How to Update Your Front Door


Whether you’re thinking of selling and you need to update the kerb appeal of your home, or you just fancy a change of exterior aesthetic, updating the front door and surrounding area of your home can completely transform its appearance.

Give it a Good Old Clean

The first step to updating your front door is to give it a good clean. You might find that you’ve got more to work with than you think. From buffing up the paintwork to blasting out that pesky area underneath the door itself, there can be a lot to be achieved from a good scrub down.

With everything clean, you can see what you could add or replace to give it the update that it needs.

The Door

Does the door itself need replacing? Is it functional and does it suit the style of your home? If not, then you have the opportunity to radically change the way your front door area looks. If you’re looking for something contemporary, then Express’ range of aluminium front entrance doors could provide the focal point you’ve been looking for.


If however, your door just needs a bit of TLC, then a lick of paint and a hardware update could be just the thing. Your house number, door handle and any other hardware that you might have on the door itself can look pretty tired after years of use and weather wear. They may even look outdated. Luckily, they are easy to swap out for new ones.


Adding greenery to your front door can make the area more welcoming.  Even if your style is industrial, plants can both complement and soften the front door. Go for symmetry with a set of matching flower pots either side of the door, or add a pop of colour with a bright planter. If it’s a modern look you’re after, a living wall of plants is a great addition to any front entrance, though a major overhaul.


There’s nothing cosier on a dark night than being greeted by glowing light at the front door. It also helps when you’re struggling to see the lock, and stops you from fumbling around in the dark. A wall light can be both functional and stylish, fitting in with your aesthetic, whether you’re going for a traditional feel or something more modern.

Door mat

The welcome mat is an important part of the front door experience, and a great way to inject a little bit of personality. You can easily change it out, so you can make your entrance more seasonal, more colourful, more patterned, exactly how you’d like it.

Updating your front door can be a complete transformation or it can be as simple as topping up paint work, but there are a number of different things that you can do to make it a warm welcome to your home.

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