5 alternative garden party ideas for you to try this summer


With summer already upon us, there’s no better time for outdoor entertainment. And if you’re planning to have guests over to enjoy the outside, then that can only mean one thing; it’s time for you to host a garden party!

Whether there’s exciting news to celebrate, or you’re just thinking of getting your friends and family round for a spot of al fresco dining and a catch-up, doing something a little bit different can really make such a soirée a memorable experience for years to come.

Of course, while a traditional garden party is nice, if you do the same theme every year, then things can quickly get stale. So, with that in mind, here are our top five garden party ideas that you can try this summer for a twist on this classic activity.

1. Celebrate the summer solstice

In case you didn’t know, the summer solstice is the longest day of the year, which means you have the perfect excuse to take advantage of the late-evening sunrays.

Heralding the beginning of summer for many ancient cultures, plenty of countries still celebrate this occasion around the globe. So, taking inspiration from Sweden’s ‘Midsommar’ dancing and flower-picking, why not decorate your garden with your favourite summer flowers and set the dress code to match this special time of year?

And for added theming, you should look to serve fresh food that’s just coming into season, and when the sun does go down, light a bonfire and celebrate the fiery aspects of the sun by enjoying its warm embrace.

2. Throw a flamingo party

At this point, most people probably agree that the ‘tropical’ summer party theme has been done to death. So, instead of settling for this tired formula, you can mix things up with a pink twist and embrace the flamingo theme!

This motif is always popular in the summer months, so there’s no better time than now to give it a whirl. With everything from flamingo-themed invitations to piñatas and cocktail stirrers, you’ll certainly be spoilt for choice on how to decorate your garden.

To top it off, be sure to pair the pink of the flamingos with pastels and gold for a beautifully bright colour scheme. You could even ask your guests to wear pink, serve pink lemonade, and even dish out pink food if you’re feeling particularly keen!

3. Host your own music festival

Whether it’s inspired by Burning Man, where everyone has to turn up like something out of Mad Max, or Secret Garden Party, where visitors dress up like fairies, hosting your own festival can be a great way to bring fresh life to any outdoor garden party.

So, get your groove on by setting up tents, camping chairs, and a stage for the ‘bands’ (even if it is just some speakers and your laptop). And for dinner, you can’t go wrong by serving some traditional festival food and drink – think street food-style burgers and beer.

And for the finishing touch, don’t forget to issue entry wristbands, choose your music headliners to blast out at the end of the night, and get some plastic cups ready for when you’re up and dancing to the music.

4. Go for a British tea party

If you’re looking for a quintessentially British suggestion for entertaining this summer, as garden party themes go, you can’t get more British than a tea party. So, why not hold a sophisticated afternoon tea in the heart of your garden?

Perfect for those with a stiff upper lip and a love for homemade cakes, a tea party harks back to the Victorian era, with delicate sandwiches balanced on cake stands, tea in a hot floral teapot, sugar cubes in a bowl, and decadent full-fat milk for that perfect tea flavour.

Combine all this with a classic sweep of tablecloths, bunting, and British hats and you’re all set to go. Later on, you can even serve cake and prosecco – just be sure you don’t embarrass yourself by losing at croquet.

5. A ‘make your own’ dinner

If the idea of putting in excessive amounts of effort for one afternoon feels like a lot to do, then don’t worry; we’ve a laid-back garden party suggestion for you as well – one that lets your guests construct their own dishes!

From tacos and fajitas to burgers and salads, lay out all the food elements you love and let your guest go wild with their own culinary creations – all made to their tastes. It’s a stress-free way to cater for a guest list of dietary requirements and ensures everyone can enjoy something they love.

All you have to do is make sure the margaritas are flowing, and your garden is decorated in whatever theme takes your fancy. Of course, there doesn’t even have to be a theme, this is a laid-back garden party after all.


And there you have it; these are our top 5 alternative outdoor party ideas that you can try this summer. Choose whichever takes your fancy or take inspiration from a few and combine them – whatever works for you.

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