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Thank you for choosing Express Bi-Folding Doors.

To understand what happens next & to help your installation run smoothly please take the time to read the important information below.

You will now have your unique job number, please quote this reference, as well as your postcode when contacting any department, regarding your project. Your unique job number will remain the same throughout the lifetime of your products, and should be quoted each time you contact us, even post installation.

working together

To help ensure your project runs through as smoothly as possible we want to work with you and your builder. We recommend letting us liaise directly with your builder or project manager to ensure your site is ready for both our survey, and the installation. It is therefore crucial that your builder or project manager attends the site survey so we can confirm accurate information on finished floor levels, when the site will be ready for installation, and to address important access and health and safety precautions.

If you live in an area with restricted parking, please be advised that it is your responsibility to provide a permit or parking space for our surveyors & installation teams.

If parking is restricted you need to provide payment for a parking meter during the survey and installation period.

Your builder must attend our site survey, this really does help make sure that all parties work together and the project progresses quickly.

We also recommend that you attend the site survey. This helps ensure that everything you loved in our showroom is included in the order coming to your home.

Survey Information

As part of our survey we will address any concerns and give clear instructions to your builder about any specific requirements before we return to carry out our installation. If the openings are fully prepared we will take all responsibility for the measurements and just ask you to confirm the finer details like the RAL colour of your products, which way you want them to open, and handle colours etc, but we need your confirmed finished floor level as that is, because we will measure from your finished floor level to obtain your door height.

AGREED SIZES – We can agree the sizes of your doors and windows. We will still attend site to ensure everyone is singing from the same hymn sheet, but the responsibility for this falls on your builder. We will agree the manufacturing sizes on site and advise accordingly, but once the doors are signed off for production they will be manufactured to that exact size, so the openings on site need to be created to suit the sizes of our products.

your finished floor level

We measure all our bespoke door products to your finished floor level so it is crucial that your finished floor level has been confirmed, so please ensure this is established with your builder prior to our site survey.

Your finished floor level will be determined by your choice of underfloor floor heating, tiles, wooden flooring, carpet etc, and this is measured to the top of the finished interior floor surface, so please have this confirmed with the floor level clearly marked to enable us to achieve the minimal threshold from inside to out that you require. We ask that your clearly mark where the finish floored floor level is by highlighting with permanent marker and if possible by fixing a timber baton on the wall.

Your site survey cannot take place without advising our surveyor of your finished floor level. Failure to have the site ready for survey resulting in the need of a further visit will incur an additional charge of £250 + VAT

*Information on floor levels will be supplied by our survey department and your designated Sales Executive, we are available to assist with any queries that you, or your builder may have.

happy to help

You may well have some questions after your survey so we’ll work with you, and your team on site, right up to the point that you’re happy and committed to go ahead with your order. Our expert surveyors and sales team have a wealth of experience and will be able to assist you throughout this key stage of your project.

Technical information is available prior to, and after the survey to ensure your project runs smoothly.

We'll leave profile samples of your product on site to help with your builders preparations on site.

We'll help & talk to your builder to make sure you achieve the stunning floor finish you require.

specification sign off

PLEASE NOTE: Your order cannot go into manufacture until your survey has taken place and the specifications are agreed and signed off. This is why the survey is such a crucial part of the project and why we always recommend you being present during the survey if possible.

Our surveyor will clarify all points during the site survey and if it is signed off on site your project will go straight into manufacture and the countdown to your installation will begin. It is not always possible to get the survey signed off on site so in this instance our surveyor will draw up the details of your order and then your Sales Executive will e-mail over the survey as well as highlight any specifications that need confirming. This is your chance to make any amendments or ask any questions so please make sure you’re 100% happy before signing off the specifications. We are happy to talk you through any elements so if you’re unsure or have some questions we will work through this process with you and make it as simple as possible.

Following sign off, your order will be placed into manufacture and all necessary materials will be ordered.

Any charges after sign off will be subject to an administration charge and any materials ordered/manufactured unnecessarily will be charged for.

site preparation before installation

All our sliding door products & our XP Vision bi-folding door require solid fixing points all around the outer frame of the door, so we need the door apertures prepared correctly to house these products. The video to the right explains these requirements in more detail.

Our surveyor will have outlined what is required prior to our installation, this will include adequate parking, safe access for our teams to place, unload and store our products, and other specific requirements based on the site, or the particular products being installed.

Please ensure you site is ready for our installation to take place. If you are unsure on certain requirements you can speak to our installation department on 0345 340 9314, or e-mail your installation contact photos of your site to ensure you’re ready for the installation to take place and to avoid any unnecessary costs and delays.

during installation

Please ensure that no other tradesmen are working in the direct vicinity of our installers. This ensures that your products are installed safely, and that no other trades on site can damage any of your products whilst the installation is taking place.

We also ask that there is no scaffolding directly in front of where our products are being installed. This will ensure we can operate and test the products properly once our installation is complete.

Once your order has been installed, you will be shown how to operate the system correctly, asked to check the quality of the products and the installation, and to confirm that your order has been completed to your satisfaction. At this point you must pay your final balance.

bespoke aluminium pressings

Often we need to install bespoke aluminium pressings to cloak off structural steels and supports once our products are installed. In many projects this can’t be done at survey and only once our installation has taken place to ensure the pressings are perfect for each bespoke project. If pressings are required we will measure these cosmetic items once the install is complete.

The pressings will then need to be made to exact specification and then painted. Once the pressings are complete and checked we will then return to site to install the pressings. This process will take around four weeks, but the site will be secure and water tight so this will be of no detriment to your project, it will just mean a slight delay before a cosmetic finishing touch.

Pressings are optional as there are various ways to clad around our products, unless specifically included in your quotation our pressings will be an optional extra.

post installation

Our products are generally installed as part of a large scale project within a building site. Once our installation is complete we ask that your trades on site take care around our products to avoid damaging them, operating them incorrectly, or using them as access for coming in and out.

The first time you use and enjoy your stunning Express Bi-Folding Doors products we want you to find them in the same pristine condition in which we left them.

your order is now complete

You can now relax and enjoy your new products, or move onto other areas within your project.

On site our fitters will carry out a full demonstration and complete an installation report for you to check and sign off. We’ll then e-mail over all of the completion information you require (or post if requested) including your guarantee documentation, maintenance instructions and the relevant contact details should you need anything in the future.

Woman opening aluminium bi-fold doors to go into garden

Maintenance and operation instructions will be e-mailed out to ensure trouble free use of your products.

We'll e-mail out your comprehensive guarantee giving you the piece of mind that we'll look after you for ten years.

Customer Feedback

We welcome customer feedback so you can let us know about your order experience at any stage by e-mailing

Once your installation is complete our customer care team will contact you after the installation to make sure that you’re completely satisfied and to hear your direct feedback about your experience with Express Bi-Folding Doors.


after care service

We pride ourselves on our after care service and what we believe to be the best and most comprehensive guarantees & warranties in the industry. We provide a 10-year guarantee on the powder coating, a 10-year guarantee on our door and window products and most and most importantly, a 10-year warranty on all moving parts and labour.

If you have any aftersales issues or concerns after your installation is complete, you simply need to email quoting your job number, postcode and brief description of your concern or query and we’ll address the issues at the earliest opportunity.

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