Modern Garden Ideas for Every Size


The beauty of a modern garden is that it doesn’t matter whether you have a tiny yard or a country estate – there’s always something that you can do to make your garden feel on-trend and contemporary.

It’s versatile, too. If you want something low-maintenance, or you enjoy doing a bit of gardening, then you can tailor your outdoor space to suit you.

Take a look at how you can transform your garden into the modern garden of your dreams.


Decking is a great feature for any modern garden, because it can fit in almost any space. Being wood, you can customise it to complement your garden and your style too, whether you go for oils or stains, or you paint it in a particular colour.

Add a different texture to your garden, such as a paved area with smooth stones, to add contrast and depth to your decking. Alternatively, use modern materials to create a point of difference, such as concrete planters or slate gravel.


There is a tendency to go with stiff, architectural style plants, but don’t feel you have to stick to this to have a “modern” style garden. Instead, feel free to go for a looser planting style. For instance, there are never many perennial flowers in modern gardens – which makes sure it looks similar all year round – but it also means that you don’t get the joy of a flowering plant, and the wildlife that it brings.

Grasses are a beautiful choice for modern gardens as they look good all year round and they rustle in the breeze. Bamboo is a versatile evergreen grass that adds drama – choose black bamboo for a particularly stunning effect.


Too much colour in your garden can take you away from the modern, contemporary aesthetic, where cool tones rule. However, with nothing too bright, a subtle hint can elevate the space and add warmth without getting rid of that modern feel.

Wooden furniture is a great way to add warmth to a space, and you then have the option of adding more colour through soft furnishings such as cushions and blankets.

Take a look at the plants you have chosen for the space – do any of them have any colour in them that you can enhance by using a similar, muted tone of?


As an extension of your interior space, lighting in your garden can mean that your space is accessible in the evening too.

For a cooler toned space, make sure that your lighting is warm toned, and that they enhance the space. Think about whether you’d add them to the garden if they weren’t functional.

So whether your space is big or small, don’t be afraid to give it a modern makeover!

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