Our Range of Windows

Upgrade your windows with strong, versatile aluminium windows to create a stylish look that is build to last. Aluminium is strong, lightweight, and available in a large range of colours and finishes, allowing us to create the perfect window uniquely to fit your property.


Whether you’re simply replacing existing frames, or looking to complement your new bi-folding door installation, we can create made-to-measure and bespoke windows to order. Our manufacturing process and in-house facility allows us to cater to all window types and shapes, including gables and apex windows.


Designed and built to maximise energy efficiency, light, and strength, our aluminium windows will help you build a bright, stylish home for the future. Visit our showrooms to see our aluminium windows in use, or look at our completed installations for case studies and design ideas.

The Benefits of Aluminium

Aluminium has many benefits over other materials including being slimmer and stronger than other materials and available in a huge range of colours. Aluminium is virtually maintenance free with the paint powder coating guaranteed for twenty-five years.

The strength of the profiles means it can go taller and wider meaning more glass within your windows. Aluminium doesn’t expand in the heat or contract in the cold meaning your windows won’t become draughty or jam.

To learn more about our aluminium windows click on the various products pictured above or contact our sales team.

Elegant Slim Sightlines

Elegant slim sightlines are a main feature of our windows systems. Aluminium is both slimmer and stronger than other materials meaning we can minimise the frame, allowing homeowners to look through their windows rather than at them.

Designed for Heat Conservation

Our windows have been designed to reduce heat loss by the use of a thermally broken aluminium frame with a polyamide bridge. The polyamide material has a very high resistance to heat transfer from the inner face of a frame (i.e. inside a room) to the external face of the frame (i.e. outside). The thermally broken frames provide homeowners with windows that have distinct advantages: Strength, durability, warmth and comfort are benefits enjoyed by home owners because our windows are thermally efficient and as well as looking fantastic will contribute to a reduction in the cost of your heating bills. Whatever your taste or style, whether traditional or contemporary we can offer distinctive window designs to suit.

A Window of Opportunity for Every Type of Home

The window portfolio that we offer is diverse with various options in casement, fixed, tilt and turn, and bay windows: all of which are available in a huge choice of over 200 colours as well as various finishes including wood grains, metallic finishes, and dual colour options.

Shaped windows, apexes and gables are other popular product within our portfolio, often installed above our door products creating a full elevation of glazing. Expert surveyors will measure the bespoke shaped window on site, which will then be processed via AutoCAD before being manufactured by our specialist fabricators.

Panoramic, slim-framed windows

The real beauty is what you don’t see. The quality of our various window systems is such that the frames are often concealed, and all sightlines are extremely narrow. Today’s homeowners demand various benefits from their windows including maximising natural light often by incorporating floor-to-ceiling glass into their home designs. We can create spaces with panoramic views with our glass atriums, apexes and glass feature extensions. We can provide bespoke solutions to meet your architectural designs, and most importantly we can advise on which products within our extensive portfolio are best suited for your dream project.

Please browse through our various window products and case studies for more information, alternatively please do not hesitate to contact our sales team or request some more information.