How to decorate your orangery for summertime


Not quite a conservatory, but not a full-blown home extension either, an orangery is usually defined as an extension that has brick walls and an ornate glass lantern roof installed for maximum overhead light exposure.

Orangeries are characterised by their simple yet elegant external design, typically being built to seamlessly blend in with your home’s aesthetic while adding standout features, such as bi-folding or sliding doors, into the mix to create a space that oozes hints of luxury.

This tends to make orangeries a standout feature of the home. But that begs the question, how do you make sure the inside of your orangery looks as good as the outside – especially with all that summer and sunshine on the way?

Well, to help you get started with your planning, we’ve come up with seven uniquely tailored orangery interior ideas that can look good in a variety of different homes. Take a look below to discover which might work best for your interior setup.


1. French chic

If the Parisian style is your thing and you want to feel like you’re entering the continent every time you step into your orangery, then this European chic style might be the one for you.

Designed to sit somewhere between a Parisian Street Cafe and a relaxed chateau in the countryside, you can transport yourself to such a setting by using a combination of a white bistro table and chairs, some white-washed walls, and the addition of several common rustic details seen in various continental cafes to set the scene perfectly.

Don’t forget to install a set of French doors and add a bouquet of freshly cut flowers for that pièce de résistance!


2. A Modern Sunroom

The second of our orangery décor ideas leads you straight from the quaint European side of the room and right to the other end of the extravagance spectrum, with the lushness of a 1920s greenhouse.

Blending a combination of bare brick walls, velvet seating, checkerboard flooring, glittering chandeliers, and a Persian rug or two, this style really captures the essence of a traditional sunroom, but with a modern twist.

Naturally, you’re going to want a sizeable glass roof system on top to welcome in as much light as possible, enabling all the plants dotted around the room to flourish. Be sure to choose a leafy palm or a fruit tree in a big, jewel-coloured pot as your primary shrub, and then dot a variety of hanging baskets and potted plants around the room’s edge.

3. Retro styling

If you’re after a bright and invigorating orangery, then perhaps you might want to consider a more retro theme for such a space. After all, an orangery is an extension of your home, so if your décor style is bold and beautiful, then there’s no reason your orangery shouldn’t match it.

With the third of our orangery design ideas, it doesn’t matter if your room is a dining space, a living space, or something in between – just make sure that you go for bright pinks and yellows, 60s prints, exotic plants, and colourful furniture for décor – anything to capture the retro vibe while taking advantage of the sunlight flooding in.


4. A day at the beach

If you live in the UK, then you know that there’s nothing quite like a trip to the seaside to unwind, relax, and rid yourself of your troubles, so why not bring a little bit of that calming environment into your home with the fourth of our orangery interior ideas?

This style is all about creating a quiet space where you can read and relax, no matter the weather outside. To really nail the subtle beach theme, you should opt for sandy beige and light sea-blue accents paired with ocean motifs like shells, coral, sea life, and boats, dotted around the room for that coastal feel.

And for the finishing touch, why not add a unique piece of driftwood art as well to complete the look?

5. Your kitchen greenhouse

If you really liked the suggestion of the second of our orangery décor ideas, but want to take it a step further, then why not remove most of the furniture and replace it with even more plants?

Install a few raised beds where you can plant your veg and construct a tiered shelf or two to house all your potted kitchen herbs, and before you know it, your kitchen greenhouse will be complete.

This sort of space is the ideal addition to your home if you love to grow and cook your own food, and by adding in a little hidden spot to sit back and relax, you’ll soon have your own little gardening sanctum all to yourself. Just remember to replace any of your carpets with tiles to avoid tramping dirt everywhere.


6. A bold playroom

Anyone with a growing family knows just how important it is to provide the kids with a space to play over the summer months and get all their energy out, and this style of orangery is perfectly tailored to be such a playroom.

To fully capture this sort of style, you’ll want to begin by picking hardy furniture that’s neutral in colour, and then add in accessories and cushions that deliver bold splashes of colour.

Throw in a few exotic plants to line the room, cover your floor with some solid tiles or wooden floorboards, and then add in a set of bi-folding doors that lead straight into the garden to complete the look and you’ll have a seamless way for your kids to pop in and out.


7. Cosy minimalism

Finally, the last of our orangery design ideas is tailored towards those who love to keep things simple. There are no lavish focal points here, nor are there gilded sofas or paintings. Instead, this style is all about refined simplicity and creature comforts.

So, grab your favourite home furniture, slide in an old wooden table and chairs, and hang a few modern, recycled lamps from the ceiling to conjure up a warm and welcoming space.

And if you want to go the extra mile, then there’s no harm in leaning into some dark wall tones and wood flooring to make everything seem just that little bit more cushy.

And with the last of our orangery ideas out of the way, you should now have a good idea of how to get started styling your orangery this summer. Of course, if you want to redesign your orangery entirely or build a new one from scratch, then you should get in touch with the experts at Express.

Our team has over a decade of experience making aluminium windows and doors and will work hand in hand with you to bring your home vision to life. Why not visit one of our showrooms in person to discuss your needs? And remember, you can browse the rest of our blog for more style guides like this one.

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