Winter décor: how to make your home feel warm and cosy when it’s cold


When it’s cold and dark outside, creating a warm and welcoming space indoors is key. Winter décor is all about making your home as cosy as possible, and somewhere you can comfortably curl up while the rain patters on the window. Looking for inspiration? Here are our top tips on how to make a room cosy through winter.

Add lots of blankets and throws

There’s nothing cosier than cuddling up under layers of blankets and getting warm. From your sofa to your bed, layer up your furniture with plenty of soft throws in thick fabrics like wool and faux fur for extra warmth. These will even come in handy if you’re hosting a Christmas party, especially if you choose throw blankets you can take outside!

Opt for heavy fabrics around your home

Adding a faux fur rug on top of your flat jute rug in the living room or adding velvet curtains over your living room windows can work wonders for making your home feel warm and cosier. Simple additions like this that you can easily incorporate into your décor will get your home feeling super snug.


Incorporate jewel tones and rich colours

While summer is all about light and bright colours, that doesn’t mean that the colder months have to be drab and dull. Save your paintbox brights and pastels for spring, and instead, add deep jewel tones to a room. Dark purples, reds, navy and greens will always be timeless for winter décor.

Warm up the lighting

If you’re looking to create a cosy ambience, stark white light isn’t going to do it. Instead, make sure your lighting is warm-toned and layered. Instead of your central ceiling light, opt for multiple light sources, like a table lamp and floor lamp. This will help create the snug, and cosy feel you’re looking for.

Have plenty of candles

When it comes to cosy home décor, think candles, candles and more candles. There’s nothing quite as cosy as a flickering flame, and not only do they create a welcoming ambience, but they act as an extra light source too.

Fill your home with festive scents

On a related note, another way to make your home feel winter-ready is to fill it with festive scents. Fragrance can play a big role in ambience, and a warm and musky fragrance will help your home feel suitably seasonal. Scented candles and reed diffusers are both great options.

Mix textures

If you’ve opted for muted tones or similar hues in your colour scheme, one way you can add a cosy feel is by mixing fabrics. Think about glossy versus matt or rough versus smooth – the contrast in texture will add depth and interest to any room. It can be introduced through fabrics, furniture or even your wall décor.


The lovely thing about winter is there are plenty of reasons to decorate your home and have family and friends around. And now you have some ideas for how to make a room cosy, you can turn your home into a warm and welcoming winter haven.

For more décor inspiration and advice, including tips on how to make your home more energy efficient this winter, head to the Express blog. If you’re looking to update your home for the new year, check out our complete range of bi-folding doors, sliding doors and glass roofing systems.


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