Kerb appeal: 10 tips for making the front of your house look better


Whether you’re thinking of selling or you’re looking for ideas to breathe new life into your home’s exterior, there are plenty of ways you can increase your kerb appeal. We’ve listed our expert tips for how to make the front of your house look good and even increase its value.

Replace your roof tiles

Let’s start from the top, shall we? The roof is a significant part of the home, but it’s not often thought about (unless it starts leaking!). When a roof starts to look like it needs a little bit of TLC, it can affect the way your whole house looks. Tiles missing or growing moss can make your house look run-down and in need of care.

Slate can turn a tired roof into a thing of beauty, but make sure that you shop around and consult a roofing specialist to get the roof that you want. You’ll also need to ensure the roof you choose works with the existing building.

Update your windows and doors

Replacing windows and doors can also make a huge impact on your home. For instance, updating your front door with a lick of paint can work wonders.

However, if you really want to increase your kerb appeal, one of the best things you can do is swap out your outdated windows and doors for contemporary alternatives. A modern entrance door can instantly give your property an updated look, a new lease of life, and, in some cases, even add value to your home.

Similarly, large windows will not only transform the outside of your home, but they will improve views and make your home lighter and brighter.


Clean the exterior walls

Whether your home is painted or bare brick, a good clean can make a huge difference to your kerb appeal. Painting a house might seem like a big job, but you’ll reap the benefits, especially if your current paint is chipped or dirty. If you have a stone or bare-brick property, hire a jet wash to give it a new lease of life.

Power wash your driveway

Drive looking dark and dirty too? While you’re at it with the power wash, give your drive or garden path a once over too. Cleaning away years of dirt and grime can work wonders for refreshing your exterior property and making things look brand new again.

Luxury detached house featuring grey windows and modern from door with side panels

Install outdoor lighting

During winter especially, a home’s exterior can look a little dreary. One great way to brighten up your exterior (literally) is by installing some outdoor lighting around your front door. Not only is this a practical addition that can help deter criminals, but illuminating your entranceway will make your home look more welcoming.

A new wall lamp next to the front door will give off an inviting glow for guests and will make finding the keyhole in the dark much easier too. If you have a path to your front door, use floor lights or lanterns to light the way. No more tripping up or ruining the grass!

While it might not be visible from the front of your house, it’s worth noting that lights can make a big difference to your back garden too. Some string lights or floor lanterns can create a cosy space for socialising on summer evenings.


Spruce up the garden

Your front garden makes up a large portion of the kerb appeal of your home, and changing it could change the way you feel about it when you – and your guests – pull up to your house.

Simple changes can make a big difference, such as:

  • Neatening up the edges of your lawn
  • Tidying up the flower beds
  • Keeping the grass in good condition
  • Popping a potted plant near the door
  • Hanging flower baskets at the front


Fix the fence

Don’t let a broken or grubby-looking fence bring the look of your property down. Whether you need to replace some slats or give it a lick of paint, put a weekend aside for some DIY – it’ll make a big difference.


Trim the hedges

Overgrown hedges and plants will make the front of your house look untidy. A simple spruce-up with some shears can make a world of difference to how neat your property looks.

Clear up clutter

From bikes to gardening equipment, there are lots of things that are typically stored outside that could be making your home look messy. Get a shed for your bikes and miscellaneous outdoor items to keep clutter at bay.

Hide the bins

Bins are a necessity but an eyesore in your front garden. If possible, move them to a less noticeable position. Otherwise, consider investing in a bin store. You’ll be surprised at how much neater this can make your home appear. It also means that strangers don’t have access to your bins, and a strong wind won’t wreak havoc by blowing rubbish about your garden.

So, whether you’re selling your home and want to entice buyers or you simply want to tidy up your home for your own benefit, these front of house ideas are guaranteed to boost your kerb appeal.


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