Up and Coming Trends for 2019: Homebuilding


A New Year always prompts us to make changes, whether it be to ourselves or our homes. If you’re looking for inspiration to enhance your home, look no further than our homebuilding trends for 2019.

Open plan interior of a modern period conversion family home

Open Plan Space

Open plan layouts have been on the rise for the past decade, with homeowners preferring multi-functional spaces rather than smaller individual rooms. This mindset will continue into 2019, with homeowners wanting to utilise 100% of the space in their homes.
Interiors will include fewer rooms and more functional space. The use of movable furniture will also serve the function of wall dividers, allowing you to adjust your living space as and when you require it to serve whatever purpose you wish!

Let There Be Light!

Sunrooms will be the comeback kid of 2019. Forgotten since the nineties, the sunroom provides the perfect combination of natural light and extra space for your home. A multi-functional space that can be transformed for the individual needs of your home, sunrooms are both practical whilst beautiful. Whether you choose a traditional conservatory-style or a modern expanse of glass, there is a style to suit your home.

If you simply want to increase natural light in your home without the addition of a sunroom, why not install bi-folding or sliding doors? It’s the ideal solution for a seamless transition from outdoor to indoor spaces.

Builder Fitting Insulation Into Roof Of New Home

Eco-Friendly Homes

2018 has brought harsh revelations about climate change to light. This will lead the way for more environmentally friendly adaptions to homes in 2019; as many of us try to reduce our impact on the environment. These adaptations include home purification systems, rainwater collection, renewable energy sources and living walls.

Within construction industries, the use of eco-friendly materials will also increase as homeowners look for zero carbon footprint homes. Green buildings will become more popular as they conserve both drinking water and energy whilst also reducing gas emissions. 2019 will see many homes being constructed from natural recycled materials such as; wood, bamboo and rammed earth.

Smart Homes

2019 will see a rise in smart technology within the home. Lighting and heating systems that are programmed to adjust to the time of day and that can be controlled by tablets or smartphones will become a regular addition to homes. You can take your home a step further with a coffee machine which has your morning brew ready for when you wake, or how about a refrigerator that calculates when you’re running low on groceries? 2019 will see more of us adopting a ‘smarter’ way of living.

Whether you’re thinking of renovating one space or your entire home, 2019 is a chance for you to try both smarter and modern ways of living. Consider the use of sustainable materials when building extensions and the use of bi-folding doors to maximise the natural light. 2019 seems to be the chance to get back to the environment, whether by creating a transition from outdoor to indoor in our homes or by more mindful building.

Young woman using application in her smart home

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