How to Bring More Light into Your Home


Natural light is essential to our peace of mind. We don’t want to live in dark, gloomy spaces, but sometimes our homes end up like that, whether by design or by accident.

Here we’re going to talk through some of the ways you can maximise the light that you get, as well as how to bring more in.

Use light, bright colours

Your home might feel snug and cosy in rich colours, but for that spacious, airy feeling, then you can’t beat light, bright colours. Fresh and invigorating, a room like this puts you in a serene, yet go-getting mood. For a particularly stark feeling, go for bright white and a minimalist aesthetic.

Introduce glossy surfaces

Metallic and mirrored furniture will bounce light around, making the whole space feel much bigger. Glass furniture helps increase the perceived size of a room because you can literally see through it, giving the illusion of spaciousness.

Be careful not to go too overboard though, or you’ll end up feeling like you live in a hall of mirrors. Choose one or two key pieces of furniture and combine with light colours and pops of colour where appropriate.

Polished floors

A polished floor will give your home a very modern feel, whether it’s hardwood or tile. A carpet will absorb the light and prevent it reaching the rest of the room. If you do want carpet, however, go for light, neutral colours to encourage that airy feeling.

Window cleaners

It might sound trivial but cleaning your windows on a regular basis will help your home feel lighter. They might not look dirty to the naked eye, but dirt will still be building up – and it could be interfering with the light you’re getting through, especially if your windows are small.

Design your lighting

It’s not just about natural light, feeling like you have enough light is important in the evenings too. So, make sure you know what you want to use your room for, and that your lighting is suitable.

For instance, your bedroom needs:

  • A main light to illuminate the whole room
  • Even, natural light for putting on makeup or doing ablutions
  • Lamp light for reading by
  • And mood lighting for ambience.

Excellent lighting design will help you feel like your home is useable even when there is no natural light.

New windows

Perhaps the most obvious, yet the most expensive option, installing new windows could utterly transform your space. From expansive panels of glass in a set of sliding patio doors to a glass-filled extension, there are lots of possibilities that could change the way you use your entire home.

If you’re interested in transforming the way light flows through your home, you can find more information on our sliding doors.

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