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We’re immensely proud of our range of bespoke products which is why we invest heavily in displaying them in the most extensive and beautiful showrooms of their kind in the UK. We’re also aware that it’s not always possible for our potential customers to visit our showrooms so now our flagship Leeds showroom can explored online through a 360 Virtual Tour.

Visitors to our Glasgow, Redhill & Romford showrooms now have the unique opportunity to visit two showrooms in one, because inside each of our respective showrooms we will offer the opportunity to explore our Flagship Leeds showroom whilst wearing an Oculas VR Headset. This will allow users to explore even more product, glazing and colour options in great detail all in one place.

Leeds Showroom

360 Project Case Studies

Stunning project case studies showcasing the quality of our products and installations is another proud feature of ours. We are excited to feature two of our most popular projects in new online 360 tours and & within our showrooms’ new virtual reality experience.

Rutland Road & Highfield View are both wonderful examples of the distinctive homes that we can help create and both can be explored below, allowing users the unique experience of getting up close & personal inside these two beautiful properties.

Highfield View

Rutland Road

You can explore the case studies for these two projects in full by clicking on the links below:

Rutland Road      Highfield View

The 360 tours are online now and the Virtual Reality tours will be available in our showrooms from the 25th October.

We love embracing technology but there is still no substitute for seeing the products first hand and gaining information from our staff so you can find details of our showrooms by clicking here.

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