Up and Coming Trends for 2019: Interiors


Christmas is only a couple of weeks away, which means 2019 is just around the corner! The New Year provides a time to refresh and make goals for the following year, so why not take this into your home too? Get ahead and redecorate with these key trends!

Dark Kitchens

Already a strong trend during the autumn of 2018, dark kitchens will continue their popularity well into 2019. Be bold and update this look by replacing the muted greys of 2018 with midnight greens and navy blues. For a striking space, paint your cabinetry or floors making sure the finish is powdery matte. If you prefer a subtle approach, why not try a navy-blue splashback, accent wall or even just the simple use of accessories like vases and crockery? Whatever you choose, your kitchen is sure to bring the wow factor!

Rose-tinted Spaces

Grey has dominated interior trends for the past few years, but 2019 will see the colour take a back seat and blush tones claim the spotlight. Both warming and elegant, blush shades will adorn everything interior from accessories to furniture. The variety of shades allow for sophisticated focal walls, or as modern neutrals to make bolder colours like forest green and citrine pop!

The blush trend is easily applied to your home. Create a tranquil space through the use of soft furnishings in varying blush shades, accompany with oatmeal and stonewash linen for a Byron Bay bungalow vibe. For a statement, use blush tiles in your bathroom or as a splashback in your kitchen!

Open space bedroom interior with big rug, cozy bed, pink and white walls, chairs, posters, basket, pink drapes and bookcases

Art Deco

Art Deco-inspired design will be prominent in 2019, whether it be through textiles or furniture design. Expect to see scallop-edged furniture silhouettes, geometric mirrors and playful graphic light-fittings. Whilst still exuding the frivolousness of the 20’s through colour and playful design, this modern take on Art Deco will have a contemporary sensibility adapted for modern day homes and living.

Take on this trend with the addition of scallop-edged armchairs in velvet and playful light fittings in a brass finish. Simply incorporate rich colours of olive green, navy blue and oxblood in luxe fabrics to transport your home back to the elegance, and exuberance of the roaring twenties.

Sustainable Living

We’re all growing increasingly conscious of our impact on the environment and wish to live in greater harmony with the planet. Luckily, being eco-friendly will be a key trend for 2019 so we can be doing good for the environment without compromising on a beautiful home.

Going back to basics and stripping down will be key to this trend. Natural fibres in the form of wood, wicker and cork will evoke a return to the environment whilst still being warm and comforting. Sustainable pieces such as upcycled furniture, wicker light fittings and handmade soft furnishings are ways in which you can incorporate this trend into your home. Remember little changes make all the difference, so why not opt for sustainable woven placemats, wooden bowls and recycled glasses?

Knitted blanket on wooden sofa, comfy pouf and basket with soft pillows in cozy living room interior with natural green accents
Fresh and bright contemporary bedroom with beige tiles, mirror, graphic ceiling, double sink, toilet, yellow decor and window blinds

Statement Ceilings

Start the New Year looking up- literally! If you’re bored of using an accent wall or you want to inject some New Year fun, the use of a statement ceiling is for you! No longer limited to ornate mouldings, the sky (or ceiling) is the limit when it comes to this trend.

Think geometric wallpaper or lacquered paintwork, tiles or contemporary mouldings reimagining your ceilings can completely transform your space. Choose high gloss or lacquered paint to give the illusion of extra height or use your ceiling as a fifth wall for an uninterrupted flow of wallpaper from walls to ceiling. This trend isn’t for the faint-hearted, but you’re sure to reap the benefits once completed—besides it’s the New Year so why not aim high?

However you wish to decorate your home this year, why not jump out of your comfort zone? After all, 2019 is allowing us to be bold and brave with our interiors!

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