What Goes Into Our Bi-Folding Doors?


It’s easy to see what an Express Bi-Folding Door will add to your home – space, light, and the feel of the outside being part of your indoors. We’d like to share how we go about creating a product that’s tailored to your needs and crafted to the highest possible standard.

It’s a process which takes us from initial enquiry right through to comprehensive aftercare. With every stage of design, manufacture and installation happening in-house and under our control, our approach is always bespoke – your home, your choices. 


There’s no substitute for experiencing the full impact of our doors and windows in a real-life setting. Our showrooms allow you to wander around a breathtakingly authentic setting, testing how everything looks and works for yourself. 

As you explore, our knowledgeable staff are on hand to answer questions, demonstrate options and generally talk through your project aims. It’s the perfect place to browse and plan, with no pressure at all. You’ll also be able to try out the wide variety of handles, touch the different textured finishes, test-run integral blinds, look through the glazes and experience our full range of colour options. 

our sale process

With over 200 RAL colours to choose from, you can coordinate your new frames with pretty much anything you choose. Your interior colour-scheme, a feature from the garden, or just your favourite ever shade: let the possibilities blossom!  There’s a vast array of finishes as well, including our exclusive elite & essence finishes. And because they’re powder-coated, durability is never an issue. The colour is baked-on, providing a lasting finish that won’t peel off or lose its colour – and is guaranteed for 10 years.

Our showrooms are located in Leeds, Glasgow, Romford and Weybridge. You can also find us at exhibitions across the UK throughout the year. If you can’t make it to us in person, or if you’d just like a follow-up visit to double-check your choices, you can book a virtual tour at any time.

Because we handle every stage of manufacture ourselves, we are able to custom-design your doors from source. Every product is individually tailored to the specific application or situation.  


When you’ve worked out the details, our next step is to survey the proposed site. Every house is different, and our approach is as far from the ‘one-size-fits-all’ as you can imagine. We start with an extensive, full-site survey. As well as checking the specifics of the property, it’s important for us to meet the homeowner and/or the builder or project manager, as a step towards making sure that all aspects of the work will run smoothly.  As well as finalising the finishing details, the survey visit will allow us to agree on the best date for installation. Our aim is always for a perfect outcome, with maximum satisfaction for every customer.

If everyone is happy with the proposal, the go-ahead for manufacture can be signed off at the end of the survey. If necessary, a member of our team will be happy to clarify any aspect of the process until you’re completely happy. 



The majority of our products are made in-house. You can even see the manufacturing process in action: it happens right next to our showroom in Leeds! This integrated approach guarantees a premium quality product: we are proud of it, and you can have full confidence in the end result. It also means we maintain full control over the process, allowing for a bespoke approach to each order and a seamless flow to the work: from design to build to installation, we demand the very best. This commitment goes right through to stringent quality checks before anything leaves the factory.

manufacturing process

As a family business, we are committed to producing the highest quality products with the best possible service to our customers. This mission relies in no small part on the skill and craftsmanship of our workforce: our highly-trained engineers work with the most advanced CNC machinery and carefully sourced materials to achieve an innovative and expert result. The methods we use may be cutting edge, but our underlying philosophy is traditional: a pride in our work.


We take every care whilst creating the product, and this carries through with our packaging and storage: your bespoke order will arrive at your home in factory-finish condition.  

installation process

Our attention to detail in the planning stages leaves minimal opportunity for issues at the installation stage. Aluminium, unlike uPVC or timber, cannot be forced into an opening or trimmed down for last minute adjustments. Likewise, the structure and operation of bifold and sliding doors requires skilful fitting to ensure a level and exact installation. Our in-house teams and project managers bring years of experience in the handling and installation of aluminium bifold doors, sliding doors, and related products. From glass handling to notching products around steel posts, installing bespoke pressings to finish off projects and working with huge door and window frames, you can be sure of an unmatched level of expertise. They also share our company-wide commitment to quality, completing all of our installations to the highest industry standards.


From planning to in-house production, quality checks and installation standards, our commitment is in bringing you the highest standard of outcomes. And this carries right through to the best standards of aftercare. 

Our systematic and tailored approach throughout means that you can be sure of many years of trouble-free enjoyment and benefits. Our comprehensive 10-year guarantee is offered in the knowledge that we have seen the process through from start to finish, and have absolute confidence in both the quality of the product and expertise which has created it. We are therefore happy to take full responsibility for the survey, manufacture and installation, and your long-lasting satisfaction. 

In the event of any issue, our dedicated after-sales service team is available to coordinate a swift response. You can rest assured that our nationwide team of installers and service engineers will be available both at your convenience and within the quickest possible time frames.

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