What are the benefits of having a traffic door?


If you’re in the market for bi-folding doors, you may want to consider a traffic door. A traffic door, also known as a pedestrian door, is a separate panel within your bi-folds that opens independently, allowing for easy access without having to fully open up your doors. In this blog post, we’ll dive into what a traffic door is, the key benefits of including one within your bi-fold door design, and where to place it within your system.

What is a traffic door?

A traffic door is a separate panel within a bi-fold door system that can be opened independently. It’s typically hinged and swings outwards – similar to the way that French doors work – allowing for easy access without having to open the entire bi-fold system. The pedestrian door can typically be located at any point, depending on the design and layout of your three-panel or five panel bi-folds. Even number bi-folding doors work slightly differently but you can still have a traffic door in our four-panel bi-folds.

Benefits of bi-fold doors with a traffic door

Now that we’ve covered what a traffic door actually is, let’s dive into the key benefits of including one in your door design:

1. Easy access

The most obvious benefit of including a traffic door in your bi-fold door system is convenient access to your garden or patio. Similar to the way you can open sliding doors just as much as you’d like, a separate pedestrian door means you can quickly enter and exit the space without having to open up your full bi-fold system. This feature is particularly useful for high-traffic areas, such as a restaurant or retail space.

2. Energy efficiency

A traffic door can help improve energy efficiency in the home, by preventing air from escaping when only a small portion of the bi-fold system needs to be opened. With the rest of the panels closed, you’re able to maintain a consistent temperature inside the space. This is especially important at the moment, when energy costs can quickly add up.

3. Improved security

Including a bi-fold traffic door can help improve your home security. Not only can it be locked independently, preventing unwanted access to the space, but in case of an emergency, the pedestrian door can also be used to exit the space quickly and easily.

4. Versatility

A traffic door is highly versatile and can be located at any point within the bi-fold system, allowing you to customize the design to fit the layout of your space. You can also choose to have the bi-fold traffic door open inwards or outwards, depending on your preferences and the space available.

Where to place a traffic door in your bi-fold door design

When designing bi-fold doors with a traffic door, it’s important to consider where to position the break. After all, its location can have a significant impact on the functionality and aesthetic appeal of your bi-folds. Here are some factors to keep in mind when deciding where to place a traffic door:

Access needs

One of the main benefits of a pedestrian door is the ability to quickly access the outdoors without having to open the entire bi-fold system. To maximize this benefit, consider positioning your traffic door with easy access to your garden, patio, deck, or shaded terrace.

Traffic flow

The traffic flow of your space is another important consideration, when deciding where to place your pedestrian door – the door shouldn’t disrupt the flow of foot traffic in and out of the space. If you plan to use the door frequently, it’s best to place it in a location that won’t make it difficult for people to move around.

Space constraints

If you have limited space in your home or outdoor area, you may need to get creative with the placement of your traffic door. In some cases, it may be necessary to place a pedestrian door in the middle of the bi-fold system, to allow for easy access from different directions. Alternatively, you may choose to place a traffic door at one end of the system, and use the remaining panels for ventilation and natural light.

Design considerations

The placement of a traffic door can have a significant impact on your overall bi-fold design, so choose a location that complements the rest of the system and doesn’t detract from its visual appeal. For example, if you have a bi-fold system with several panels, you may choose to place the traffic door at the end to create a cohesive look.

Do I need a traffic door?

Whether or not adding a traffic door to your bi-folds is worthwhile is a personal choice. But you can get a feel for how you might integrate one into your home by downloading our free brochure.

There are various benefits, but it’s not essential, and you are able to buy folding doors without pedestrian access. For instance, if you already have an alternative way to your garden or patio, you may not deem a traffic door necessary. However, it’s well-worth considering, when factoring accessibility and convenience into your design.


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