Are you ready to change the way you view your garden or patio? Welcome more natural light and sharp definition to your home by choosing from our range of structurally-bonded and lift & slide black patio doors.


Whether you’re adding a new extension to your home or simply looking to expand your view, it’s important that you choose a colour to match your home aesthetic. A patio door in black is the ideal choice if you’re after a more neutral hue in your home, but one that can still be classically bold given the right environment.

Perfect for letting natural light into an external room, a set of black framed patio doors not only lets you capitalise on stunning external views and morning sunshine, but black patio doors also lend a sense of subtle space and depth to the interior.

That’s what makes selecting a patio door in black so enticing. Eye-catching and dramatic, the right shade of black can help elevate an overwise dull space with defined lines that stand out against neutral tones, such as white and grey.

From a minimalist space to traditional home décor, a sliding door in black is capable of making any room seem just that little bit bigger – the final finishing touch to complete your chosen home aesthetic.


We’re dedicated to providing our customers with doors that will last them for years to come. Our entire range of black framed patio doors is coated in specialist powder-coat paint, designed to prevent sudden paint peeling and sunlight fading, all covered by our comprehensive 10-year guarantee.

Our selection of black patio sliding doors are also designed to be as sturdy as possible. Using structural bonding techniques, we can alleviate the thickness of typical patio doors to create super-slim door frames, giving you the best view possible – fully defined by your patio door’s black trim.

To truly get a sense of how your new black patio door might look in your home, you can come and visit us at one of our showrooms. Here, you can view our full range of black patio doors, including the XP Glide, one of our most popular types of sliding doors that is finished by structurally bonding during the installation.

Defining your home

Aesthetics are truly important when it comes to choosing your new sliding patio doors. That’s why we offer a broad selection of black patio doors to ensure you can find the exact shade to suit your home.

Want to make a statement? Our jet black finish’s dark hues will instantly draw the eye of any visitor. Or perhaps you want something more complementary? In this case, our noir or galaxy shades are styled to blend with a whole spectrum of neutral tones.

If you’ve any questions about how a set of black patio sliding doors might improve your home, you can get in touch with our team directly to discuss your queries.


Interested in seeing how other customers have installed their black patio doors? Why not browse the gallery below to see if this shade of door is right for your home?

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