Despite being one of the most important rooms in anyone’s home, functionality tends to take priority over form when it comes to the majority of kitchen renovations – and nowhere is this more evident than with kitchen windows.

Often left to be paired with the kitchen sink, regardless of the view outside, choosing to instead make smart use of your kitchen window designs can entirely transform how you see, clean, and use your cooking space.

From getting some much-needed privacy to enhancing your control over lighting in the morning and evening, here are our top tips for remodelling your kitchen with new windows, including many of those highlighted in our downloadable product brochure, alongside some common kitchen window dressing ideas.


While you can choose any type of window to go in your kitchen, not all designs are ideal for such a hectic and humid space.

Ventilation is key when cooking, which means windows in this kind of space need to be easily opened, as well as positioned higher up than in other rooms to prevent kitchen appliances from blocking their light and view.

With these points in mind, the following window options tend to be best suited for a kitchen space:

  • Single sliding windows: Easy to install and perfect for small kitchens that can’t facilitate wide panoramic windows, a cosy single sliding window can provide the ventilation you need when cooking (without taking up too much space).
  • Dual casement windows: Offering maximum ventilation while looking great with both traditional and contemporary styles, single casement windows are always a great choice for kitchen, and a dual set can lend a continental feeling if blended with café blinds and fully opened.
  • Top-hung casement windows: Like dual casement windows, a top-hung window also provides good ventilation, but grants you much more privacy and security when open.
  • Picture windows: Picture windows are a must if you want a window running the full length of your kitchen, to look out over your garden. However, they’re best combined with other window types, like casemate windows, to enable ventilation.
  • Openable skylights: While not directly windows, openable skylights of any kind are the perfect way to accommodate your ventilation needs while also allowing natural light to flood your kitchen.

In most cases, the combination of an openable window and glass roofing system will likely be the right choice for your home, giving you the best of both worlds by lighting up your room while preventing it from steaming up when cooking big meals.



Now that you have a variety of window options in mind, it’s time to consider how to potentially style these windows to match your kitchen’s aesthetics.

To begin with, if you’ve already decided you want to go with Express for your kitchen window needs, then our aluminium windows can be installed pre-painted in a colour of your choice.

Not only is this paint highly durable and weather-resistant, but we also offer 200 RAL colours and metallic finishes for you to pick from, ensuring you find a colour to perfectly match your new kitchen’s style.

Of course, there are other styling options when incorporating kitchen window ideas over a sink or appliances. One of the most popular ways to add a flair to your glazing is to opt for frosted or painted glass. This provides you with a little added privacy but can also allow for some unique pane colouring.

And if you don’t want to touch the windows themselves, then you can still boost their profile with the addition of a set of shelves above or below.

The use of shelves like this can break up or narrow down the viewing space, directing the gaze to certain areas, while also adding space for various houseplants to thrive – and, of course, you’ll also provide an easy-to-reach storage option for cookery books, pots, and pans.

Last, but not least, if your kitchen window occupies an empty wall, it can be the ideal spot for a window seat to sit and relax in during those lazy weekend mornings.



Finally, we come to styling your window. There are numerous kitchen window dressing ideas out there, and most will come down to personal preference, but the following are good places to get started when looking for decorative ideas.


To begin with, for a unique look, you might want to consider installing a set of short curtains.

Although you might not think of curtains as a typical method of kitchen window dressing, especially if you’re after window-over-kitchen-sink ideas, a set of shorter fabric curtains that match the surrounding aesthetic can go a long way to making your kitchen feel that much more homely.

Shutters and blinds

Of course, there’s no reason you can’t opt for more traditional kitchen shutters and blinds. For example, if your new kitchen design uses a lot of natural wood, then reclaimed wood, woven wood, or bamboo shades are excellent material choices to add texture to a space. Though, with shutters, be sure to give them enough clearance space to open fully.

Decorative accents

And as a final touch, the use of decorative accents around your kitchen window can help draw the eye of guests or potential buyers, so if you have the space, there’s no reason not to include some wall sconce or hanging lights alongside colourful houseplants.


As with decorating other window areas around your home, while you want to make your windows stand out, you don’t want to go overboard. Remember, simplicity and minimalism can go a long way when restyling rooms, and a single stunning window may be all you need.

Of course, if you do want to introduce a statement piece in your kitchen, then you might also want to consider a set of bi-folding doors or sliding doors.

You can get in touch with our expert team online or over the phone today to see how we can help bring your dream home to life, or visit one of our showrooms to see our entire product range. You can also read other articles like this one on our blog, including our piece on popular living room windows ideas.


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