Transform your home’s exterior

Opening your home up fully to your garden is something many a homeowner wants to do, and no door is better suited for doing this than a bi-fold door with 6 panels.

Stretching the length of an entire wall and even around room corners, 6-panel bi-fold doors are ideal if you want to drop all barriers between you and the outdoors.

Redefining outdoor connection

Whether you’re updating your current home or constructing an entirely new build, for those after the biggest and boldest statements possible, you need look no further than our selection of six-panel bi-fold doors.

The widest set of bi-fold doors on offer throughout the entire Express bi-fold range, a set of 6-panel bi-fold doors can be a truly special addition to any property.

Offering the broadest sightlines possible while also providing unmatched potential for capturing natural light, six-panel bi-fold doors make summer celebrations a breeze while also offering incredible views at all times of the year.

And you don’t have to worry about doors like this making your home cold in the winter months, as all of our Express doors come with exceptional double-glazing that’s specifically designed to offer maximum heat retention in the home.

Bespoke 6 panel bi-fold doors

From planning and measuring to manufacturing and installation, we’ve made the process of choosing one of our 6-panel doors entirely bespoke.

All of our doors are made to measure at the property in question and then constructed in our high-tech workshop by an expert engineering team with over 15 years of experience before being personally installed by us.

On top of this, we also offer over 200 different RAL colours for you to choose from as well as a 10-year guarantee, meaning it’s never been easier for you to customise your new doors to meet your desired vision.

Browse our bi-fold door range

Besides offering multiple different panel numbers with our bi-fold doors, we also have a range of different door styles for you to choose from.

If a high specification is what you’re after, then you may want to look at our XP View range. Alternatively, for the slimmest sightlines possible, you’ll want to check out our XP88 options.

Of course, if smaller doors are what you’re after, then be sure to look at our 5-panel bi-fold doors and 3-panel bi-fold door options.

See our full range bi-fold door range, all of which are available in 6-panel door configurations below:


See our 6 panel bi-fold doors in person

Ready to get started planning your 6-panel bi-fold door upgrade? Come and visit us in person at one of our different showrooms!

Our team of experts will be on hand to guide you around as well as answer any questions you may have. They can even advise you on the best installation options to consider for your specific requirements.

And if you can’t visit us in person, then you can always get in touch either online or via phone.

Featured projects

Interested to see how a set of 6-panel bi-fold doors will look when installed in your home? Take a look at our featured project gallery below:

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