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Case Studies

Stunning kitchen extension in Essex

This modern kitchen extension in Essex contains two sets of our industry leading XP Glide S sliding doors.

The stylish, ultra-modern kitchen and light external render meant that the clean lines of the Glide S patio doors were the ideal solution for the glazing within this extension.

The doors themselves are extremely tall with the triple track, three panel sliding doors spanning 6.5 metres wide by 2.5metres high. The twin track, two panel doors are 4.5 metres wide again by 2.4 metres high. The twin track doors allow for a 50% clear opening, while the triple track creates a two thirds opening. The beauty of our sliding doors are the huge glazed areas they create which look stunning when the doors are closed. Large openings such as these mean that when the doors are open, there is still a huge clear opening. It is designs and solutions such as this project that are seeing the popularity of our sliding doors grow all of the time.

Due to the superb engineering of the XP Glide S and the fact that it is a lift and slide system, both doors operate almost effortlessly. Turning the handle within the door lifts the door panel up onto the gearing at the foot of the door which is taking all of the weight, this means it is then very light to move so just a gentle push will slide the door along.

The amount of glazing within the extension is maximised further by a flat roof skylight, expertly positioned above the centre of the large triple track sliding door.

The results of the products detailed above! A bold feature extension that can be enjoyed all year round.

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