Purchasing a conservatory, or embarking on an extension or orangery is a major decision, which depending upon the size, quality and design can be a significant investment. Other key considerations are, of course, style, appearance and comfort though it’s here where the glass you choose makes all the difference.



Advance is a revolutionary low-E (low emissivity) glass. Its unique coating is the most durable of its kind and completely stable during the tempering process. This outstanding glass product is fabricated into premium clear, double glazed argon gas filled sealed units.


This low E glass has a transparent metallic coating on one side. This coating reflects the heat generated inside the home back into the room, rather than allowing it to escape through the window. At the same time, it allows optimum amounts of sunlight to pass through the window. Our Advance glass boasts a neutral appearance and a centre pane U value of 1.1W/2mK. whilst a G value of 50% still allows for maximum solar heat gain into the property through the glass. Advance comparable thermal benefits to triple glazed sealed units but is much lighter meaning less strain on hinges and moving mechanisms and is a much more cost effective solution also.



In the home, there is no better option than our sealed units created using our Performance glass. Performance is still a low-E thermally efficient glass product but is also suitable for commercial buildings or residential homes containing large glazed elevations because it boasts a solar control coating. This is a high-performance glass with a G value of 43% and a light transmittance of 66%, Performance glass will carefully balance heat and light in curtain walling, glazed apexes and our huge sliding and folding doors.


The sun’s radiation is made up of heat, light and UV (ultra-violet) light. The coatings developed for solar control glass, which are used on our Advance and Performance glass are configured to manage solar radiation by controlling how much heat and light passes through the glass, too little control and we see a greenhouse effect overheating too much and the room misses out on the benefits of solar gain or natural daylight.

We offer our advance and performance glazing in 4mm toughened as standard but 6mm thick glass is available on request, and is used automatically in double glazed units in sizes exceeding 2.4 metre squared such as our panoramic windows and large sliding doors.


Any of our glass specifications can be combined with a 6.8mm laminate pane, which further lowers both the U- Value and solar heat gain and offers increased noise reduction of 30-32db. Shield boasts additional benefits including significantly reducing UV light entry through your glazing, greatly reducing fading of your interior furniture and flooring. As the name suggests shield is much more resistant to attempted break ins, laminate glass is comprised of two pieces of 3.4mm glass bonded together making it extremely difficult to smash through, this specification is required to meet Secured by Design specification on our door and window products.


Whether you want performance in strength, thermal efficiency,  U value or a combination of these, all of our roofing products come available with a variety of glazing choices.


Boasts the same optimum performance as Advanced Roof Blue, but with a neutral appearance instead of a blue tint. Advance Roof Clear is a premium specification glazing solution which reduces solar heat gain whilst still maximising natural light into the property.


This is our standard roof offering. It is extremely thermally efficient with a U Value of just 1.0, and a cool blue tint which reduces solar heat gain by 72%


This roof glazing reduces solar heat gain by a massive 86%. This is an extremely high performance roof glazing unit, with an obvious tint, it is ideal for South facing elevations and large expanses of glass.


Like the previous options there are clear and blue tints available. The laminate glass does lower the performance of our glass units slightly with a 1.2 U-Value and reduces solar heat gain by 61% as opposed to 72%, however it is a more secure glazing option making it ideal for exposed/windy locations, or in locations where tiles could potentially come off the house roof because laminated glass will crack but stay in place, unlike toughened glass which shatters if an impact is strong enough.


Express Bi Folding Doors provides an extensive range of conservatory roof glazing. This is available to suit the design of the conservatory and homeowner tastes, all with built in self-cleaning technology


Glazing with a self-cleaning coating uses UV light and rain to actively break down dirt that builds up on the surface of the glass so windows stay cleaner for longer. This makes self-cleaning glass the perfect solution for keeping conservatory roofs clean and bright so you have less hassle keeping your conservatory in tip-top condition, which is why we offer it as standard in all our roofing glazing.


  • The permanent self-cleaning coating lasts the lifetime of the window
  • Perfect for conservatory roofs and other hard to reach areas
  • Glass stays cleaner for longer
  • Less dirt and grime adheres to the glass so any cleaning is quick and easy
  • Ongoing cost savings with reduced window cleaning bills
  • Kinder to the environment with a less frequent use of water and detergents
  • Clear view outside even when it’s raining thanks to the sheeting effect



The spacer bar sits between the two panes of glass in double glazed units. If you look at the double glazing in your home you will see the spacer bar, up to 80% of energy loss through a window occurs at the spacer bar. A warm edge spacer bar is an essential component of superior double glazing. Products manufactured by Express are thermally broken, however standard double glazing will affect the thermal properties of the door. Incorporating the warm edge spacer bar enables its thermally efficient properties to reduce heat loss through your windows. A warm edge spacer bar is also good news for the environment and even better news for you as the benefits can include:

  • Up to 94% reduced heat loss
  • Up to 70% reduced condensation
  • Up to 65% warmer at the edge
  • Up to 2db reduced noise
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