Aluminium Curtain Walling

Aluminium Curtain Walling

Not commonly associated with residential applications, Express offer the Schueco TTC 50, a low rise curtain wall system providing both excellent quality as well as impressive U values. Market trends have seen a real increase in the demand for glazing within new build developments, often with entire elevations and huge gabled walls designed to be made up purely of aluminium and glass.

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Low rise curtain walling is ideal for these types of designs. It is fundamentally a commercially designed product but due to the expertise of our surveyors and engineers, we can manufacture and install this product to the highest residential standards. Curtain walling is a structural aluminium frame, which can house high specification glazing, insulated panels and a full range of our products including doors and windows. The capabilities of this product are such that your dreams or your architects designs can be realised and full elevations can be glazed from ground level to roof ridge.
The Schuco TTC 50 is our facade system which is ideal for both residential applications and commercial buildings up to three storeys in height. The system offers a sleek slim line face width of 55mm and a typical U value of 1.64 Wm2/k. The system is extremely versatile and can be manufactured to fit shaped apexes, or large glazed atriums. The structural integrity of the TTC 50 means that full elevations can be made up primarily of glass whilst still adding the benefit of our stunning folding and sliding doors, which not only add unlimited style but also allow for complete sections of the glass wall to be opened up.
The TTC 50’s versatility makes it an essential addition to any residential and commercial setting, whilst its undeniable quality and strength makes it our best facde system to date.

  • Typical U value 1.64 Wm2/K
  • Suitable for high end residential applications
  • Suitable for low rise commercial applications no more than three storeys height
  • Elegant slim sightline appearance
  • Box depths of 48mm, 83mm, 103mm, and 123mm are available depending on required wind loading.
  • 90 degree straight cut profiles
  • Joint strength assured by aluminium clear profile
  • Matching profiles for both transoms and mullions for improved aesthetic and matching sightlines
  • Multi-function EPDM gasket design acting as both a glazing gasket whilst forming a drainage channel
  • Excellent insulation values
  • Possible to insert a large range of Express door and window products into the curtain wall structure
  • Shaped gables and apexes possible
  • Can be used on square bays with glazed returns
  • Can house glazing from 8 mm – 46 mm glazing and or solid panels of the same depths
  • Multiple cover cap options
  • Wide range of opening window inserts and door inserts suitable.
  • Inserted product can open internally or externally
  • Full range of RAL colours available
  • Metallic textured finishes available

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