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The ideal solution for bi folding doors!

Large amounts of glass need screening, and when combined with large clear openings this causes problems. Uniblinds alleviate both of these potential issues as they literally fold away with the doors. Uniblinds offer a clean modern aesthetic, the ideal solution for our aluminium products and the easiest way to screen all of the glazing gained from our products. The unique Integral blind system offers both protection from the heat and the glare of the sun and as they are sealed within the double glazed units they are maintenance and dust free. Uni-Blinds are assembled and permanently sealed within the double glazing cavity. Once sealed in this totally dust-free environment, the blinds require no cleaning, always appear new and are protected from damage. Unlike external blind systems, Uni-Blinds also provide greatly enhanced sun shading features and also improve the U-value of a sealed unit. They are available in Venetian and pleated in a choice of colours, operated either by hand cord, solar powdered or electric.

Uni-Blinds® provide much greater light transmission compared with other brands on the market such as “Push Block” blinds. Depending on the size, this can be up to 20% of the viewable glass area. The contemporary Italian design means that the operational components of the Uni-Blinds® are in the head rail and do not require an unsightly additional frame which diminishes the viewable glass area.

Key Features

• Clean for life

• Protection against damage by encapsulation

• Maintenance free

• No UV degradation

• Improved solar control

• 12.5mm slat available in white, beige and silver as standard plus 6 additional colour options

• Suitable for all vertical window applications

• Ideal solution for conservatory shading

• Total privacy and light control for folding sliding doors and windows • Clean contemporary finish internally • Ideal for bi folding doors, and rooms with a lot of moisture such as kitchens and bathrooms.

• Gives excellent utilisation of partitioned office space



SGG Planitherm Total 1.2 (High performance low E glass offered as standard)

Planitherm 1.2 is a revolutionary, high performance, soft coat low-emissivity (low-E) glass. Double glazed units incorporating Total 1.2 offer significantly better thermal insulation performance compared to traditional hard coated Low-E products. The many benefits include:

• Considerable reductions in heating bills.

• Reduced condensation on the inner pane.

• Environmentally friendly solution, given the lower CO2 emissions associated with reduced energy consumption.


Alternative solutions:

Planitherm 4 Seasons Glass (High performance solar reflective coating)

Planitherm 4 Seasons is the new concept glazing for year round comfort, keeping you warm in winter and cool in summer. This commercial quality glazing solution can offer you the following benefits:

Planitherm 4S glass is ideal for elevations with large expanses of glass or for use within glazed roofing systems. 4S is a high performance conservatory roof glass with outstanding thermal efficiency. It is not only suitable for a conservatory though, many people choose solar control glass for the roof but do not consider it for the sidewalls. In south or west facing elevations in particular, the amount of heat build-up can make rooms within the house uncomfortable, even when solar control glazing has been used overhead.

Keep cool in the summer?

When used planitherm 4S, you can expect:

• Excellent levels of solar protection for conservatory side walls, reducing unwanted heat by more than 57%

• An attractive neutral appearance giving you a clear view of your surroundings Planitherm 4S glass will also keep you warm in the winter:

• Provides unbeatable thermal insulation, reflecting heat back into the room and reducing heat loss more effectively than traditional low-emissivity glass products

• 63% less heat loss compared to ordinary double-glazing

• Has market leading thermal efficiency (a U-value of 1.0W/m2K), far exceeding all current available products

• Increases energy efficiency by retaining more heat in the room

• Reduces your heating bills

• Reduces the environmental impact of excess energy production

• Maximises the amount of natural daylight coming into your home, especially important during the darker winter months • Reduces cold spots and draughts virtually eliminating internal condensation.

High Performance Solar Control Coating – Ideal for roof applications


Helping to keep your interiors cooler - maximising the use of your conservatory.

The glass used in our conservatory roof glazing has a versatile solar control coating. It helps to prevent the build-up of heat during hot summer months. The solar control coating reflects the heat from the sun back to the outside of the conservatory keeping the interior cooler in the summer months, significantly reducing the amount of heat that is able to pass into your conservatory providing you with a more comfortable and useable living space.

The coating is incorporated into our Natura and Aqua roof glass solutions for maximum solar control and is combined with Planitherm 4S glass for maximum thermal insulation. The coloured tints on our roof glass also provide solar control as they absorb more heat and radiate it back to the outside. Combining a tint with a coating to reflect even more heat will increase the overall cooling performance further.

The result? You can have the best of both worlds - solar control coating to keep cooler in warmer summer months and the thermal retention properties of Planitherm 4S in the winter.


• Tint - uses its inherent colour to absorb heat

• Coating - reflects heat back to the outside

• Tint and Coating - absorbs and reflects heat for maximum comfort


Planitherm One

A commercial quality glazing solution that boasts the same thermal and transmition benefits of the 4S equivelant but without the solar reflective coating. The lack of a solar reflective coating means this specification will allow you to benefit from solar heat gain, ideal if the elevation is North facing as it maximises the heat gained from the sun so will heat your home for free during cold days, weeks and months.


Warm Edge Spacer Bar

The spacer bar sits between the two panes of glass in double glazed units. If you look at the double glazing in your home you will see the spacer bar, up to 80% of energy loss through a window occurs at the spacer bar. A warm edge spacer bar is an essential component of superior double glazing. Products manufactured by Express are thermally broken, however standard double glazing will affect the thermal properties of the door. Incorporating the warm edge spacer bar enables its thermally efficient properties to reduce heat loss through your windows. A warm edge spacer bar is also good news for the environment and even better news for you as the benefits can include:

• Up to 94% reduced heat loss

• Up to 70% reduced condensation.

• Up to 65% warmer at the edge.

• Up to 2db reduced noise


Endless options

Solar reflective glass can be argued an absolute must if your doors are South facing. Think of stepping into a greenhouse in the middle of summer, standard glazing maximizes the heat from the sun and can make the temperature in a room quite uncomfortable. Our solar reflective options enhance comfort by filtering light and offers excellent solar control performance, also reducing air conditioning costs. To improve the thermal properties of your double glazing further, all of our double glazed units are filled with argon gas as standard. If security is a concern ask a member of our team about laminated safety glass or 6mm toughened glass. At Express we offer the very best bespoke solutions, this includes the endless glazing options for your doors. The beauty of all the products detailed above is that they can be mixed and matched to find the solution that best su

Why aluminium ?

There are several benefits to using aluminium for the manufacture of windows when compared to other materials such as UPVC or timber.

The most obvious benefit is of course aesthetics. Aluminium is inherently stronger than other materials meaning it is much slimmer allowing for more glass and less frame and because it is stronger it boasts larger size capabilities which again creates more opportunity to look through the windows rather than at them.

Aluminium does not expand or contract in extreme temperatures and will not warp or distort, it is also maintenance free.

Aluminium can also be powder coated to any one of over 200 RAL colour as well as other finishes, and because the temperature does not affect the frame there is no need to avoid dark colours as the heat it attracts will not make the profiles expand.

The windows are designed to complement the rest of our range and we have various options which look superb whether it be situated next to our folding or sliding doors or required throughout the entire property, our window range suits all types of properties and projects.
The strength of aluminium creates added security benefits as it cannot be forced or manipulated and the thermal break technology within the profiles creates extremely low u values which ensures heat is not lost through the windows during the winter months.

The next step is to learn more about the benefits our window range can bring and to get an indication of price.

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