7 Ideas for Christmas Entertaining


The Christmas holidays are the perfect time for get-togethers. Whether it’s brunch, a sophisticated dinner or just a good old knees-up, it’s always good to see family and friends. Here are our favourite ideas for Christmas entertaining that will set your shindig apart.

Greet your Guests

As your guests arrive, hand them a gift. Whether it’s something small and thoughtful for each guest or just a box of Christmas shortbread for everyone (ideal if guests turn up out of the blue), it’ll get them feeling delightfully festive in no time.

Set the Mood with Music

Music sets the tone for any party. Think about what kind of mood you want to create. Is it an intimate dinner party or cheesy family fun? Get searching for the perfect playlist or ask your guests to send you their favourite party and Christmas tunes in advance.

Don’t Forget Scent

Scent is a sense that often gets forgotten, but it can really make all the difference. There are lots of festive scents that will get you in the mood. Candles, diffusers or just whatever you’ve got cooking in the house will create a lovely Christmassy atmosphere! For a DIY scent, simmer orange, cloves and cinnamon on the hob – though don’t let it go unattended for too long!

Christmas Table

Whether you’re having a three-course meal or a buffet affair, your Christmas table should be set to please the yuletide gods. Get creative. You could go for an impressive centrepiece or keep it simple with a striking colour scheme.

A simple but effective way to create an impressive Christmas table is to consider the style of your crockery and build it out around that. For instance, if your plates are grey and white, then a Scandi-style table might work for you, whereas if your plates are in a country style, then more of a rustic, traditional feel will be at home on your table.

Food Prep is Key

When it comes to the food, festive flavours will always be a favourite at this time of year, but anything warming works beautifully. Preparing ahead will always make your life easier when it comes to feeding lots of people. It’s tempting to showcase your prowess in the kitchen, but for your enjoyment and everyone else’s, just do something that can be chilled and then warmed up.

Keep Drinks Simple

Christmas cocktails are lots of fun, but they can be a pain, especially if guests are waiting on you to make them. Instead, go for a bar cart, where people can find everything they might find to make themselves a drink. Think basics like wine, beer, glasses and ice, to get you started, and add your favourite spirits and mixers. Pretty paper straws and novelty ice cubes make even a regular drink feel festive!

Alternatively, make a punch and let your guests help themselves.

Bring Everyone Together with Games

It’s not a party without entertainment, and there’s nothing better than a good game or two to bring the family together. Create a pile of traditional board games, from Scrabble to Monopoly, for your guests to break out whenever they like.

While the nostalgia might be strong for the older folks, a regular board game might not have the same appeal for your younger guests, so consider having a games console handy for a bit of karaoke, racing or something to keep them engaged too.

How are you celebrating Christmas this year?

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