It goes without saying that, when it comes to redecorating your living room, there are lots of things you need to consider.

From a change of furniture to a brand-new shade on the walls, even subtle style nuances can totally redefine how you use such a key family room. And naturally, one of the best ways to truly change the style of a living room is to install a completely new set of windows that match your new aesthetic.

Not only can a fresh array of lounge windows help to breathe new life into your space, but the added openness can illuminate an otherwise bland area, which is often exactly what you want when redecorating.

So, even though living room window layouts can sometimes be challenging to design, due to their often varied and unusual shapes, there are plenty of options open to you to get the most out of your space. Keep reading to find out which window styles are best suited for your living room and how to style them, or download our product brochure to see our full living room range right now!


When it comes to choosing windows for the living room, there are a variety of classic and modern layouts that you can pick from. Each has its own unique traits, enabling them to revamp your lounge in their own particular way.

The following are the most common living room window ideas seen in homes:

  • Double-hung windows: One of the most traditional window options for homes, double-hung glazing is easily identifiable by its twin-opening sashes. These allow both the base and top of the window to be opened simultaneously for maximum ventilation.
  • Casement windows: The most common window type in the UK, casement windows have excellent flexibility and ventilation. Single or double casement windows can look great in the right room and can even be enhanced with a set of Georgian bars.
  • Bay windows: If you’re looking at expanding your lounge with a bay section, then a bay window is the obvious choice to include. Offering grand views and effortlessly styled into a specialised nook, they welcome light in from numerous different angles.
  • Picture windows: As the name implies, this type of window frames its exterior like a picture. These living room large windows are ideal if your lounge already looks out over your garden or similarly grand views.
  • Narrow windows: If your lounge is a particularly awkward shape, and you’re specifically looking for living room floor to ceiling windows, then a set of fixed narrow windows can brighten the space without the need for sweeping glass panels.

Of course, just because these individual window types work well on their own, and can match most interior design demands, there’s absolutely no reason not to mix and match your options to find the window combination that fits your needs.


Now you have an idea of the type of windows you have to work with, what about designing the space around your new glazing?

For starters, if it’s a flat wall, you might want to consider placing a low sofa or chaise-longue beneath it for relaxing on sunny days without blocking the light. You could also consider a storage coffee table as well, flanking it on either side with extra seating options.

Alternatively, if you’re installing particularly wide living room large windows in a bay, and your living room is open plan with your kitchen, you could convert the whole area into a floating bench and table combo for family dining.

Other suggestions for bay windows include a reading nook, storage area, or even a space for potted plants. For more specific bay window styling ideas, you can read our article on how to dress a bay window.

Generally speaking, when it comes to decorating your new lounge windows, you should look to include things around your lounge windows that won’t block the light coming in and don’t get in the way.

It’s also recommended that you avoid putting your TV in front of windows, so you don’t experience needless glare screen glare in the morning and evening.


Besides furniture and your favourite items, a new set of windows will also need appropriately styled curtains or shutters to go with them.

Curtains have often been the favoured choice when it comes to filtering light in and out of a room and are often the right choice for living spaces.

Naturally, your curtain of choice will be down to your personal preference, but if you want to make a small window and room appear bigger, you can hang your new curtains wider and higher than the window to give the illusion of a larger frame. And for added privacy, you can also double layer your drapes to let some light in without exposing the room.

Of course, if blinds and shutters are your preference, then it’s always a sound idea to have them made to measure so they properly fit your new glazing layout. With shutters in particular, tier-on-tier designs continue to prove popular thanks to the ability to open the lower and upper shutters separately.

Finally, if you want to increase the lighting around your windows during the evening, then the addition of pendant lights or wall sconces mounted on the inside of a bay or around a window’s edges can help soften the space around it.

Simplicity is often key

When it comes to window styling and design choice, simplicity is often the key to creating something stunning and tasteful. Too much clutter might very well wind up ruining your view or making an already small space feel smaller.

But that’s not to say you shouldn’t leave your windows unadorned if you want to welcome the outside in. In fact, if this is what you’re looking for, then our range of sliding doors and bi-folding doors might be better suited for your needs.

Either way, if you plan on redesigning your lounge windows and doors, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team of experts. We have over a decade of experience installing our products, all of which can be viewed in our different showrooms. And in the meantime, don’t forget to check out the rest of our blog for even more design tips!

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