The XP Glide R is a premium quality lift and slide system with excellent thermal efficiency that can achieve overall U values as low as 1.4W/m2K. The ease of operation of the XP Glide R is immediately noticeable when the door slides, and the lift-and-slide mechanism also means the door can be locked in any position ideal for properties with children, for gatherings or to simply allow some ventilation whilst still having the door locked and secure.


The XP Glide R is a slender lift-and-slide system with a slim outer frame and a sightline of just 69mm on twin track doors and 98mm on triple track sliding doors. The system also boasts an intelligent built in drainage system meaning the door is ideal for exposed locations whilst still maintaining a contemporary and sleek aesthetic.

Lockable in any position

Moving corner post available

All panels sliding available

Almost effortless to slide and operate.


  • Designer purity steel handles available
  • Secured by Design accredited product for extra piece of mind.
  • 69mm typical sightline on twin track sliding doors.
  • 98mm typical sightline on triple track sliding doors.
  • The lift and slide mechanism ensures the door is suitable for the most exposed locations.
  • Heavy duty product that is designed for big sizes.
  • Intelligent built-in drainage system in the bottom track.


Our two panel and four panel sliding doors offer a 50% clear opening. And thanks to the quality and strength of our sliding door systems, we can manufacture a door in excess of 5000 mm x 2400 mm split into just two sections, and the doors themselves can be manufactured up to 2700mm tall with a slim outer frame and a sightline of just 69mm


Our triple track door system offers a slim outer frame, sightline of 98mm and numerous flexible configurations:

  • Three panels can create a two-thirds opening, or a middle sliding panel with two fixed.
  • For extremely large doors, six panels with three stacking either side offers both symmetry and a huge opening, creating an impressive sliding door which will transform your property.


Our three ranges offer some stunning popular colour finishes but we also offer the option of over 200 RAL colours so you can pick the exact colour you wish. There are also finishes to choose including wood grain and metallic effects.

And because they’re powder-coated, durability is never an issue. The colour is baked-on, providing a lasting finish that won’t peel off or lose its colour – and is guaranteed for 10 years.




Standard range

Want a fast turnaround and a premium look? We keep large stocks of our four most popular colours.

9016 Traffic White

9005 Jet Black

9007 Silver Grey

7016 Anthracite Grey

Essence range

Enhanced durability and premium textured metallic finish for added sophistication

Agate green

Emerald green

Stone Grey

Thunder Grey

Magma Grey

Trojan Bronze

Stove Black

Space Grey

Smoke Grey

Ivory Cream

Umber Brown

Pearl White

Midnight Blue

Vintage Cream

Elite range

Developed by our design experts, this unique range of nine metallic colours is so exclusive that it's not even available within the RAL range.












The manufacturing process includes injecting the panels with a liquid component which sets rock-hard, making each panel light but as solid as concrete. It’s the perfect choice if you’re looking for something secure and reliable.

Our aluminium sliding doors offer best-in-class security with features such as:

  • Door gearing which collapses and locks around the rollers securing the panel in place
  • Multi lock keeps
  • Interlocking profiles on sliding panels
  • Anti-lift blocks in the head of all panels
  • Internally glazed

Our dedication to quality engineering means that the XP Glide R is available as a certified Secured By Design sliding door.


Your sliding doors will get a lot of use – that’s why we’ve designed them with the safety of you and your family in mind. Because all of our doors are bespoke we’ll always install your bottom track as flush as possible, making sure there are no trip hazards when coming in or out of your doors. Plus there’s no unsightly upstand.


Security Lock Barrel Cylinders as standard

As part of our commitment to industry leading quality we offer high security, anti-snap, anti-drill, anti-pick and anti-bump lock cylinders as standard throughout our entire range of doors. These premium lock barrels are 3-star diamond rated BSI cylinders which exceeds the 2-star standard required for Secured by Design accreditation. We even supply these cylinders in doors with a half a barrel so internally the lock cylinder boasts all the same security benefits meaning that if an intruder does get into a property they will not be able to break-out through our doors.

Unlike other Secured by Design standard lock barrels, the keys for the barrels supplied by Express can be cut at any locksmith without the need for a specific lock card to have further keys cut. The lock barrels themselves are supplied by one of the worlds’ leading manufacturers of lock cylinders, which we think is the perfect complement to our industry leading range of products.

Certass CQ Assured Scheme

We are members of the Certass Certified Quality assured scheme which is a quality assurance scheme for reputable and trustworthy Companies, designed to give consumers additional confidence when working with Companies for their renovation, maintenance and improvement projects.

The Certass CQ scheme isn’t a building regulations document but offers peace of mind for the customer that their works have been installed correctly and to the relevant industry standards. As part of the scheme our installations are independently audited by Certass every month and a certificate of conformity is sent to our customers upon the completion of our works.


All our installations are backed by the Certass Certified Quality scheme and after the completion of our woks our customers receive a personalised Certass CQ branded certificate reaffirming that the works have been completed to the relevant industry standards. Also included is a 10-year insurance backed guarantee to sit alongside our own comprehensive guarantee:

  • The certification includes all works completed and installed by Express.
  • The scheme covers replacement installations and extensions and newbuild projects.
  • The scheme includes installations of glazed roofs.
  •  The scheme covers all our works across the whole of the UK.


  • An internal up stand which can be set against the finished floor level for a flush internal finish
  • Burglar-resistant design up to security class WK2
  • 98 mm typical sight line which can house double glazed unit weighing up to 300 kg
  • 69 mm typical sight line on two panel lift and slide doors
  • Lockable in any open position
  • The elevating sliding gearing makes operation easy
  • Designer handle range available
  • Moving corner post available
  • Overall U values as low as 1.4W/m2k
  • EN 12211, EN 12211 Wind loading up to 1200 Pa
  • EN 12208 Watertight up to 600 Pa
  • EN 12207 Air tightness up to 600 Pa
  • Tested to stringent PAS 024:2012 testing standards
  • Secured by Design accredited product
  • Available with all panels sliding

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