What’s the best colour for a front door?


How do you choose the best colour for a front door? Let’s face it, unless you’re a home decorator or renovation expert, most of us likely don’t know the first thing about selecting a tone.

But the colour of your front door is an important thing to consider. After all, it’s going to be one of the first things your guests see upon their arrival, and can have a major impact on both your property’s style and appearance.

Naturally, some colours are going to be far more suited to traditional and country builds, while others are certainly seen as more contemporary. So, where do you begin?

Well, to help you start collecting a few front door colour ideas, we’ve broken down the associated meanings behind each type of common door colour, as well as the shades that best suit certain home types.

What should you think about when choosing a door colour?

When choosing a colour for any home feature, be it a bi-folding door or aluminium windows, you want to be sure the colour you pick matches the aesthetic of your home rather than being gaudy and out of place – unless that’s what you’re going for.

As a result, there are a few important things to consider when narrowing down your door colour options:

  • Architecture – Importantly, the kind of architecture your home fits into will inform the sort of shades that suit it. Traditional homes with more Georgian architecture, for example, are well suited towards reds and yellows, while contemporary homes favour greys, whites, and blacks.
  • Location – Location may play a bigger role in dictating your front door colour ideas than you might think. For example, seaside cottages are perfect for lighter turquoise shades or pastel colours, while country homes might be better highlighted with more natural hues.
  • Brickwork – Although many homes today don’t have exposed brickwork as their primary exterior style, if your current or future home does, you’ll need to find a selection of tones that properly complement the brick’s shade. The same can be said for any other external building materials, such as wood, that might have been used to create attached fixtures like a front porch.
  • Internal style – With a natural wood door, it’s perfectly fine to have the same colour on both sides, to match your home inside and out. But with a painted door, you need to be sure that the interior colour matches the inside of your home, often meaning it’ll need to be a different colour to the exterior tone.


What is the best front door colour for different homes?

As we’ve mentioned, the style of architecture your home falls under can play a role in what sort of colour you choose for your front door. Different homes certainly suit different colours, so the following are a few of the most common home styles, and the colours that they’re often paired with:

  • Traditional homes – Encompassing the likes of period and older Victorian-style properties, traditional homes suit traditional door colours. Blacks, reds, and dark blues are all excellent choices for a traditional home.
  • Terrace houses – Many of these typical side-by-side homes are not the most ostentatiously styled, which is why many feature brightly coloured doors to create a striking visual display. Terrace homes really suit yellows, turquoise, and bright green shades.
  • Country homes – Often settled in open and natural environments, a country home’s front door is unsurprisingly matched with natural colours that fit its environment. This type of house door is paired well with natural woods, greens, sage, or even pastel colours.
  • Coastal properties – Being so close to the sea, it’s no surprise that many coastal homes will have their front doors painted in blues, turquoise, and sea greens, in order to match the environment around them.
  • Contemporary builds – Defined by anything distinctly modern, these homes are easy to pick door colours for, typically favouring muted shades of steel or slate grey.


What do different front door colours mean?

Apart from simply looking nice to our eyes, psychology suggests that there may actually be subconscious emotions related to different coloured doors. So, if there’s a particular feeling or vibe that you want your home to exude, you might want to base your front door colour ideas on the following colour-emotion combinations:

  • Red – While it can be matched with anger, in many cases, a red door’s eye-catching shade hints at confidence and power, making it ideal for those homeowners looking to show off their property.
  • Pink – Associated with a sense of nurturing warmth, pink is up and coming and a great option for those whose homes have pale exteriors.
  • Orange – Embodying optimism and enthusiasm, an orange front door is typically quite rare but is an excellent choice for those who want a motivating colour for when they come home.
  • Yellow – One of the brightest door shades available, yellow is thought to help stimulate decision-making. It’s also great if you’re looking for a way to brighten your home’s exterior without going overboard.
  • Blue – A very common, if not the most common front door colour, blue doors have a well-earned reputation for producing a sense of calm and peace. It’s a classic colour that can look good on most homes.
  • Green – Anyone seeking a nature theme to match their garden would do well to pick a shade of green for their front door. Doors of this colour exemplify harmony and growth and can be contrasted with flowering plants potted close by.
  • Brown – Perhaps not the first colour you think of when painting a door, brown can really bring a sense of safety and assuredness to a space. This muted colour also blends well with many typical brick wall tones for an even colour shade.
  • Grey – Grey can be associated with maturity, and as we mentioned, is very much on trend when it comes to contemporary homes.
  • Black – Sophisticated and domineering, black doors are popular simply because of their traditional aesthetic. They are the classic way to highlight an elegant entryway.
  • White – Perhaps an unusual front door colour, white is often seen as a blank canvas representing purity and freshness, making it ideal for those after a pristine look.


Other front door colour considerations to make

Hopefully, you should now have a few ideas about what the best front door colour for your home might be. But if you’re still spoilt for choice, then it might be worth bearing in mind the common advice associated with using colour wheels.

Generally speaking, when choosing matching colours, you want to pick tones that sit directly opposite each other in the colour wheel, or on either side of the central shade of your colour scheme. For example, red often goes well with light and dark oranges and purples.

Of course, everything we’ve just touched on is simply advice. At the end of the day, the perfect front door colour for your home will be down to your own personal preference. So, if you want a lime green or bright pink door for your home, go for it.

Naturally, here at Express, we know just how important getting the right colour is for your home. That’s why we offer over 200 RAL colours for our premium front entrance doors, bi-folding and sliding doors, and aluminium windows.

Get in touch with our team today to discuss installing a new front door in your home, and we’ll be sure to offer more tips on what colours to pick. And don’t forget to visit our blog for more insightful pieces.

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