Easter Entertaining Ideas for the Whole Family


Easter is a great excuse to get friends and family round to eat food and play games, and to celebrate the season of spring, of course. Filled with pastel colours and baby animals, Easter is a treat for everyone. For the adults, it means a long weekend, and for the kids, it means games and chocolate eggs!

Here we’ve collected our favourite ideas to help you celebrate Easter with your family in style.

Egg Hunt

No Easter party is complete without an egg hunt! Arm your kids with Easter bonnets and flower-adorned baskets and send them hunting for eggs that you’ve hidden. Hide them around the house or risk the weather and hide them outside; children will enjoy the hunt and their prize at the end of it.

Egg Decorating Competition

Perfect for kids and adults alike, an egg decorating competition is an ideal activity to get everyone involved. There are lots of supplies you could use, from good old paint to glitter and gold foil. Googly eyes are always great, and feathers or faux fur can create really fun designs.

Forgo the Roast for Brunch

Take inspiration from the Giant Omelette Brotherhood, who make a 10ft omelette every year for Easter in Bessieres in France, and have a brunch ‘do’. If you don’t fancy making a giant omelette, then there are plenty of other Eastery options. From hot cross buns to scrambled eggs to waffles and pancakes and more, Easter brunch can be a veritable delight, and a great way to start the day with friends.

An Easter Tree!

While this might seem like we’re taking a Christmas tradition and giving it an Easter twist, it actually comes from Germany and Austria, where they hang hollow, painted eggs from the branches of trees. This could be another fun thing for the kids to do in the garden, or simply gather some branches in a vase and hang your painted eggs in the house.

Easter Witches

In Scandinavia, children dress up as Easter witches and travel the neighbourhood, exchanging drawings for sweets and chocolate, in a similar way we in the UK do at Halloween. You could do something similar for a party where the children have to draw an Easter-themed photo in exchange for chocolate eggs and bunnies.

How will you be celebrating Easter? Let us know on Twitter or Facebook!

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