4 Ways to Entertain at Home this Summer


This summer, whether it’s set to be a scorcher or a bit of a washout, there’s nothing stopping you from celebrating with family and friends and entertaining at home.

From sports events to birthdays and garden parties, you don’t really need an excuse for a get together, now do you?

Football BBQ

The World Cup is kicking off and there’s no better reason to get everyone round to enjoy the football. Keep it simple or get creative with it – there’s no one way to do a BBQ. Consider theming the cuisine around the match. You could have feta and lamb burgers for Greece, brioche buns for France and Asian slaw for a Japanese burger, for example.

Stargazing Party

Who doesn’t love looking up at the night’s sky and learning about the stars? Space is fascinating and whether you’re a child or a grown up, a stargazing party is going to be lots of fun.

The date and location of your party are of course quite important. If you’re interested in the stars, then pick a date near the new moon, but if you’d like to see the moon, choose a point near the full moon. Your back garden would be ideal if you don’t have too many trees or lights obstructing the view. Beg and borrow some telescopes or binoculars and you’ll be all set for a night of stargazing.

One of the best bits about a stargazing party is the food and drink that you can make around the theme. Think star shaped cookies, planet cake pops or even moon-shaped sandwiches. You could even make a pink/purple/blue slushie drink with a splash of glitter for a galaxy themed drink.

Pizza Party

How better to cater to everyone’s needs than to let them top their own pizza? Grown ups and children alike will be delighted with the idea that they can make their own personal pizza just for them. Be sure to get a range of toppings and all the usual sides too. It’s perfect for varying dietary requirements and makes for a fun activity as well.

Craft Party

Whether you’re super crafty or you just want to get into it, a craft party is a great excuse to get friends and family together. If you want to keep it simple, start with a colouring book party. Minimal effort, and it can easily be transferred to outside if the weather is nice too.

Alternatively, pick a project that anyone could do (cross stitch, an applique project, etc) and gather supplies.
Make it a truly collaborative effort and ask your guests to bring a dish, pot luck style, to give your craft party a real rustic vibe.

How will you be entertaining this summer?

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