Sky Line Roof Skylight

Sky Line Roof Skylight

Designed and manufactured from durable aluminium, the Sky-line skylight range boasts ultra slim sight-lines and narrow frames. This means less frame, more glass, offering open views and more natural light. With a thermally broken aluminium frame, the Sky-line range is energy efficient and warm when the weather turns cold, so you can enjoy your brighter home all year round.

Combined with glazing units up to 44mm deep, the Sky-line skylight can be triple glazed, and seamlessly reinforced with hidden supports. This lets you enjoy a warm and bright home, without sacrificing light or panoramic views.

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The great aesthetics of the roof are the first thing you will notice as there are no clunky bars or supports cluttering the ridge and no thick, chunky profiles dominating the glazing. The engineering behind this roof is such that it is incomparable to other roofing systems.

The roof has no internal pan, nor hoods or caps. Being much slimmer than other lanterns it allows for more glass and looks much more aesthetically pleasing. This unique design creates a feeling of more sky and less roof, giving you a visible elegance to your roof design and appearance.

There are numerous benefits to this range of roof lantern, not least that because of its sleek design you will find yourself looking through it, rather than at it. Additional features of this product are detailed via the technical tab above.

  • Super strong, light, 40mm aluminium box rafters create slim, elegant roof profiles with excellent thermal performance which, compared to conventional roofs, minimises the visible width and sightlines of rafters by 30% and the main feature ridge by 70%
  • The roof has no internal pan, nor hoods or caps. Being much slimmer than other lanterns it allows for more glass and looks much more aesthetically pleasing.
  • Option of traditional or flat external capping’s. The flat capping’s give a really modern and contemporary look to the external face of the lantern.
  • It is a full thermally broken aluminium roof system with the rafters on the inside of the roof.
  • Bolster bars (additional supports for the roof spars) are never required because the spars are hollow meaning additional steel reinforcements can be inserted into them – thus increasing the strength of the roof without detracting from its appearance.
  • The roof does not need a cill as it is a designed with a small overhang which will disperse rainwater.
  • Standard colours are white, black and 7016.
  • Sightlines all 40mm, (competitors are 60mm with 150mm for the ridge).
  • The aluminium rafters have a u value of 1.5.
  • The roof vents are tested to 300 Pascal’s.
  • The roof is 33% stronger than competitors for wind resistance and 25% stronger for snow loads.
  • The system is fully BBA tested.
  • The roof can be reinforced without the need for ugly tie bars using hidden supports placed right up against the ridge which you barely notice. For large reinforcements a rafter support can be used which looks like part of the roof.
  • The roof can house a glazing unit up to 44mm so triple glazing is possible with small roofs

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