George Clarke on the importance of the connection between interior & exterior space

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One of the many benefits that our products can bring to any property is a clear connection between the interior & exterior space. This can bring several benefits including making the property more desirable, increasing the value of your home & improving the way that you use it, but don’t just take our word for it. We caught up with architect & TV Presenter George Clarke to ask his expert opinion on the subject.

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'There is a huge trend to open buildings up as much as possible'

George outlines that ‘a buildings connections to outside is incredibility important’ & states that ‘looking over mother nature is the best thing ever, if you’ve  got a beautiful garden then of course you want to connect your interior space with the outside’.

George states the above with caveats however & outlines the importance of good design when deciding how to connect a property to the garden. ‘Good quality products & good design to open a building up in the places and spaces where it really makes a difference by choosing the best place for the glass to go that will really maximise the connection between inside and outside’.

George concludes that it is the role of any architect or designer to ‘Understand the client, how they live, the potential of their house, and to use creative thinking and good design to spend their money really wisely by placing the right product, in the right place, having the right effect, to make it a beautiful home’.

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Our extensive range of door, window & glass roofing products are perfect for creating a clear connection between your interior & exterior space.

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