Decorating for the Colder Months


As the colder weather creeps back in, we might find our home feeling a bit cold where we want to feel cosy and a bit empty where we want it to feel inviting. While you might not want to give up on summer just yet – we all heard the rumours of summer in October – there’s something appealing about throws, candles and reading nooks as the rain pitter patters on the window.


Pile on The Layers

There’s nothing cosier than cuddling up under layers of blankets and getting warm. The same is true of your home. From adding a faux fur rug on top of your flat jute rug in the living room to adding velvet curtains over the top of your blinds in the dining room, there are lots of ways that you can layer up and get your home feeling snug.

Add Rich Colours

While summer is all about light and bright, that doesn’t mean that the colder months have to be drab and dull. Instead, add deep jewel tones to a room for richness and cosiness. Dusty pinks and blues are in this season, but the usual dark purples and greens will always be timeless.

Warm Up the Lighting

As the nights start drawing in, you start using your lights more and you notice whether they’re doing the job that you want them to. If you’re looking to create ambience in your bedroom, stark white light isn’t going to do it. Instead, make sure your lighting is warm toned, and layered. For instance, you could use table or floor lamps instead of a central ceiling light.

Add Greenery or Flowers

Greenery and flowers always elevate a room – it can be easy with decorating for the colder months for the room to feel quite heavy. Add a lightness with plants and flowers that add a pop of colour and bring the outdoors in.

Oversized florals are very on trend, especially pre-raphaelite style, and they are the perfect way to make a statement. Use them as a mural or on bedding for an easy way to revamp a space.

Use Texture

Texture is always important but can be especially so if you have gone for muted tones or similar hues in your colour scheme. Think about glossy versus matt or rough versus smooth – the contrast in texture will add depth and interest to any room. It can be introduced through fabrics, furniture or even what you’ve got on the walls.

Don’t Forget to Keep it Festive

The lovely thing about winter is there are plenty of reasons to decorate your home and have family and friends around. From Halloween, to Bonfire Night, and Christmas, there’s always something to celebrate, so make sure you make the most of it!


Have you started swapping out your summer décor for a few winter wonders yet?

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