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The owners of this traditional detached property wanted to create a double storey extension, that would make the most of their new interior space, whilst linking to their new raised patio. Their idea was to create a seamless flow between indoors and out, utilising as much light as possible in their property and to maximise their upstairs balcony space.



We achieved the homeowners’ vision with three different products; the XP glide sliding doors (a set upstairs to the balcony and another downstairs on to the patio), a shaped gable window above the upstairs sliding doors and aluminium pressings.

The XP glide has a sightline of only 35mm, which allows for maximum views out to the garden. The large triple track door downstairs looks stunning when closed, but when opened allows for a clear opening of 66%, which really connects the interior and exterior space. The sliding door system upstairs is particularly suited to a balcony area, as unlike a French or bi-folding door the door panels don’t open into the room our out to the balcony taking up precious space.

The shaped gable window makes the most of the vaulted ceiling in the bedroom, allowing maximum light into the room and maximum views out to the garden. The shaped window also creates a distinctive piece of architecture when viewed from the outside.

Insulated, aluminium pressings were used to cloak off the steel between the upstairs shaped window and patio door, to make it look like one frame.

The result is a beautifully open, airy, modern space.

Products Used

• 3290mm x 2145mm XP Glide twin track (upstairs)
• 3305mm x 1350mm shaped gable window
• 5950mm x 2525mm – XP Glide three panel, triple track (downstairs)
• bespoke aluminium pressings


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