Top home security tips to deter burglars


Whether it’s when you go on holiday or for that everyday peace of mind, we all want our homes to feel safe and secure.

But while many of us assume that we’re good at keeping our homes protected, or don’t feel we’re likely to be burgled in our neighbourhood, you can never be too careful when it comes to safeguarding your home.

Fortunately, securing your home and deterring burglars has never been easier. Door and window locks are constantly advancing and there’s plenty of modern technology available to help add that extra layer of security to your property.

So, to help make sure you’re doing everything you can to maximise your home’s protection, we’ve created a list of the top tips for home security that you can follow the next time you go away or before you tuck your family in for the night.

1. Make your door fully secure

Our first tip for how to secure your home might seem like an obvious one, but to ensure your doors and windows are up to snuff, there are a few extra steps you can take to strengthen them, besides ensuring they’re well-built and always locked.

First, if you’ve recently had a new door installed, or plan to replace yours in the near future, always make sure it’s installed with the hinges on the inside. Having the hinges of your door exposed makes it much easier for determined thieves to physically remove your door.

On top of this, you should look to install a door with a multi-locking system, such as our premium front doors. These doors lock into various points around the doorframe, making it very difficult for an intruder to force it open.

Alternatively, if you can’t replace your door, then it’s always worth checking your current locks for their security rating. If their rating does not match the recommended level, you should seek to replace them as soon as possible.

2. Secure your windows and windowed doors

Besides your front door, the most likely way for thieves to gain entry to your home is through a ground-floor window or any sliding or bi-folding external doors. That’s why our next top tip for how to deter burglars is focused on making these as secure as possible.

With your windows, you should always make sure they’re locked when you leave your house or go to bed, even if they’re on the first floor. If possible, you should also pick windows that can restrict how far they can open, preventing burglars from climbing inside.

As for any bi-folding and sliding doors, be sure to choose a model that is built with an anti-lift device so thieves can’t lift them out of their frames.

Alongside this, both your windows and windowed doors should be built using toughened security glass that can’t be shattered. Here at Express, we pride ourselves on providing toughened glass as standard on all our doors and window products.


We’ve looked at securing your windows and doors, but simply increasing privacy is also a great way of putting burglars off and preventing a break-in. After all, if thieves can’t be certain what’s to gain, they’ll likely not bother.

An effective way of improving privacy at home is by planting trees around your perimeter. Evergreen trees in particular offer year-round coverage of your windows from nosey burglars, while also providing a scenic addition to your garden.

Additionally, a quick fix is to fit privacy film on your windows. Quality window film is widely available and prevents anyone from looking in, while allowing you to still enjoy the views.


Our third piece of advice on how to secure your home is all about investing in additional security devices that can provide your home with an extra layer of defence. For example:

Alarms: First and foremost, the most obvious and useful security device to invest in is an alarm. However, it’s not simply enough to have a visible alarm on display. This alarm must be active when you leave your home. Many thieves are all too aware that the average homeowner doesn’t activate their alarm, and will often test entry to see if they can get lucky, so always activate it when you’re away.

Motion sensor light: Another one of our top home security tips is to install a motion sensor light. Potential burglars rely on dark spaces to hide their approach. A motion sensor light eliminates dark spots by illuminating the area and exposing thieves to anyone nearby.

Smart doorbell: You may also want to consider installing a smart doorbell. These monitor who’s at your door with a camera and send notifications directly to your mobile, and you’re often even able to speak through them. A smart doorbell is handy for checking who’s there before opening your door, and keeping track of who shows up while you’re away.

Door bolt: Finally, installing an additional door bolt will strengthen your home’s entrance, while a lock guard can be used to prevent lock tampering, and door chains can act as a third line of defence if necessary. The longer it takes a thief to enter your home, the more likely they are to give up.

5. Don’t ‘hide’ a spare key outside

Under the rug, in the plant pot, under a nearby rock, or wherever you choose to hide your spare key, chances are that would-be thieves are aware of it.

But if being locked out is a genuine worry for you, then your best option is to install a key-safe in a secluded area. This should be hidden well away from your front door and be security approved, only accessible with a code. That way, burglars can’t access your key, but you can still get in if you need to.

6. Store valuables out of sight

It goes without saying that valuable items inside the home should be stored well out of sight and away from letterboxes and pet flaps.

So, when thinking about how to deter burglars, make sure to keep all keys and valuable possessions out of sight with closed curtains, in cupboards, or in your room with you when you go to bed.

And whatever you do, don’t leave your key in the door. Thieves can push it out and then use hooks or sticks to pull it through your letterbox.



When going out or away, aim to make your home appear occupied to deter opportunistic burglars. There are numerous ways to give the impression of being at home, including:

  • Using timers or smart plugs to turn your lamps on at night. Smart plugs are a useful addition, as they allow you to control your appliances from your mobile, meaning you can turn your lamps on and off at will.
  • Cancel regular deliveries so they don’t build up outside your front door. Alternatively, arrange to have parcels and post picked up by or delivered to a neighbour.
  • Avoid posting your holiday plans or pictures on a public social media profile where possible, as this can alert burglars. It’s often safer to wait until you’re back home before sharing snaps.
  • Keep your garden tidy by sweeping leaves, cleaning the deck, or mowing the lawn before you go on holiday. And if you’re going away for some time, it can be useful to hire somebody to maintain things for you. If a property looks like it’s not being cared for, a burglar will be more likely to assume nobody’s at home.
  • Leave a car on your drive. If possible, aim to leave at least one car on your drive to deter burglars and give the impression of being at home. If you’re taking your car with you, maybe ask a neighbour to park one of theirs in front of your property.
  • Have a friend of neighbour visit your home while you’re away. Something as simple as a friend bringing the bins in and out will help to give the impression that somebody’s in and reduce the risk of burglars targeting your home.


The last of our tips for home security is simple and easy to follow.

To begin with, try to make your front garden as visible as possible from your home. This will eliminate hiding spots for thieves and minimise their access points. You might also want to consider a gravel drive or path as a noise deterrent. As for plants, lining your garden with holly or thorny shrubs can also help deter intruders.


With these tips to hand, you should hopefully have everything you need to make your home as secure as possible. Of course, if you’re thinking about renovating your home’s doors and windows, then the team at Express are right here to help.

At Express, we make security a number one priority when it comes to our aluminium windows and doors. Made to a bespoke quality, our products are custom-made to perfectly fit your home in order to fulfil your design dreams.

For more information on how we can help you with your next building project, get in touch with our team or visit your nearest UK showroom. And don’t forget to browse the rest of our blog for more helpful articles like this one.

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