3 Décor Styles to Bring the Summer into Your Home


While completely redecorating for every season isn’t feasible, there are styles that you can emulate that can lift your interiors into a more lighter and brighter aesthetic, keeping it summery. Whether it’s just a swap out of your soft furnishings or you are looking for an overhaul of your space on a budget, a summer décor style for your interiors will help you fall in love all over again.

Here are our favourites for this year.


With connotations of the beach, holidays and seaside towns, a coastal theme could be just the thing to give your home a summery feel. It could be a blue and yellow colour scheme, some nautical motifs or just seascapes, there are a number of things that you could update in a room to make it feel light, bright and beachy.

For a smart, nautical theme, go for navy and white striped upholstery, light natural wooden furniture and pop a few seascapes on the wall and beach themed ornaments.


Bring a beautifully exotic feel into your home with a Moroccan style décor. Because of its location, Morocco is a true melting pot of European and American cultures, with décor being a beautiful example of how they all come together. Beautiful in all-white and in a crescendo of colour, you can really make it your own.

Go for busy, intricate patterns, low furniture, lots of throw cushions and ornately carved wood. For a real Moroccan feel, drape fabrics across the walls.

Modern Desert

You can’t get much more summery than the desert. Influenced by the American Midwest and the Navajo, the modern desert look is a versatile contemporary aesthetic. Whether you like a moody feel or you prefer something crisp and white, you can still embrace this trend.

Use geometric patterns in your soft furnishings, with a rug being the linchpin for the colours. Incorporate leather into your room, with tan and brown being the colour to go for over darker hues. Abstract art makes your style cool and not too desert themed! But of course, you need greenery, with big cacti making a statement.

So whether you’re bringing a little bit of British seaside into your home or you’d prefer an American feel or something more exotic, we’ve got you covered!

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