits to the upper floors of your property. They’re not about getting you outdoors. Instead, a frameless balustrade is all about bringing the sense of the outdoors inside.

Anthracite grey bespoke windows with juliet balcony

A Harmonious Connection

Our Juliet balconies couple discretely with our aluminium windows and doors, allowing you to design full-height glazing into your upper floor rooms for maximum light, views, and an open, airy feel.

We can install your glass balustrade balcony at the same time as any necessary windows or doors in other parts of your house with minimal fuss, providing a perfect design-led solution all from one place.

The safety barrier balustrade balcony with glass has been tested to match the BS6180 and surpasses current building regulations, giving you peace of mind when it comes to safety.

A glass balustrade balcony is also the perfect complement to our Horizon windows and French doors, as it allows upper-floor, full-height windows to be opened completely without any health and safety concerns. This sleek in-house system is a popular choice for architects and for people who have specific design requirements.

Our Key Features

Our balcony balustrade system is made of an aluminium subframe profile that seamlessly connects to our door and window products for a clean finish.

We use M8 x 20 stainless steel screws to secure the glass balustrade to the balcony subframe. Each screw is locked into a steel insert that sits within the aluminium profile to hide it from view.

Our frameless balustrades blend smoothly with your doors and windows thanks to our unified installation process, simultaneously making your site safer, your project move along quicker, and making everything more aesthetically pleasing between your upper-level glazing and the required safety barrier.

Perfect with tilt & turn windows
Our frameless balustrade combines wonderfully with our French doors and narrow bi-folding doors, but our floating mullion tilt and turn windows are the perfect product for upper floor bedroom installations. The window can be tilted in for much needed ventilation in a bedroom and then one, or both panels can completely open inwards.
Perfect with tilt & turn windows + -
An impressive feature that's safe
Our frameless balustrade will allow you to create stunning feature glazing above ground floor without any safety concerns.
An impressive feature that's safe + -
Installed & completed in one visit
Our frameless balustrade is installed at the same time as our door and window products, meaning that not only will your home be watertight upon the completion of your installation but your new upper floor glazing will be completely safe thanks to your new integrated glass safety barrier.
Installed & completed in one visit + -

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Our niche balcony balustrade options not only bring real benefits to your home once your project is complete, but they’re also more cost-effective than the installation of an external safety balustrade.

Our frameless balustrade helps ensure that your project moves along on time, limiting the need to deal with yet another supplier, and saving time because of the one visit and finish installation we offer.

Our Juliet balcony doors and glass balustrade products are displayed in all our showrooms, plus you can see these first hand at our upcoming exhibitions.

A revolutionary and unique design.

The ideal solution for luxury new builds & extensions.

Our balustrade comprises 2 x 8 mm sheets of glass with 1.5 mm laminate film.

Fully tested to BS6180 standards.

Our Frameless Balustrade Specifications


  • Thermally broken aluminium frames
  • No top or bottom rails to obscure your view
  • A balcony system fixed into the main structure of the building
  • Standard RAL colours of RAL 7016 anthracite grey and RAL 9005 jet black
  • Available in any RAL colour to match your Express Bi-Folding Doors and windows
  • A minimum width of 600 mm
  • A maximum width of 2,400 mm
  • A balustrade set height of 1,100 mm
  • 5 mm laminated glass (2 x 8 mm sheets with 1.5 mm laminate film).
  • Ideally suited to sit in front of full-height French doors and tilt and turn windows above ground floor level.

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Below are some of our most frequently asked questions relating to our bespoke balustrades.

Be sure to get in touch if you’re question isn’t listed here.

Frameless Balustrade Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the maximum width of your glass balustrade options?

The maximum width of our frameless balustrade safety barriers is 2,400 mm wide to ensure safety standards.

Can the balustrade be powder coated to an elite or essence finish?

Yes, we stock our balustrade profiles in a mill finish, so they can be powder coated to any RAL colour or our Elite and Essence finishes.

Can the balustrade be integrated with a sliding door?

Our frameless balustrade is best suited to windows and doors that have a front-to-back depth of 70 mm. Because the balustrade is fixed directly in front of the door product it means that the exterior glass of a sliding door or bifold door cannot be cleaned properly.

For this reason, we only offer opening inward products, like French doors and tilt-turn windows with our integrated Juliet balcony system.

Can a French door to be opened for ventilation if used in a bedroom?

Yes. But if you’re looking for a French door with ventilation, then we would recommend our Horizon tilt-and-turn windows because they offer more functionality than a traditional French door.

Our Horizon tilt and turn windows can be applied to locations where they act as a French door or a single access door, but with the ability to tilt the window inwards for ventilation, which is why they’re proving an increasingly popular solution, particularly in upper floor rooms such as bedrooms.

We can offer full-height windows that can be tilted inwards for ventilation, or both sashes can be fully opened inwards, creating the perfect solution to combine with our integrated balustrade system.

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