Bay window ideas: how to dress a bay window


How do you decorate your new bay window?

Welcoming in plenty of natural light and allowing a beautiful cross-breeze to ventilate the room in the summer months, it’s no wonder bay windows continue to prove popular around the UK – and that’s without mentioning the fantastic views they provide for your home.

Well-suited for both modern and traditional aesthetics alike, there are plenty of bay window ideas out there for you to choose from. But once you’ve settled on your style and location in your house, how do you decorate your new area?

From blinds and curtains to how to make use of your bay’s space, here are some easy-to-implement ideas for dressing a bay window so it can truly stand out as the focal point of your home.

Living room bay window ideas

The living room is often the first choice for many when looking at where to install their bay window. So, naturally, you want to style your bay window area so that it blends with how you use the room.

As this style of window is well-suited for use with casement windows or tilt-and-turn options, the obvious choice for any living room bay window ideas is to fill your new space with a sofa or bay seat. This will let you enjoy the light and air while reading or watching TV.

But if you’re after cosier bay window dressing ideas, then you could personalise this nook with a few small chairs, a side table, and house plants. This gives you the same reading spot but also lets you make use of this focal point by turning it into an airy conversation space thanks to the blossoming plants and natural light.

Finally, another option for lounge bay areas, especially those that face into your back garden, is to convert the central window into a set of French doors. These can add extra space to your room and are better suited to this construction style than sliding doors and bi-folding doors.

Bedroom bay window ideas

While bay windows are more commonly found on the ground floor, if you do want an upstairs bay area, then there’s no reason you shouldn’t decorate it appropriately.

One of the most popular bedroom ideas with a bay window revolves around converting the space into an office area. We all know how important good lighting is to help us get the most out of our work, and the natural light you’ll be letting in will only boost your productivity while giving you a wonderful view to enjoy.

Of course, if you prefer to work in another room of the house, then a bedroom bay space can be easily converted into a low storage area, a reading spot in the evening, or a viewing bench for when you’re after a much-needed break.

And much like a downstairs bay window, you can add a set of French doors to the centre that opens up to a balcony or frameless glass balustrade for use in sunny weather.

Bay window seat ideas

One of the most common ideas for dressing a bay window, you can’t go wrong by adding a bench in front of this window’s sill. Ideal for enjoying the view in any weather, you can make your bay a warm retreat when it gets cold by filling it with cushions and blankets.

It goes without saying that this kind of space you can easily convert into a reading area, padding your bench to make it snug and using the sill as the perfect spot for a steaming mug of hot chocolate. You can even store your books in the bench itself if it comes with storage space, or line the edge of the bay with narrow bookshelves.

Alternatively, if you have a craft hobby that doesn’t require too much technical equipment, then a bay can make for the perfect hobby space with the right storage options and table positioning.

Bay window curtains and blinds

Bay window seat ideas might be important, but so is privacy. Fortunately, the unique shape of bays makes them well-suited to a range of curtain and blind options.

Traditional bay window dressing ideas favour floor-to-ceiling curtains, especially those that are thick and drag slightly on the floor, helping to enhance that sense of cosiness when the night draws in – though you will need to consider a curving curtain rail if you want to use a singular curtain.

But if you’re after a more contemporary look, both blinds and shutters are a great choice. Wooden blinds in particular are very popular, adding a natural look, though roll-up blinds or Roman shades may work equally well. In general, your choice between blinds, shutters and curtains will depend on your taste and room style.

Much of what we’ve mentioned above are more permanent styling options, but if you have the time to move furniture about, then there are plenty of unique bay window décor ideas out there that you can make use of.

Of course, the first step to decorating any bay is to get the windows installed in the first place. And if that’s the case, then look no further than our expert team at Express Bi-folds.

We specialise in providing bespoke window and door options that are custom-made to fit the needs of our customers. Get in touch today to speak with us about your renovating plans or visit one of our showrooms to see how our windows might look in your home.

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