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Our range of luxury entrance doors continues to grow and as we’ve launched new designs, styles and features including woodgrain finishes, concealed hinges, increased handle options and LED light detailing we’ve now launched smart locking across our full range of Premium & XP77 entrance doors.

We’ve partnered with lock specialist Ultion to offer optional smart locking & app operation on the multi-point locks within our entrance doors. The Ultion Nuki plus allows you to lock and unlock your door from your phone or home automation system and is available with keypad and fingerprint entry also.

We can supply your doors with full smart lock operation, or they can be easily retrofitted should you decide to incorporate smart locking to your doors at a later date.

Ultion Nuki Plus benefits

  • Control your door lock from your phone.
  • Auto-unlock on your door on approach.
  • Send electronic guest keys.
  • Built in bridge for remote access.
  • Can be controlled by various apps including Alexa, Air B&B, Google Home, & ring doorbell.
  • Can be retro fitted and working within minutes.
  • Available in black or white steel.

Lock control from your phone
Smart technology is well established for modern doors and the Nuki app is perfect for operating your door locks from your phone, or even just to double check to make sure that you haven't forgotten to lock your front door.
Lock control from your phone + -
A simple dial twist for manual operation
Smart locking doesn't alter the manual operation of your lock. Your door can be still be unlocked with a key from the outside, and internally, the dial can simply be twisted to unlock manually.
A simple dial twist for manual operation + -
Simple to charge
Each lock's rechargeable battery is easy to remove from the power unit for quick charging.
Simple to charge + -
Includes rechargeable USB battery
Every smart lock is operated by a USB battery that is recharged easily.
Includes rechargeable USB battery + -
Optional fingerprint & keypad access
Wireless fingerprint and keypad access is simple to install and works within a ten metre radius of each lock, meaning it doesn't need to be installed in view of your beautiful new entrance door.
Optional fingerprint & keypad access + -
Available across our full range of entrance doors
Smart locking is available across our Premium and XP77 range of entrance doors.
Available across our full range of entrance doors + -

Optional extras

Wireless fingerprint and keypad access.

This optional extra is simple to install and works within a ten-metre radius of the lock, meaning it doesn’t need to be installed within the direct vicinity of your entrance door and can be concealed. The keypad can store up to 100 different fingerprints so various family and friends can have access should you wish. Fingerprints can be easily programmable via the Nuki APP and the 6-digit keypad code can be set up and changed via the Nuki APP also.

Smart locking is an exciting development within our range and is suitable for the tech savvy and tech phobic alike. It is a simple addition to our doors that can be manually overridden if a member of the household would prefer to lock and unlock your door in a more traditional method.


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