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Crittall Style

crittall style bi-folding doors

The increasingly popular Crittall style derives from the industrial mill buildings of the 1800’s where tall & slim-framed steel doors and windows combined with high ceilings to create the template for today’s fashionable industrial look. The Crittall style renaissance began in the glamourous homes California, statement slender doors perfectly suited for large apertures and a warm climate that has led to a demand for a similar aesthetic here in the UK.

Steel-framed doors are very expensive & cold, which is why aluminium is a more suitable material for large format doors & windows.

Thermally broken aluminium

Aluminium does however boast the same visual benefits including slim profiles & the ability to create wide & tall doors and windows.

The fashionable Crittall style or steel affect doors can be achieved by incorporating black Georgian bars into the glass. It’s relatively inexpensive and a simple upgrade to add that industrial look to your interior space. This straightforward addition to your black bi-folding doors instantly creates the art deco look that has become so popular in today’s home renovations.


We can also create Crittall style bifolds by fixing aluminium bars onto the external face of the glass.

This method is quite time consuming & expensive compared to using black Georgian bars inside the glass but we do offer this solution for those wanting to create a genuine industrial feel to their bi-folding doors.

Crittall style windows

We can help you create an art deco look with your aluminium windows as well as with our range of bi-folding doors. Exactly the same methods can be adopted throughout our window range with internal Georgian bars or external astragal bars used to create contemporary Crittall style windows that look great when installed into style of property.


The fashionable Crittall style or steel affect doors is achieved by incorporating black or dark grey Georgian bars inside the glass unit. This relatively simple addition instantly gives the doors the on-trend industrial look to enhance your interior space.

The bi-folding doors are best ordered in RAL 9005 Jet Black to achieve this look & we can offer the crittall style appearance throughout our entire bi-folding door range including our XP ViewXP Vision & XP10.

Simply contact our team or visit one of our showrooms & we’ll talk through the options available & the pros & cons of each option.

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XP View Bifolding Doors opening into a garden

The highest specification bi-fold available

XP View

Sightlines as slim as 90mm & huge panel widths up to 1500mm wide means the thinner frames and more glass achieved with the XP View will transform any home. The systems effortless operation and almost silent gliding system are just some of the stunning features that the door will bring to your property.


XP Vision

This quality product launched in 2019 with several key features. The XP Vision Bi-folding door boasts a slender 105mm sightline, incredible thermal performance and huge panel widths up to 1500mm wide.

Bi-folding doors in a kitchen.



All the quality of the XP View but with slightly thicker frames and suited to more traditional homes, the XP10 offers superb value for money for bi-folding doors up to 6.5 metres wide.

Crittall style FAQ's

What size will my frames be?

Our ‘Crittal Style’ products are formed using our existing ‘Aluminum Product Range’, as such the nature of the system used will dictate the frame specification and sizes we can offer. Your representative will be able to provide your with these details during the design and quotation process.

Do you offer welded steel doors & windows?

No, our entire product range is manufactured solely from thermally broken aluminium.

How do you achieve a ‘Crittal Look’?

Our ‘Crittall Style’ products are simply slim framed aluminium doors & windows in a dark RAL colour (typically 9005 Jet Black) & we used dark Georgian bars within the glass to replicate the fashionable 'Crittall style' appearance. The double glazed units are fitted with 18mm or 25mm ‘Glazing Bars’ to mirror the traditional appearance of the style.

Do you offer a choice of door and window handles?

Your representative will be able to furnish you with images of all our door and window furniture. As the ‘Crittal Style’ is almost exclusively requested in a ‘Black’ finish we can offer matching handles, hinges & gaskets across all our door & window systems.

Crittall style bi-folding doors available in five days

Through our online sister Company Express Bi-folds Direct we have a large stock of Crittall style bi-folding doors ready for Express delivery including three panel bi-folding doors ranging from 2200mm to 3000mm wide. We also stock four panel and six panel bi-folding doors at 3600mm wide & 4800mm wide respectively.

Simply visit the Express Bi-folds Direct website by clicking on the logo below & select the size that suits your requirements, place your order & we’ll delivery your brand new Crittall style bi-folding doors within just five working days.

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