When and Why You Should Buy Bi-Folding Doors


There is no greater way to enjoy your garden, landscapes and views than by having bi-folding doors installed into your property. We live in a time when we appreciate the great outdoors now more than ever. To enjoy alfresco dining outside, a glass of wine after work or socialising with friends. If you seek a way to bring the beautiful outdoors more into your home, bi-folding doors offer you the opportunity.

From the light that floods in to fill the room to the ease of transforming your home into a combined indoor and outdoor space, the benefits are rich. It’s often hard for our clients to imagine just how incredible bi-folding doors are, but they trust that it is the right decision for them. Indeed, they are certainly correct, as we see so on their astounded faces when they first walk in after installation.

A Room With a View

Deciding to have bi-folding doors is one that will revolutionise your property and living space. Suddenly, you are no longer simply having functional doors for your home, but you have an aesthetically pleasing focal point that invites the outdoors in. Imagine the light flooding in through your kitchen or lounge and being able to invite the warm summer nights into your home.

Many of our customers have decided to have bi-folding doors installed to take advantage of their outside space. This is true for our client Interior designer & TV presenter; John Amabile and his Glasgow home. Being an Interior Designer, John knows all about the benefits that bi-folding doors can bring into the home. He opted for them to take full advantage of the idyllic living space outside of his property.

What Are the Best Circumstances To Be In To Choose Bi-Folding Doors?

We’re often asked when the ideal time to decide for bi-folding doors is. Of course, having bi-folding doors installed is a large development project, but the pros are always in large supply. Many of our clients decide to do it when they are renovating their home, others when they are opting for a new extension, and some when they are working off-plan, planning for their newly built home.

That’s what our client in Northfields, Harrogate did. They decided that it was the perfect decision for them when designing their dream home from scratch. They were over the moon when they walked into their new home and loved everything that their new bi-folding doors offered them.

What To Look Out For…

When you decide to go ahead with bi-folding doors, there are a few things to bear in mind as follows:

  • Check reviews and case studies of previous work that the company has undertaken
  • Enquire if they offer a range of different products and can recommend the best for you
  • Ensure that you receive a ten-year guarantee
  • Check that no middlemen are involved, and you are dealing directly with the company that will fit them
  • Ensure that you are offered a full demonstration on how to use your new bi-folding doors after installation

The Benefits of Bi-Folding Doors…

There are many benefits to having bi-folding doors installed in your home, such as:

  • Extra light and brightness throughout your home
  • A sociable space for indoor and outdoor dining
  • Feeling closer to nature and more fresh air in your home
  • No doors swinging out into the garden, causing a hazard
  • Compact and attractive architectural design
  • Add value to your home

If you decide to have bi-folding doors installed into your home, you will not regret it. The benefits of them and to your home are magnificent, and they will transform your home. You can contact us today or come down and see us in the showrooms.

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