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Sliding Doors

The capabilities of our industry leading door systems create more of a moving glass wall than a door. The system is attractive and slender, yet secure and robust enough to house a double glazed unit weighing in up to 200kg in our XP Glide System and up to 400kg in our heavy duty XP Glide S system. Despite these large glazed areas, the door system is manufactured and engineered to such a level that it glides at the lightest touch.

 Our Sliding Door ranges include:

Boasting a number of benefits when compared to a bifold door, supersized sliding patio doors boast massive glass areas which completely open up a room or property, flooding it with light, and allowing you to enjoy views without the obstruction of the vertical transoms.

An aluminium sliding door offers a feasible alternative to bi-folding doors, with the largest sash width available on the XP View being 1200mm. This is the widest of any folding door system in the world, yet our sliding doors can easily double this! For design ideas and examples of our market-leading sliding door installations, look through some of our sliding door case studies.

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The differences between our various sliding patio doors.

We offer an extensive range of sliding patio doors, each offering their own benefits and unique selling points. We don’t want you to be overwhelmed by the various ranges on our website so the quick guidelines below explain the key differences between the door types.

A traditional sliding door - The XP Glide is our best-selling patio door it’s a wonderful product offering slim sightlines of just 35mm, whilst offering large glass areas within individual panels capable of being made well over two metres wide.

Lift and slide patio doors are heavy-duty sliding doors, which are effortless to operate as the door glides on lifted ball bearings, a smooth quiet movement that defies the size of the glass wall that is moving. The XP Glide S can also be dropped down into the track so it locks in any open position, ideal for parties or when children are playing in around the huge glass doors.

Glass panoramic sliding doors are simply stunning, minimal structural profiles are bonded to the glass creating a door which minimal frames offering the real wow factor. The slide panoramic is our manually operated offering, whilst the Hi-Finity is electronically operated, ideal for the most discerning home owner.

Click on the links above to explore all of these superb products in more detail, or contact our sales team for more information or just to discuss which is best suited for your project. 

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Slim-line sliding doors

With larger frames & extremely slender frames our sliding doors add a real impact to any home. We boast two sliding door systems even with a sightline of just 35mm, creating more of a glass wall than a door. Our sliding doors look absolutely stunning when closed because of the huge areas and glass & minimal frame, which is why our sliding patio doors are becoming increasingly popular.

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The Magic Ingredient: Aluminium

The strength of an aluminium profile ensures that individual panels can be manufactured well in excess of five sqaure metres, creating a striking visual impact whether you are viewing the product from inside or outside the property. Despite their strength, the profiles are extremely thin, meaning minimal sight lines both at the head and foot of the door, but also a slim sight line where the panels meet.

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Choose Your Favourite Track

A sliding door boasts a minimal amount of aluminium and truly maximises glass areas, offering large clear openings. The system can be manufactured with any number of panels, with a traditional twin track system offering the option of two or four panels and a triple track option offering between three to six sliding door panels. A triple track system can offer a 66% clear opening, while our unique face fixed additional panel can create a 75% clear opening with four panels stacked behind one another on a triple track system.

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Visit one of our showrooms

Visitors to our showroom love our sliding doors. Many visitors to our showroom come to look at our bi folding doors only to find themselves seriously considering our sliding doors as they have never seen anything like it before. That is why we always recommend seeing our products first hand, we have huge patio doors on display in all of our showrooms, including our full range of slide, lift and slide, and panoramic glass sliding doors, so come and see for yourself to decide whether a folding or sliding door is the ideal solution for you.

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Cant make it to a showroom? Then see Express at a show

Its Spring, which means we’re on the road again! We’re exhibiting at some of the UK’s largest home and self build exhibitions so if you cant make it to one of our showrooms or would like to visit us whilst making a direct comparison to other Companies or products available then visit us at upcoming shows in London, Glasgow and Manchester. We have a huge exhibition stand manned by our own staff only, and of course various folding, window and roofing products on display, as well as literature and information for you to take away.

The stand also houses four different types of sliding patio doors, so contact us via the tabs below for tickets or details.

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We have a very extensive sliding door brochure which details our various sliding door systems and the features, benefits and direct comparisons between our various options. The brochure is also packed full of wonderful projects that have been transformed by our bespoke patio doors, ideal for gaining some ideas and inspiration for your own project.

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We are more than happy to e mail you an online quotation. Simply fill in the quote form with some approximate sizes and the location of your project. If you know the door type you require that’s great, but if you’re not sure just send your rough sizes and we’ll provide a quote based on the door system that we think is the most suitable for your project.

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