5 Ways to Make a Dramatic Difference to the Exterior of your Home


Whether your home is a period property or an ultra-modern building, if you’d like to give your home a new lease of life, it can be tricky to figure out what changes might be best. If a dramatic difference is what you’re after, then look no further.

Roof tiles

Let’s start from the top, shall we?

The roof is a significant part of the home, but it’s not often thought about unless it starts leaking. When a roof starts to look like it needs a little bit of TLC, it can affect the way your whole house looks. Tiles missing, or growing moss can make your house look run-down and in need of care.

Slate can turn a tired roof into a thing of beauty, but make sure that you shop around and consult a roofing specialist to get the roof that you want. You’ll also need to ensure the roof you choose works with the existing building.

New windows and doors

Upgrading and replacing windows and doors can make a big impact on your home. Modern sliding doors on a traditional or period building can give your home a slick, contemporary look, giving it a new lease of life. A door that matches the architectural style of your home will give it a uniform appearance, making it look smart. Making the windows bigger will not only transform the outside of your home, but it will improve views and flood rooms with light.

If you’re looking for aluminium windows or doors, take a look at our product pages here for inspiration.

New lighting

When it’s winter, your home’s exterior can look a little dreary. One great way to make things more exciting is with light. Not only can you make your home look more welcoming, you can give it an attractive new appearance and illuminate the way in too.

A new wall lamp next to the front door gives your guests a pleasant, welcoming experience, and it means that finding the key hole in the long and dark nights of winter becomes much easier! Following the path to the front door in the dark can often be treacherous, so make it that little bit easier by using floor lights or lanterns to light the way. No more tripping up or ruining the grass.

In the summer too, adding lights to your garden makes staying out late cosy. While you might not need lights to light the way, they can add warmth and atmosphere.

Spruce up the garden

It’s not a small job, but your garden makes up a large portion of the curb appeal of your home, and changing it could change the way you feel about it when you pull up to your house.

Even something as simple as neatening up the edges of your lawn or popping a potted plant in front of the door could make your home that little bit more welcoming.

Cover up the ugly bits 

The bins, the meter, the bikes… there are lots of things that are stored outside that could be making your home look messy. Although it might not seem like a job that will make much difference, you’ll be surprised at how much neater a bin store, for example, could make your home appear. It also means that strangers don’t have access to your bins, and a strong wind won’t wreak havoc with loose items outside!

Whether you’re thinking of selling or you’re looking for ideas to breathe new life into your home’s exterior, there are plenty of ideas here to get your mind racing.

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