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Glass Entrance Atriums

Entrance Atriums

The entrance to any home is often the focal point for design as you create the perfect impression for passers-by who can see your home from its roadside position. A thought-out design is ideal as you transition in and out & welcome friends and family into your home.

Our Premium entrance doors set the tone as guests enter your home & their strong & solid design is the perfect product to create a grand entrance by combining with our sidelights, top lights, or curtain-walling to create a statement entrance atrium that looks stunning both inside & outside of the property.

Curtain-walling atriums

Luxury homes often have a featured glazed element designed into both the rear and front elevation. A glazed atrium is a fantastic addition to any property, an impressive glass façade that immediately indicates the luxurious settings that await guests once inside. Entrance doors can seamlessly connect with curtain walling to create the access way in what otherwise is a huge wall of glass. Curtain walling is priced on application, but we can design it to run front ground floor right up to the underside of the roof ridge and install into shaped and gable elevations also. Available in any colour and any specification of glazing these specialist windows can span several floors to create a hugely impressive façade on the front of your property.

Statement Glazing

Curtain-walling doesn’t need to span several floors. It’s inherent strength & slim sightlines make it perfect for combing with our entrance doors simply to create large format windows around the door itself.

Internally your house will benefit from atrium glazing. Your hallway & landing will feel lighter and larger, the glass within the atrium can be laminated to alleviate security concerns & obscured to ensure privacy.

Shaped window atriums

A more cost-effective option than curtain walling is to combine our entrance doors with our window products including fixed and shaped windows. Sidelights and top lights can easily be incorporated as can shaped windows. As our products are bespoke we can manufacture & install windows of any size & we will alongside you and your design team to create the perfect entrance to your home.

A cohesive look

Glazing spanning several floors can be achieved by sitting our window frames on structural steels, separate windows that we can blend together by installing insulated aluminium pressings to create the visual affect of one large window running the full height of the house.

This can be a more cost effective & simple method than installing curtain-walling & can look just as striking & impressive.

we'll work together

Our technical expertise and our state-of-the-art showrooms will allow our team to work with yours to find the best solution for your property design and location. Whether curtain walling or windows are used to create your entrance atrium can be determined by the sizes required, the site wind loading requirements and your budget, so we’ll advise and work with you to find the perfect solution for your dream home.


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Front to back elevations

The dominant entrance feature on the front of your home can also be mirrored on the rear elevation. Modern homes demand light filled spaces and what better way to create that than with huge panoramic windows that flood your home with light from all angles. Our curtain wall screens & shaped windows are perfect for all elevations so whether you’re looking for a grand entrance or front to back glazing we have the product solutions to suit you.

Browse some of our frequently asked questions below.

Entrance Atrium FAQ's

Does every part of a screen have to include glass?

We can include clear glazing, insulated aluminium infill panels / back painted glass to hide structures where necessary, or we can include a variety of solar control or even different coloured glass to really make a feature out of your entrance.

What sizes can you work to?

As these areas are bespoke and do have different design parameters based on site location & requirements, it’s hard to be very specific. However, in single frames (not separated by structural steelwork) we work under 6.5 metres in height. Generally keeping glass in sizes that can be handled manually or using mechanical lifting equipment when required. For more information, please contact our team or better yet e-mail your plans to & we can advise accordingly.

How long does something like this take to manufacture?

Like all our products, Express manufacture everything in or world class 180,000 square foot facility in Leeds. We aim to keep even extremely bespoke items like these inside of our normal lead times where possible. Please contact our team for accurate information on lead times.

What are the frame depths of the curtain walling screens?

The box depth is location and design specific. Providing architects drawings and the postcode allows us to check the wind load(pa) ratings of the area which in turn tells us the IXX value requirements. This information then dictates the depth of the box required for structural strength. The boxes range from 100mm - 230mm. Mid-point steels that allow us to tie back to have a dramatic effect on reducing the box depth so you may want to consider working these into your build if you are looking for a slimmer finish internally.

What colour range do you offer in curtain walling?

Aluminium curtain walling is available in our full RAL colour range including our Elite & Essence finishes.

What glass options are available?

As standard we use toughened softcoat low E glass. If the building is south facing then solar reflective coatings on the outside of the glass are recommended to reduce solar heat gain. Laminated glass also brings security, sound reduction & UV fade protection benefits so is worth considering also. The size of the glass & containment issues will determined the depth of the glass that is required.

How thick is the frame?

The depth of the structural box that gives the curtain walling it’s strength is determined by the size of the screen & the site location but the typical sightlines when looking through or at the glazed screen are only 50mm.

What are the fixing details for curtain walling?

We use fixing brackets around the curtain wall screen to tie it to the building via the steel structural supports that are put in place by your builder.

What type of door can I have fitted within my Entrance Atrium?

We can install any door from our Entrance Door catalogue (Premium or XP77 range). In addition to these Single Fully Glazed Doors from our XP VIEW / XP10 / XP Vision bi folding door ranges can be made to match these if installed alongside or elsewhere on your project.

Can my entrance door made suitable for DDA Wheelchair Compliance?

Yes it can, we can also provide you with detailed technical drawings for the ‘Thresholds’ and ‘Drainage’ details for your architect and builder to work with. Please feel free to request these from your representative.

How wide can I have the door?

The maximum size of our Premium Entrance doors is 1200mm wide x 2550mm high, whereas our XP77 Entrance doors have a slightly smaller maximum size of 1100mm x 2300mm.

Can I install my own door into your curtain walling?

Yes, we have allowed our customers to do this many times. We will not install a third party product but we will provide technical drawings & advise to help you, should you wish to install a different suppliers door into our curtain walling.

Do I need to install any type of Steel Support within my Atrium?

There are two ways to construct an Atrium (Curtain Wall Construction or Fixed Frame Construction). If first floor joists are present inside of the Atrium it’s more common for a Stee’ to be installed at this height and the Atrium to be formed in upper and lower parts from fixed frames with the floor build up then hidden by pressings. If the Atrium is a full height opening ‘True Atrium’ then either the aforementioned fixed frame and steel detail or ‘Curtain Walling’ construction can be employed. Please note that dependant on the overall width and height of the aperture that even ‘Curtain Walling’ may require a ‘Steel Tieback or Tiebacks’ to be installed. An number of structural factors can determine the best workable and most cost effective solution, so make sure to discuss this with your representative at design and quotation stage.

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