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An old farmhouse and barn used as an apple mill sat within this large plot of land which was subsequently purchased with a view to converting both buildings into one large luxury home. The new owners commissioned an architect who drew up the plans for the distinctive home that would be built and designed with sympathetic hints to the previous buildings and e-mailed the plans to our sales team via

We initially quoted the project off plan and invited the architect, project manager and homeowners to view our products in our Romford showroom. This started the process of deciding which products were best suited for each elevation. During this consultation period the homeowners also visited our Weybridge showroom to view our products in different applications and assorted colours. It’s not uncommon for our clients to visit our showrooms on a number of occasions as doors and windows are such an important factor in any build project. It was these repeated showroom and site visits that ensured that the project teams on site could prepare the build appropriately for our products, the customers knew exactly what bespoke products they were getting and each parties respective project management teams could plan for the installation of the products around the build schedule.

What we delivered

The size and scale of this home made it essentially a commercial sized project. We utilised our infrastructure and manufacturing capabilities to install a large amount of low-rise curtain walling into the property. We also supplied a combination of fixed, casement and shaped windows as well as lift and slide patio doors and bi-folding doors all of which were manufactured in-house and meticulously installed by our fitting teams including the bespoke pressings and finishing details that sets our teams apart from commercial installers.

Casement windows

The flexibility of our casement windows is demonstrated throughout this project. The windows sit in various elevations against varied building fabrics including being housed within the large curtain walling screens, shaped windows, sat against traditional red brick work, modern cedar cladding and under arched brickwork. In each application they look superb on all elevations and more importantly, they look stunning from the inside and out with slim sightlines throughout and superb U values that will keep the home warm in the winter.

XP Infinite Lift and slide doors

The properties exposed rural location led the homeowners to choose lift and slide doors over our slimmer sliding door options. Our lift and slide doors are suitable for the harshest of locations perfect for withstanding driving wind and rain. The lift and slide mechanism also ensures that the doors can be secured in any open position and are almost effortless to slide. The homeowners even utilised the system as a sliding window adjacent to their hot tub.

bi-fold doors and access doors

We installed a series of glazed access doors throughout the home including some with spandrel panels which are set within the curtain walling. A five panel XP View bi-folding door has been utilised across the swimming pool area, which opens up onto a courtyard. The bi-fold door lines through with the shaped window above but it is the flexibility afforded to the swimming pool space by allowing it to be completely opened up to the exterior space that is the main benefit of the bi-fold door.

Aluminium curtain walling

We installed various curtain wall screens throughout the property. Curtain walling can be used to span large widths and various floors including whole elevations. The curtain walling within this property is unique because it has been installed into arched heads. Upon the completion of our installation we installed curved aluminium pressings to give the screens a traditional feel. We’ve also installed a large range of products into the curtain walling including sliding doors, casement windows, access doors and spandrel panels. The panels have allowed for traditional brickwork and minimal steels on the outside, but on the inside, they have been blanked off to give the interiors a more contemporary feel, a clever design touch by the architect that has contributed to the unique feel and appearance of this home.

Products Used

The RAL colour used throughout was 7016 anthracite grey. The five panel bi-folding door was 4490mm x 2292mm, the flat skylights were 1100mm x 1100mm and the two largest curtain wall screens span 2475mm x 4930mm and 2595mm x 5137mm respectively.

There were so many varied products used throughout this project that listing the all of the products and all the varied sizes would be impractical, however if you would like anymore information about this project or have any questions relating to your own project please e-mail


The finished results are absolutely stunning. This is a truly unique property that feels warm and homely despite it being a newly built home. The property is filled with character and unique touches with the combination of traditional building materials and methods such as arched heads and stone mullions combined with large format glazing to give the home its distinctive appearance.

Step inside and there are all the features you would expect from a luxury home, open plan interiors, full height glazing and flexible spaces that connect the inside and outside space, whether it be through the lift and slide doors, the bi-fold doors or the picture windows. The landscaped gardens are as beautiful as the house itself and the glazing that we supplied throughout frames the outward views ensuring the home and garden feel connected at all times.

Through the vision and aspiration of the homeowners, the superb designs of the architect, through to the skilled contractors on site and the quality materials used including a huge range of our bespoke products, two buildings have transformed into one, the land and garden have been rejuvenated and a beautiful new home has been created, the perfect outcome for this luxury farm restoration.

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