5 Ways To Add A Value To A Traditional Home

5 Ways To Add A Value To A Traditional Home

5 Ways To Add A Value To A Traditional Home

Traditional homes are loved by many, and often huge sacrifices in terms of design and clean lines are made by homeowners in the pursuit of such features as high ceilings, ornate coving and original fireplaces.

That said, there are a host of hidden issues that can befoul older properties, and some additions can have a marked improvement not only in rectifying these problems, but also impact on the aesthetics of a property, and, perhaps more importantly, the value they add to your home.

And, with a slow property market, a shift towards homeowners investing more into their own homes is often a more appealing prospect than moving up the property ladder.

Express Bi Folding Doors picked out 5 updates homeowners can make to their property meaning that traditional charm needn't be sacrificed – in fact the mix of modern living and traditional style can be an even more appealing proposition, seeing the property value increasing and allowing homeowners to enjoy their homes more.

We'd always suggest updating your home for your own enjoyment first and foremost, but those good people at Zopa have conducted research to give an indication of the national average value each of the additions could bring to a home, which we've included alongside each suggestion.

1. Conservatory / Orangery – Adds 108% return on investment

traditional orangery

This can be part / all glass, and needn't be the dated uPVC bolt-on affairs seen up and down the country. An aluminium conservatory compliments the feel of traditional homes with a sharp and contemporary feel, and opens up rear elevations on otherwise dark period properties. Allowing light to flood in.


Unlike a main extension, you won't need planning permission as long as no more than half the area of the original house footprint is covered.

2. Garden – Adds 88% return on investment

conservatory in a traditional home

Bringing the outside in, and vice-versa is a key aspect of modern living in the UK.

A revamp of your garden is a great starting point, but remember that introducing bifolidng doors to your exiting home will enhance the garden and the ability to use and enjoy it more frequently.

3. Exterior – Adds 75% return on investment

The exterior of your property is the key to great kerb appeal – not to mention the benefit new glazing and roofing can have on energy bills. Traditional properties in particular can have beautiful exteriors, but draughty sash windows and dark rooms can often let them down.

traditional home exterior

Aluminium windows are more cost effective than you might think, and the benefit they have is not only aesthetic. They add value, make your home more saleable, and drive down the cost of your heating bills.

4. Extensions – Adds 71% return on investment

Extending your property is a great way of increasing the value of your home, as well as the usable space by increasing living areas or turning an enclosed traditional kitchen into a wide, open-plan living and entertaining space.

traditional house extension

Traditional homes look spectacular with modern additions, and the use of bespoke glass structures can have an exponential impact on the appeal and saleability of a property.

house extensions that add value

5. Roof – adds 63% return on investment

Don't just think if your roof as being tiled or using a flat roofing system.  When it comes to repairing or renovating roofing, it's a great time to see if the addition of glazing for more light is feasible.

glazed roofing

This could be as simple as including rood lights, but could extend to full glazed roofing, or the introduction of elegant roof lanterns.

rooflight on a traditional home

All of these options allow a traditional home to develop a modern living environment and can transform the interior of your home without losing the charm older properties benefit from and the appeal they have by the nature of their age and style.

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